1. leonardo ramos

    TFS 1.X+ Storagemap Problem

    My server is having a problem with the following part of monster.cpp void Monster::addStorageValue(const uint32_t key, const std::string value) { if (value != "-1") { storageMap[key] = value; } else { storageMap.erase(key); } } So we changed this part to .lua...
  2. Walox

    OTClient [OTCLIENT] Crash Report Help plis

    First of all, I'm sorry for my English, I'm Brazilian and I use google translate to interact with the group. Hello my friends, I come here to ask your help because I do not know where else to turn !! I have a problem with my client, it is crashing when I try to open it. But if I keep insisting...
  3. Senzation96

    When i join my own ot it crashes (8.60)

    TFS ERRORS [17:47:50.633] [Error - GlobalEvent Interface] [17:47:50.635] data/globalevents/scripts/start.lua:onStartup [17:47:50.636] Description: [17:47:50.637] data/globalevents/scripts/start.lua:2: attempt to call field 'executeQuery' (a nil value) [17:47:50.641] stack traceback...
  4. L

    C++ Crash on Debian 9 iomapotbm.cpp:411:32: error: cannot convert ‘bool’ to ‘Item*’ in return

    note: this not happen on debian 7/8 gdb log: Switching to Thread 0x7ffff327b700 (LWP 1417)] 0x0000555555658547 in NpcScript::luaSelfGetPos(lua_State*) () int32_t NpcScript::luaSelfGetPos(lua_State *L){ lua_pop(L,1); Npc* mynpc = getNpc(L); lua_pushnumber(L, mynpc->pos.x)...
  5. S

    Lua new scripts randomly crash server

    Hello, at the beginning I want to apologize to you for my English, I helped translator.. I need help to detect problem of random server crash, i adding 2 new spells and one weapon probably one or all of them is a problem.. all of them use addEvent() storageReseter.lua - used to reset storage...
  6. dunnish

    Lua Killing in the name of Problem Crascing server

    Hello! my Killing in the name of is makeing the hole server lagg. the script is trying to write to the database and when the guy reconnect its working again for a few min then its crash. Killinginthenameof.lua (in lib) [Lua] RANK_NONE = 0 RANK_HUNTSMAN = 1 RANK_RANGER = 2...
  7. G

    RME crash

    When i start up RME and choose the correct path for 8.6 it crashes. I have tried running it xp and administrator but same stuff it loads to 70% then crashes. I've tried with other tibia 8.6 files but it gets stuck at loading tibia.dat It might be because whenever i start tibia it crashes, i've...
  8. EaiComeu

    OTX 2 - Crash Bug

    Hello Otland, a few days ago, a player is knocking down the server. He told me he was using a program but he did not want to tell me which one, I imagine it's somebody who edits the packet, and keeps knocking down the server. I ask the help of the community, below the gdb: OTX2 - Version Tibia...
  9. Falacchi

    TFS 0.X GDB - Error Report (After Crash)

    Hello guys, Does anyone help me with this problem? my server is constantly crashed, so I decide to use GDB for more information: In the terminal log there appears no apparent reason to crash. plus GDB informed me the following (look at the image):
  10. Q

    OTClient How block otclient login on server

    Hello guys i got server on yurots 7.72, why i can block connects from otclient because its crashed my server
  11. H

    Help, 100% consumer cpu debian

    I have a server of poketibia, until with enough players, a long time it does not fall, however these times is having a problem of 100% consumption in the cpu by the distro, I'm sure it is someone abusing some bug, and probably very simple , I have already fixed two bugs that made the CPU have a...
  12. Catalyst

    Reflect Attribute.

    I have searched so long for this, theres alot of posts about it but no answers. Im using TFS 0.4 and im trying to make the reflect work, when someone use a field rune that keep the target 'Burned' or 'Poisoned' it doesn't reflect when the player goes in PZ and insta crash my server. <attribute...
  13. Udun

    Someone, please help! I have an error that causes rollbacks.

    Hello firends, someone can help me please, I have Tfs 0.3.6 Cryng Damsnon, and I had 5 rollbacks on this month, not in all apper the error code, just sometimes, and here I was copy one that appear, I dont know if the crash is always caused by the same error, this is the only error code that I...
  14. demon088

    Linux Something is crashing my OTS...

    Hello again OtLand! I need your help... When I put online my OTS everything is fine, but after almost two days the server crashes and client says 'Connection refused' to every player. I'm running my OTS using 'putty.exe' remotely to a Linux VPS via screens. If I try to run the OTS again when it...
  15. Cmarfil

    Bug npc boats, crash server [25 usd]

    Hello, I have a problem in my ot server, I use tfs 1.2 with the release of "malucooo" from TK, there is a bug that some players use to put the cpu to 100% and crash the server. I have seen where they do it, they go to a npc of a boat and I think they travel repeatedly, between venore and...
  16. Cmarfil

    Server crash with bug travel

    Hello, I have a problem in my ot server, I use tfs 1.2 with the release of "malucooo" from TK, there is a bug that some players use to put the cpu to 100% and crash the server. I have seen where they do it, they go to a npc of a boat and I think they travel repeatedly, between venore and...
  17. Wolffy

    Solved Using my live ip crashes my server using doesnt

    I have a 8.6 server im using and i have been using it on and it has been working fine but when i use my live ip for other people to connect with me it automatically terminates the server after about 15 seconds of it saying it is online any help at all would be appreciated. Only thing...
  18. C

    Linux Server Crash

    Hello, how are you? Firstly sorry about English. My server is having problems and falling, so I decided to debug to know what was happening and the following errors appeared in the core file. #0 0x00000000004e59b2 in Item::canDecay ([email protected]=0x7fa8c526bd80) at item.cpp:1712 #1...
  19. milbradt

    Solved SOURCE[0.4 REV 3777] Create log when logged in

    How can I add a log to all players who log in? Ex: [16/12/2016 5:12:58] The Sniper - creature id = (Here registers the cid) Objective: This is for me to check some things in gdb. ex: To check which creature caused the crash...
  20. imkingran

    GDB Log - Help

    Could someone help me figure out what the problem is causing the crash with this GDB log? Distro: TFS 1.1 bt: bt full: