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  1. wizinx

    TFS 1.X+ Creaturescripts task count in party

    Hi everyone, I'm editing the code so that the tasks will count in party, but I can't make it 100% functional, since I want to make it count only by damaging the creature. At the moment it works if they both hit almost the same damage to the creature. Could you help me?. Thank you local...
  2. M

    C++ Utamo vita absolving only part of the damage

    0.4 Hello guys, I'm here trying to do something with utamo vita. In my head, it would be more dynamical if the spell only absorb some part of the damage, not all the damage. In other words: If a monster (or other players) hit the dude with utamo vita and 100% is the damage, so what I want is...
  3. A


    Good morning my friends, I'm looking for a script that has the percentage of being born boss after killing a creature in (caves, hunts). Much like shiny pokemon respewn OTserv 8.60 theotxserver
  4. F

    Help with Error in Dodge and Critical System tfs 1.3

    Hello guys, I came here to ask for your help. i am a very layman in open tibia and i am learning now! I was wondering if you could help me with the following mistake !. follow my login.lua:
  5. DukeeH

    Lua Monster of the day (Group)

    Hello, I'm using TFS 0.3.7/OTX2. I'm trying to change a code by @buchaLL He made a monster of the day code, but on my server I have a few dragon lords, I want that if the monster of the day is dragon lord, it affects all the ones in the group. I wasn't able to use a table for this. Monster...
  6. thegood

    attempt to call global 'getCastleConfig' (a nil value)

    I need help with this Castle War script, all works good, but when the event finish, i recive this message: And have this error: This is my castlekill.lua: function onDeath(cid, corpse, killer) if (getCreatureName(cid) == getCastleConfig("monster")) then Castle_endEvent(true...
  7. miguelshta

    Lua help online guild bonus exp

    hello i need help i want to add 20% extra experience to all guilds with more than > 5 players online and no double ip allowed using tfs 1.3
  8. diarmaint

    someone help Critical system error

    This system should use the skill club as a basis for critical, but I have this error tfs 0.4 8.60 local SKILL_ID = 3 -- id skill... local multiplier = 1.5 local percentual = 0.3 function onStatsChange(cid, attacker, type, combat, value) if isPlayer(attacker) and (not (attacker == cid))...
  9. Lurk

    TFS 0.X how can I check if the player causing damage with a weapon

    I'm trying to mess around with onStatsChange and I need to check if the damage that the player is causing is being caused by a weapon (since the player can deal damage with runes, spells, fire field and what not) I know I can getPlayerSlotItem but that will only tell me that he has a weapon equiped
  10. Ns Sparkz

    Lua attempt to index local 'target' <a nil value>

    am trying to fix firestorm event this : Firestorm Event | Tfs 1.2 (https://otland.net/threads/firestorm-event-tfs-1-2.237061/) am getting these errors Lua Script Error: [Main Interface] in a timer event called from: <Unkown scriptfile> data/firestorm_event.lua:66:in function 'dostartfirestorm'...
  11. M

    Spamming Error Creature not found

    [Error - CreatureScript Interface] data/creaturescripts/scripts/reflect.lua:eek:nStatsChange Description: (luaDoTargetCombatHealth) Creature not found [Error - CreatureScript Interface] data/creaturescripts/scripts/reflect.lua:eek:nStatsChange Description: (luaDoTargetCombatHealth) Creature not...
  12. H

    !pvp on/off

    Good evening, can anyone help me? I'm in need of a script for the player to choose whether it wants to be PVP or NOPVP. I tried to use this one ---> TalkAction - !pvp - own world type! : ) (https://otland.net/threads/pvp-own-world-type.31889/) , but it is giving this error: INVALID EVENT...
  13. H

    Lua Help with Script Skill Points.

    Hello, how are you? So I am using this script for every lvl that upa earns "Skills Points" I am with 2 doubt. 1st I wanted that when the upa character appeared a message on the screen something like "+1 Skill Points!" I saw that in Script there is a message area, but it is not working...
  14. Kodak

    Lua Equipment from Level Advance

    So I wrote this script using some info I found here on the forums. In theory, it should work as, If Level 20 & No storage value then If Knight/Elite Knight then If Axe > then Sword & Club, give axe weapon Else if Sword > Axe & Club then give sword weapon Else if Club > Sword & Axe then give...
  15. LightTenshimaru

    TFS 1.X+ [Lua]AutoGold Exchange

    Hello, i've got this code to change Gold Coin into Platinum Coin automatically, but there's no console error and the gold it's not changing. function onThink(creature, interval) local player = creature:getPlayer() if not player then return false end if...
  16. LightTenshimaru

    Lua Gain X% Attributes When Equiped.[Creaturescript]

    I'm making a script that when equipping [Wand + Shield], [Sword, Axe, Mace + Shield], [Crossbow] have an attribute bonus in [ML], [SWORD, AXE, MACE], [DISTANCE] respectively. But I have a lot of problems, the first is that activation message creature: say ("Damage Bonus", TALKTYPE_MONSTER_SAY...
  17. Lucas Primo

    [Jobs System] NPC + Look + Function

    Hello people !!! I wonder if you can help me create a simple WORK system. How would that work? There will be 1 NPC for each JOB. The crafting systems I already have. I need the NPC to WORK, enlist the player to work based on their level, giving a simple mission to get him from the JOB. A basic...
  18. K

    Unmovable monster?

    Hello! I´m working on a little project, a 7.6 server (XML - it´s old, I know, but usually simple, just for a few friends and I.), and monsters can move diagonally, is it possible to make 1 specific monster/creature unmovable so it just stands still wherever it is placed in its spawn? Thanks, in...
  19. L

    CreatureEvent Critical/Dodge System based on weaponSkill/speed TFS 1.2

    Updated 05/08/2017 So this is my first "contribuition" it's a critical system based on the weapon that you use and a dodge system based on the player speed and free cap. It has effects and texts for melee and ranged attacks. Wands/spells have only texts. Monsters can crit/dodge and everything...
  20. GhostWD

    Lua CreatureScripts error spam

    @@EDIT Have done little research and now i know that it's fault of script idle.lua which kicks after specified amount of time is any possible solution on this? maybe before kick removing of onThink statement in my script? idk ;/ Hello OTLanders i need your help ! I've scripts(3) which send...