1. rwxsu

    Programmer Do You Need Website Development?

    Premium Programming/Scripting Services Protocols: 7.x - 10.98 Website services: * Front-end: CSS / JavaScript * Back-end: PHP / Go * SQL * Server setup LAMP In-game services: * Lua * C++ * DLL Injection (tibianic) I do not work with OTClient. Scroll down for free content and examples...
  2. rwxsu

    Webdesigner Need Help With Your Website?

    Need Help With Your Website? What I can do for you: * Design (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) * PHP * MySQL/phpmyadmin I've made websites with ZnoteAAC before and know it well. Just send me a quick pm on how you want your website to look and what features you want to have. * Only paid projects atm...
  3. xKrazyx

    Hire Me, I'll tackle your jobs - Almost Anything Small/Huge- Any TFS Version - xKrazyx Job Thread

    I'll do almost any job if its reasonable, i've been around OTS a while. c++, php, css, sprites, reverse engineering clients/bots, security additions, hex edits, client creation, simple/complex lua systems... PAID SERIOUS JOBS ONLY. I can supply references if needed. Name:Caleb...
  4. S

    Looking for a job [Webdeveloper][Project inside]

    Hi otland.net Well i want to show you my current web design for tibia, i was just trying to get better at web design if you could give me some tips to add to the web it will be great :) if you want to use the web contact me via pm Sample images: Home screen: Char screen: Guild screen...
  5. waqmaz

    Programmer LUA, MySQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery (OOP) - looking for job.

    Hello. I am Wojciech, 23 years old. I program in LUA, MySQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery. I started lua 4 months ago, but the rest of that luanguages I know since around 10 years. I am looking for job. I can program scripts for Open Tibia Server, I know TFS 0.3.6 very well. I wrote the following...