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  1. qben360

    How to load custom map on OTXServer 7.7

    Hey guys i have a big problem. I found my old distribution like yurots, and i got a big custom map with custom spr on 7.6 tibia. How i can load my custom map with sprites from old distribution yurots 7.6 on the otxserver last rev from matty ??. Please i need help!
  2. Drinny


    Welcome to Alzeria! Alzeria is a 7.72 oldschool real tibia map based server that is mainly made for wars and PVP action. We welcome all old tibia players aswell as newer ones, no matter how experienced in tibia you are there is a place for you in Alzeria! Besides the usual features that 7.72...
  3. RosOT

    RosOT - working on a 8.60 based Server / may or may not open to public.

    I just wanted to make this thread to get opinions on what you guys want in an ot im just going to mess around making a server to see how i feel about putting it online. if it does not go online ill give it away for free. Right now i added. Prestige and legend System. prestige shop system...
  4. DestinationSer

    [Netherlands] InsanityOT | 8.6 | 7171 | custom | highexp | prestige ranks

    *General Information* IP: insanityot.hopto.org Website: InsanityOT Client protocol: 8.6 Port: 7171 STARTS 15.02.2017 Changelog InsanityOT is a server whos been around for a long time and is planning to stay around for longer. We are one of the few remaining houndred percent custom servers...
  5. L

    #1 Custom Server Stamina System Yes or NO

    please vote. and help to create server old school without shit on shop now only need details. #1 Stamina System for pacc YES NO #2 Mounts on shop YES NO #3 ONLY PACC ON SHOP YES NO info: server exp skills 1x custom client anty boot suport 24/7 custom maps,monsters,spells etc... server start i...
  6. K

    Custom Classes

    Hello Otland What do u think about custom servers with custom vocations and what vocations u think have good mechanics to explore (dont need to name, just explain) I have ideas like: A real tank Knight and dmg focused Knight Diferent elements focus to sorceres Thats it, show me what u think...
  7. Klakier

    Chester Thread "Shadow Era"

    Hello OTlanders! You guys probably wondering why i called this thread "Chesters thread" if my nickname is Klakier, well... i can't change my old account nickname and i dont want to create new one, so please call me Chester, Ch3st3r or CP(Chester_Psycho) cuz i use those nicknames :p My name is...
  8. santaclos

    Request, mapping ideas or builded stuffs

    Hi there! Time ago I had a server called Luxia. Was in the 9.1 version, I was developing this at the time that get 20 donations in 4 days. I develop the map with a lot of devotion, but by the way of being in the university I stopped of having enough time for stay in the project. The problem was...
  9. Loveria

    [France] [8.60] Frozeria High Exp Custom OT | War&RPG | Ferumbras Ascension

    Frozeria Ferumbras Ascension Frozeria is the first open tibia server to add Ferumbras Ascension to 8.60. Ferumbras Ascension Frozeria Edition is a new boss hunt feature thats only available on Frozeria. You will recieve the best items ingame (Tier 4.5 and Tier 5) when your hunting these bosses...
  10. Aldo Axel

    [México] FiveraOt Rl Map 8.6

    [8.6] ip: fivera.hopto.org Web: >>>>>> fivera.hopto.org:81 <<<<<< *Welcome to the FiveraOt! -Info Server: -Exp: x150 -Skill: 80 -Magic: 50 -Loot: x5 *About The Server: Map: RL Custom Edited City's: - Venore, Thais, Kazordoon, Carlin, Ab'Dendriel...
  11. arthas.eu

    [France] Arthas 7.4/7.7 (Mid-Rates) Custom Server, Starting November 25, 18:00 CET

    Thread locked for scam reports First 15 players who put nick in this thread will get 30 days of premium Information You start your journey in the town Stonegate. There is no rookgaard as we believe that everyone that is playing Tibia nowadays already have played it previously. Therefore there...
  12. Realtibia.eu

    [FRANCE] RealTibia PVP-Enforced 7.4 (+7.72)|RealMap|TASKS|MIDRATE|ANTY BOT|Start 18.11.2016 18:00|

    Level 1 to 20 x20 Level 21 to 40 x15 Level 41 to 50 x12 Level 51 to 60 x10 Level 61 to 70 x8 Level 71 to 80 x7 Level 81 to 90 x6 Level 91 to 120 x5 From level 121+ x3 Skills x5.0 Magic x3.0 Loot x1.5 Regeneration x2 About Server - Balanced Vocations - PvP-Enforced - Always listen...
  13. Extrodus

    [France] Blazera 8.6 || December 31st || Diablo Style Looting, Offline Trainers, Cast System & more!

    Server Information: Website: http://blazera.net | Port: 7171 Stages: 100x - 2x | Skills: 20x | Magic: 10x | Loot: 3x Map: Full Global Map + New Cities/Features Launches on December 31st at 2PM EST Join www.blazera.net today!
  14. mRefaat

    [Italy] Mirage 8.60 | Ustrike | PVP-E/WAR/Fun | NO PAY2WIN | Free Points | Online NOW!

    Welcome to Mirage Server ONLINE Small introduction: Let me tell you some information about mirage server, It is based on ustikre map with many editions in map to make it more suitable for pvp, map has many traps and narrow places for better pvp. Also we made it pvp-enforced to give you...
  15. DouglasII

    [Canada] Euphoria Custom PRO OT 8.6, Custom VC and Custom &Collapser Spells-Map-Systems. START TODAY

    Website: EuphoriaServer.com Host: OVH Dedicated Server Launch: Monday, October 24, 18:00 CEST Server: 8.6 Map: Custom Edited + Collapser Town and Islands Coll Island: Uptime: 24/7 Server Type: Highrate exp + Stages PVP Protection: to 130 level Exp: x600 1 - 100 level, 600x 101 - 150...
  16. S

    Rune charges

    Well we have made the runes no stackables via client editting and otdb edditing but we need to add for example 3 charges to the sd is that posible in a simple way? have 3 charges in item.xml , but dissapear on 1 use
  17. Madlander

    Do you believe on OTServer's RPG?

    hi guys! the main thread here is pretended to clear the idea of some Developers that usually visit Otland (especially those who develop 'RPGs') And i'll extend the Question: Do you believe on RPG developed inside of each server which their title name or description includes the letters 'RPG'...
  18. S

    Looking for a job [Webdeveloper][Project inside]

    Hi otland.net Well i want to show you my current web design for tibia, i was just trying to get better at web design if you could give me some tips to add to the web it will be great :) if you want to use the web contact me via pm Sample images: Home screen: Char screen: Guild screen...
  19. mRefaat

    [Italy] Mirage Server | 8.10 | PVP-E | Ustrike Map | Fun/WAR | ONLINE !!

    Welcome to Mirage Server ONLINE Host info:- 24/7 Hosted in Europe No lag / No downtime Login info:- IP: mirage-server.ddns.net Client: 8.10 Mirage custom client: DOWNLOAD Create account: 111111/tibia Server info:- Map : Ustrike Exp stages : Start with 600x PVP-Enfo rate : 5x Loot rate : 5x...
  20. Kuzyn

    [Custom] Open RPG - release date/discussion/teasers

    The final topic for the Open RPG project, server is dedicated to all people who wants to play on RPG low rates server with balanced economy, lot of quests and on the newest client (if possible). If you have any questions, just ask. If you like the project, please comment and share it! Links...