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  1. Fabi Marzan

    Compiling Error Compiling TFS 1.4 8.60

    Use: Visual Studio Community 2019 When compiling had a problem that I don't know why the error is due, I get this error.
  2. D


    this error is occurring when logging out the player. [Error - mysql_real_query] Query: UPDATE players SET level = 1,group_id = 1,vocation = 0,health = 150,healthmax = 150,experience = 0,lookbody = 106,lookfeet = 95,lookhead = 78,looklegs = 116,looktype = 128,lookaddons = 0,maglevel = 0,mana =...
  3. F

    Compiling Ubuntu 18.04 tfs 1.2

    good afternoon, I have this error when compiling Nostalrius, I've already used these commands
  4. F

    Compiling [TFS 1.3 - 8.60] Problem to compile TFS [vcpkg x64 - MSVS 2019]

    Hey, Guys, Yesterday i tried to compile tfs 1.3 downgraded to version 8.60, but visual studio returns this error 1>------ Compilação iniciada: Projeto: theforgottenserver, Configuração: Release x64 ------ 1>iologindata.cpp...
  5. Daniel Kopeć

    TFS 0.X [Warning - Vocations::getVocation] Vocation 429496 not found.

    [Warning - Vocations::getVocation] Vocation 429496 not found. How to fix it?
  6. Daniel Kopeć

    Lost Account An error occorred while sending email! Try again or contact with admin.

    I have GESIOR 2012 - Version 1.0.1 for 0.3.6 and all 0.4. When do I use the function Loss Account such a message appears on the website and the e-mails do not come with the new password to the account...
  7. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved STEP 5 Set Admin Account error

    I cannot set up the administrator account when installing the Acc maker TFS 0.4 gesior. I get such an error: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STEP 5 Set Admin Account Fatal error: Call to a member...
  8. W

    OTSS acc maker gesior problem

    Guys i got problem with my acc maker in page : Warning: Undefined variable $newsTicker in C:\xampp\htdocs\layouts\tibiacom\layout.php on line 387 Warning: Undefined variable $featuredArticle in C:\xampp\htdocs\layouts\tibiacom\layout.php on line 389 Can u helped me to change this errors ?
  9. Zephyr

    HELP! Problem creating character (name taken) Znote

    Well I'm trying to make an ot just for friends and stuff and everything is fine, I can create an account but cant create a char. If I try on account manager (tibia) it tells me the name is already taken and no matter what name I choose it's taken. Then I try on Znote and it gives me the next...
  10. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved Errors in the console

    How to fix such errors in the console as seen in the screenshots ? >>bounty hunters and lottery<< What queries to add to the database ?
  11. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved [Error - Globalevent Interface] cleanhouse !

    This error appears to me in the console. What could be the reason ? How to fix it ?
  12. P

    Compiling Errors with OTclient 1.0

    Hey all, i have weird problem when compiling OTClient 1.0 in VS19 I tried VS 15/17 but this one needs v142 from VS 19... I have followed edubart tutorial with vcpkg for VS 17 and vcpkg package is in A:/vcpkg included and registred with .bat files (in ss) I can add that i can compile TFS engine...
  13. zbizu

    Reading console errors

    For some reason a lot of people have trouble reading console errors and it makes me feel as if ability to read console errors was some ancient wisdom. In this tutorial you will learn to understand errors in your scripts. case 1: server closes and you can't read the error message: If you're on...
  14. Switch

    C++ Crash when reloading creaturescripts

    I'm trying to pass an "NetworkMessage" in creaturescripts, everything works perfect, but when I try to reaload the creaturescripts the server goes down Follow the code snippet I added void CreatureEvent::executeOpcode(Player* player, uint8_t recvbyte, NetworkMessage& msg) {...
  15. L

    RevScripts Linux poketibia build problem help plis

    Ubuntu 14.04 version Reason for the problem works the base on windows has been adapted to handle on linux but presents problem on windows only has 1 error of unique used pokezring base http://www.mediafire.com/file/ygkqmrig624a4gt/pokezring.rar/file works on normal windows the base was...
  16. 3dgar47


    Helllo everyone, I've tried every tutorial on internet about opening ports 7171 and 7172. Back in the days I runned perfectly a ot SQLITE on desk pc with win xp and doing port openning via localhost(in a old modem withouth wifi). But now Ive a laptop with windows 7, and a new 50mb connection...
  17. V

    RevScripts Error distro Query and Colune

    Hello good night I'm having a problem when the player logs into the otserver this error in the distro probably need to add a query in the database but I don't know which code to put in the database I don't know if I'm in the right area to ask for help the first time using this forum anything...
  18. B

    MyAcc problems witch new pages

    Hello. I have a problem adding a new page that would include php. I am trying to make an "Auction system", after creating the page it crashes into it Here is the code that I am trying to use <!--?php require_once 'engine/init.php'; include 'layout/overall/header.php'; $cache = new...
  19. Jpstafe

    Runes and mana running error ..

    hello, here I bring a video of the error that I have, when I stand up, run the runes well, with the exhausted well .. but when I walk it is different .. which can be, I have followed some tutorials here in ottland in changing some lines in Player .cdd but nothing worked for me any ideas to...
  20. Jpstafe

    Error my server :(

    Hello community, I have a problem with an othire 0.0.3 server, when I open it it is offline ... the ports I have correctly opened ... I have checked it with two other servers that I have and they open perfectly, this server that I try to open is with page ... and it won't let me enter with my...