1. bajsbajs

    In dire need of help

    Hello! I am trying to make an OT server. I have made progress, got my website and all that jazz. When I run the .exe application to start the server I get this message in the command prompt: Error: [MoveEvent::configureMoveEvent] No valid event name function [Warning -...
  2. rwxsu

    GlobalEvent [TFS 1.2] Zombie Arena

    Big thanks to @Fablow for sponsoring! Map was just made for testing, you can use any map: Step 1: Adding the library Add in data/lib/event/zombie_arena.lua ------------------------------------------------------ -- Zombie Arena by rwxsu --...
  3. Bogart

    TalkAction Random room event TFS 1.2

    Hello everyone After remembering this event that used to be in Slain (rip :( ) I decided to recreate it. Basically it's a luck type of game: Players go into the event area and are given N time to pick a room. After a moment (configurable) players that aren't in a room are automatically sent to...
  4. S

    Linux Zombie Event not working

    Hello guys, I'm using a automatic Zombie Event in my server (I can't post any links because it is from another forum) Problem is that when I changed the server from Windows to Linux, the event stopped working. What happens is that when the zombie attacks someone, that person is not teleported...
  5. Ciroc

    GlobalEvent Snowball War Event (TFS 1.X)

    Good morning, Otland's friends! I bring today a very fun and different event for your server that is the snowball event, the event consists of a battle of snowballs and the player that more kill wins. Command: !snowball atirar - Shoot the snowball straight to hit the target Exemple: Note...
  6. Sizaro

    Lua Battlefield Event [latest TFS]

    I salvaged this script from another datapack and I want to make it work perfectly but I need help. What it does How to start the event Globalevent every 12:30 and 00:30 ingame. Talkaction by tutor or higher with /btf Entering the teleport Puts you into a random team. Sets your outfit to...
  7. Snavy

    Zombie Event

    TFS: 0.4 Client: 8.60 source: 3777 ---------------- Looking for (auto) zombie even which works on tfs 0.4. I know there are 1-2 scripts posted on otland but they are not working properly. So im wondering if any of you could post a version which works properly on 0.4 - 3777. THnx
  8. Snavy

    Lua LMS - BAD interval

    So I have this event installed on my server and it seems to be working exactly as it should but the only problem is that when there's one player left in the arena he/she has to wait 2 hours in order to be tp back to temple.. 7 200 000 ms = 2h 7 320 000 ms = 2h 2min (2min is for waiting in the...
  9. suicunei

    Lua Error Zombie Event

    So, I have installed a zombie event system, everything is okay but one thing: The teleport is created in X hour(eg 21:30) and it's closed 2min after(21:32). When it is closed, I got a console error, please help me to solve it: [21:3:44.399] [Error - GlobalEvent Interface] [21:3:44.403] In a...
  10. demon088

    Lua Monster mystery box action script [SOLVED]

    Hello OtLanders! I need your help with this action script: local config = { monsterName = 'Demon', } function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) local pos = getPlayerPosition(cid) if(fromPosition.x ~= CONTAINER_POSITION) and item.itemid == 10503 then spawnEffect...