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  1. J

    Snowball tfs 1.5 Problem

    Hello Guys I use Tfs 1.5 Tibia 8.60 And I have problem because to teleport players from waiting room to event map and I have error in console Like that Lua Script Error: [Main Interface] in a timer event called from: (Unknown scriptfile) attempt to index a nil value stack traceback...
  2. J

    events timer

    Hello I use TFS 0.4 and I have problem with timer events script I have Error in console and script not working can anyone help me ?please my script in globalevents is : local EventsListalist = { {time = "01:00", name = "Snowball Event"}, {time = "02:00", name =...
  3. J

    Frestorm Event problem with dead players

    Hello I have problem with fire storm event Tfs 0.4 when player died lose Level and I have error in console like that [4:4:24] [Error - CreatureScript Interface] [4:4:24] data/creaturescripts/scripts/deathbroadcast.lua:onDeath [4:4:24] Description: [4:4:24] (LuaInterface::luaGetCreatureName)...
  4. almirtibiaalmir

    Looking for Teambattle Event

    Hello, im looking for a teambattle event. like Blue vs red who has the most kills win if you die u respawn again something like that. If you have such a script msg me, and tell me your price. Im using tfs 1.5 nekiros downagrade 8.6. Thank you, regards Almir
  5. almirtibiaalmir

    Scripter Events

    Hello, Im looking for a scripter that can create custom events for tfs 1.5 Msg me if you are interested. Regards Almir
  6. FuzzyZanen

    [8.6] Small dice event room

    Hello. In my free time, when I was bored, I created a small room for the dice event. It could have been better but it turned out pretty cool anyway so I'll share it with you. Maybe it will be useful to someone. Have fun ;)
  7. Daniel Kopeć

    TFS 0.X Swimming Event start error !

    During the automatic start of the event or entering the command: !startswimming such an error appears in the console. How to Fix it? [MOD] swimming event script: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <mod name="Swimming_Event" version="3.0" author="DenZ" contact="otland.net" enabled="yes">...
  8. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved Paintball Event Automatic Start ?

    How to set the automatic start of the [MOD] Paintball event. At a given time? For example, at 17:00. Script Paintball Event [MOD] xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <mod name="Paintball event" version="1.0" author="Bogart" contact="otland.net" enabled="yes">...
  9. Lurk

    GlobalEvent [0.4] Click Up event

    Hello everyone, I love tibia and this community has given me a lot and I finally feel like I have something to give back, this code can be improved a lot (if you do improve it please comment here so we can all improve together). The idea behind this event is that I head the name Click up in a...
  10. aqubjukr

    TFS 1.X+ Skill Stages Error

    I'm trying to implement a skill stages system on my server. It even works, however, when I use any spell with a player, the following error appears on my console: TFS1.3 Lua Script Error: [Event Interface] data/events/scripts/player.lua:Player@onGainSkillTries...
  11. Totten

    Add Widget Count Event

    Hello, I am using the MyAAC platform developed by slawkens and I would like to know if it is possible to add an event counter on my website, thus always showing the next server event. (The events have the times configured in my globalevents.xml), but if it is not possible to make the site...
  12. diakosz3456

    TFS 1.2 Zombie Event fix

    Hey, i have script for Zombie Event tfs 1.2 from @Printer . Lobby works, arena works but monsters don't spawn on arena.. i have this problem data/zombieEvent.lua:113: attempt to call local 'random' (a number value) 1587537806 Lua Script Error: [Main Interface] in a timer event called from...
  13. diakosz3456

    [TFS 1.2] Need event script Cheese

    Hey, does anyone own a script for Cheese Event? An item is drawn from the front of the player. When the cheese is drawn, the player loses.
  14. bajsbajs

    In dire need of help

    Hello! I am trying to make an OT server. I have made progress, got my website and all that jazz. When I run the .exe application to start the server I get this message in the command prompt: Error: [MoveEvent::configureMoveEvent] No valid event name function [Warning -...
  15. rwxsu

    GlobalEvent [TFS 1.2] Zombie Arena

    Big thanks to @Fablow for sponsoring! Map was just made for testing, you can use any map: Step 1: Adding the library Add in data/lib/event/zombie_arena.lua ------------------------------------------------------ -- Zombie Arena by rwxsu --...
  16. Bogart

    TalkAction Random room event TFS 1.2

    Hello everyone After remembering this event that used to be in Slain (rip :( ) I decided to recreate it. Basically it's a luck type of game: Players go into the event area and are given N time to pick a room. After a moment (configurable) players that aren't in a room are automatically sent to...
  17. S

    Linux Zombie Event not working

    Hello guys, I'm using a automatic Zombie Event in my server (I can't post any links because it is from another forum) Problem is that when I changed the server from Windows to Linux, the event stopped working. What happens is that when the zombie attacks someone, that person is not teleported...
  18. Anevis

    [USA] ZezeniaOnline [RPG] [Custom 100%] | Content Updates

  19. Ciroc

    GlobalEvent Snowball War Event (TFS 1.X)

    Good morning, Otland's friends! I bring today a very fun and different event for your server that is the snowball event, the event consists of a battle of snowballs and the player that more kill wins. Command: !snowball atirar - Shoot the snowball straight to hit the target Exemple: Note...
  20. Sizaro

    Lua Battlefield Event [latest TFS]

    I salvaged this script from another datapack and I want to make it work perfectly but I need help. What it does How to start the event Globalevent every 12:30 and 00:30 ingame. Talkaction by tutor or higher with /btf Entering the teleport Puts you into a random team. Sets your outfit to...