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  1. frankfarmer

    [UK][7.4] Tibiascape.com ⭐RPG-server & Season Server⭐ Bestiary-module within the client 👾 Real-Map server ⭐ Outfits ⭐ Tasks

    www.tibiascape.com TIBIA Permadeath-server NPVP/PVP ⭐Some info about the server rules:⭐ Experience: 1-19 80x 20-50 70x 51-80 55x 81-100 25x 101-120 20x 121-150 10x 151-180 6x 181-200 4x 201-250 3x 251-350 2x 351- 1x Spawn: 3 minutes Loot: 3x Magic: 4x Skills: 20x Location: EU ⭐Permanent...
  2. frankfarmer

    [UK][7.4] Tibiascape - From 1 August 2020 Test Server!

    About project: Long time since I was involved into any servers, i'd say its probably 10 years ago (2009-2010) I had some successful servers back then, if any original gamers here you maybe remember the Noob War server or the real map server I hosted. Anyway I'd like you to participate in my...