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TibiaScape Development 2020-2022

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TibiaScape Development Thread

I am here to talk about our development in the past and what we have in store for the future.
Lets start with some nostalgia.

2020 June - TibiaScape
The idea behind the server was to create a 7.4 open tibia clone with custom map and small enhancements on the gameplay, the server was some what successful with averaging 100's of players over the course up to 5 months, it launched with 2 servers (Antica and Secura) which was a PvP and a No-PvP server, having no idea the success, the PvP server never took off, lack of advertisement and experience PvP was closed just a month after release and the Secura server kept lights on for another 6 months with still active community. The main feature we implemented this year was our task system, this made the game play more interesting for players with the lack of content the server had in general, it basically let players track any monsters they killed in the game and was rewarded within different milestones 100/1000/10000 creatures killed. I think the most achieved 10.000 milestone achieved by players was rotworm. Our task system can reward you with basically anything, outfits, items, experience, money. So it's highly advanced and was the first core mechanic that we still use today, without any additional enhancements needed. The core concept was to remove all the item printing quests and make it more a solo self found experience, a bit more harder since you would see knights at level 53 still going around with a serpent sword, lacking the fire sword. I think this server in 6 months had 2 Dragon Lances in total from black knights, since spawn time was 15 minutes it required a lot of luck and commitment. But it also created memorable moments hanging out in the BK spawn for several hours just chatting. The way Tibia should be played, a social interactive MMORPG which lately has been removed by CIP where the only interaction would be "how long?" -> "2h".


This year is called by me the (early-access version) because we struggled with massive walking animation problems with Edubart OTC, map clicking and horrible bugs that would cause server crashed and maybe at one point i remember we had a rollback. We had several months of test serving with races and players up to even the 40's. Was for me an amazing time to be a developer to see such a great community wanting to really build something together. But unfortunately the 7.4 content can only offer so much but some players still say this was the best days. Maybe its nostalgia?

2021 June - TibiaScape
With the support from the community we had the past year, we decided to go again but with twists and the craving from a developers perspective adding more content is our right! With the early access alpha launch over, we had a very strong foundation nearly wiping out every bug in the game. We decided to try solving the main client issues we had by jumping on the Mehah train, which in retrospective might have been a bad idea since it scrapped all the work we did on the past client with new bugs and new stuff to solve. But lets look at what we had in store for this year. We decided to create even more depth to the server by changing the skills and adding wands and item upgrades. Here you can see the addition of (Melee Skills) which combined axe, sword and club into one. Also something called Magic Fighting which was the skill for the use of wands which worked pretty much like Distance Fighting. It would for us be a better way of implementing wands to our world


With the additions of professions as well, we could add simple mechanics to achieve different power to your character. Where foraging would be so little as clicking blueberry bushes and apple tree and mining to just use a pick axe on a stone, the concept was to keep original sprites and don't go overboard with the features, which would make it very smooth and easy for new and old players to digest. As you can see the task system is still there but we added more milestones with 100/500/750/1000~ and so on. Maybe the biggest and most popular addition to the game was something we called Mystic Ore which i got the inspiration from other games like Path of Exile and other A-RPGs where you would use an item and it would cause the item to receive a random effect. What made this most fun for players was that you would not only be able to get rewards, but it was also a small chance for the item to break entirely, leaving you with only a broken sword left. This created many memorable moments!

We also created massive enhancements to the world by just improving literally every corner of the map as shown below (normally before is before after) but not apparently on this picture below, we show after first.


This was nostalgia in short for me to present what has been in the past 2 years and I am excited to show you what we have in development for 2022.
We have already been developing the new content for the past 3 months and it will be an entire new way of playing TibiaScape. To be honest I dont even know what to label the latest edition of TibiaScape if its a 7.4 clone or a 10+ version but it's something in between.

The 3 biggest features we have in store for this time is we have developed a few things that will make the gameplay a little bit more tricky and interesting for the players, first off.. We improved our graphics, still staying with the old school vibes. Here is a preview of the graphics


For me this is just amazing, feels so fresh to play Tibia with the enhanced graphics, still staying with the old sprites.,
We also added the addition to improve your character when leveling up by using our Mastery System which basically allow you to choose your own way of improving your character. By simply clicking the [+] would improve your character that level, the numbers and balance behind it is still being worked on but it's a very awesome way of playing tibia, thats for sure!


Now the last but not least is the Rarity System. By keeping mystic ore concept but adding additional drops from monsters, which would resolve in different tiers of loot which automatically converts into rarity color in the client, gives players even more power.

And this is how it all started 3 months ago.1654348990879.png

We decided to scrap our 2020-2021 client and server and go with the latest technology available from this awesome open tibia community, with the revscript systems and all the additional functionality from the TFS development team, TibiaScape has now a strong foundation and a bright future! I will post even more features we have in store for this server as we move on.

We have already ran 2 test servers for this new 2022 version, which the last one had 126 characters created

Thanks a lot for reading, I hope you like our dedication to creating a great tibia server developers or players between. Our team consists of only Me (frankfarmer) and my friend (Flux), which from my knowledge dont have a otland profile 😂

If you wanna be part of the development or just lurk to get some ideas for your own server you are welcome to join our discord where we announce and talk and complain about everthing! Feel free to come with suggestions how we can improve or what you would like to see happen!


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Had much fun on the previous server. Best of luck.
Definitely trying this one out when it goes live.

- Stanley
Best of luck! Really enjoyed the little meme server that was invite only and up for a bit.. task system is immense!
Don't waste your time here
Actually it's good idea to play for ban any% speedrun
Check what players chose non-pvp mode and try to kill their mobs + block them completely
Random pk anybody so gm will write a copy pasta for nearly whole discord screen telling he will protect his charlovers and ban you for it

I was positive about his project earlier but the 2 editions were completely mess so for people who want to play there
  • Do not complain about things he made (systems) or he will add you to his "wrong guys notebook" list and 1 bad thing you will do gets you permabanned
  • On pvp server, do not pk unless it's your friend because if 1 person reports it you are banned or put on his "wrong guys notebook"
  • For epilepsy players or people who have sensitive eyes, be prepared to have kind of "eye" damage because as far as i remember, he couldn't fix visual bug (beaming light after using spells, randomly appearing underground [sometimes in +0 floor too] which made your eyes tired after while [red, bloody]

Best of luck! Really enjoyed the little meme server that was invite only and up for a bit.. task system is immense!
I also played this and it was amazing, but dramas on tibiascape are reason why i gave up

Enjoyable server with mysteries hidden behind tasks + map changes that i enjoyed
Gm puts a lot of time into this project
For grinding enjoyers you have a lot to do so
Server features that he made are cool

'Wrong guys notebook'
You have to avoid owner as much as you can (do not even type to him unless he checks if you bot or not)
EK server (unless you won't powerabuse knights early when they train, expect to be behind then for entire gameplay)

Corrupted, an unskilled owner that was TOP1 on his own server and got exposed while streaming it lol
Wait, do You have any proof of this? xDDD
Not like i don't believe you, he's able to do everything as i know him, i remember that top ek knight xDDD
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OP forgot to say that they promised to not delete characters from old TibiaScape (Rookgaard-like version - 2021? 2020?). Here we are, characters don't exist since the server has been closed. ahh.. classic.
All good, but it still lacks polishing and bug fixes.

Some of the new sprites are buggy which destroys the visual experience. Automated upscale probably didn't work out for all of them. I.e. upscaled ground looks weird (you can see separate tiles):
Particularly upscaled old grass looks bad:

some tiles lack edges:

There are some visual distortions too, i.e. if you look closely trolls have pixels outside of their body that are moving with them, or this red dot on this outfit's forehead:

Tier item system seems really fun, but "Common" items should not be called "common", because they are not that common. Your system itself considers them a "Rarity!", so the word "common" doesn't fit here. Non modified items are the real common category. As per dictionary:
"common - occurring, found, or done often; prevalent"
prevalent = dominant, förhärskande, non-modified items are dominant since they make for 95% of all items, if not more.
Name like "good", "special", or "quality" would make more sense (to make it sound less rare than "rare" category).

Some modifiers don't make sense at all like swords giving a bonus to axes. An easy fix would be to merge all weapon modifiers to melee skills.

Mystic ore is pretty much worthless, players lost interest in upgrading items, since the chances to succeed are just too low now. Should be buffed.
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This server was made to be retrocores killer, but even after 2 years it still sucks and staff is kinda weird.
Even while retrocores/mastercores is dead, you guys cant even beat it yet xD.
But yeah... fun bestiary tho. and nice content.
But client, system, server, host... very very lacking unfortunately.
This Tibiascape version is hands down the best custom tibia I played in years, They improved alot since last server.
HUGE FOMO if you are not playing yet, you ARE missing out.
Ps, Dont believe in the fake news kids writing here, they probably got banned for cheating or are other jelly OT owners
its a great ot but playing NO PVP in this servers is shit, you are kind of a second class citizen compared to pvp players
it is hugely unfair and you will get reported and banned by other players. also ive seen streamers getting big help from GMs while playing this server what the fuck? GM Crwaley is super corrupt he should be deleted, Frank Farmer is super cool and nice with the community.
There are like 500 people online last time i logged in and the map was not big enough and respawns not fast enough.
I would start 2 new servers one for only PVP and another for only N/PNP. Needless to say its a moneymaker bois!
playing NO PVP in this servers is shit, you are kind of a second class citizen compared to pvp players
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