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[USA][8.60] Honera ATS - Real Map

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Robson Dias

Nov 13, 2017
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Honera was initially created to be a clone of Tibia in version 8.60, but over the course of development we have been adding some of the best features found in newer versions from Tibia! All quests, accesses, addons, spells, creatures and NPCs are working exactly as they should.
  • No Pay2Win Items
    Other than XP Boost, we do not sell any items that modify the strength and/or progression of characters.
  • Daily Reward
    Earn rewards for playing Honera every day!
  • Full Quest Line
    Do quests exactly like in the original tibia! But don't worry, you can still sell your loot without making them, but for a slightly lower price.
  • Roshamuul
    Create umbral items and face all the Demon Princes of Roshamuul!
  • Custom Client
    Custom game client that updates itself, with that we can extend Honera's features even further!
  • Mounts
    More than 30 mounts obtainable in-game, and some purchasable in the store, totaling more than 200 mounts.
  • Loyalty System
    Earn skill bonuses by being a premium player for a period of time.
  • Offline Training & Exercise Training
    Train offline or online using training weapons in each city in the game.
  • And much more!

Server Rates​

  • Experience: 20x (going down to 1x at level 300)
  • Skills: 18x
  • Magic: 9x
  • Loot: 2x (custom)
  • Hosted in Atlanta, USA
More info at About Honera - Honera ATS (https://honera.com.br/about/information)


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Today we added some features and fixed some bugs found last week.
  • Rookgaard characters now take damage from monsters again.
  • Initial experience rates increased to 20x
  • Due to the difficulty of dropping loot, drop rates have been increased to 3x
  • Added NPC Heedil in Thais, will buy all equipment dropped by creatures, paying 30% less the value. To sell for the normal price, you must go to the respective NPCs (Rashid, Blue Djinn and Green Djinn).
  • Rookgaard's experience rates have been matched with those of Mainland.
  • Fixed an issue in Barbarian Arena Quest (Warlord Mode), which made it impossible to advance in the quest.
With today update, some quests were automatically unlocked when leaving Island of Destiny.
  • In Service of Yalahar: Way to Yalahar and Searoutes Around Yalahar missions.
  • The Explorer Society: Joining The Explorers (dwarven pickaxe) mission.
  • The Shattered Isles: Missions to access Meriana, access to Goroma, Ramoa, Talahu and Malada.
  • Hunt fot the Sea Serpent: Access to the Sea Serpents area in Svargrond.
In today's server save, a bug was fixed in the doors that give access to one of the "pieces" of the Koshei' Amulet.
In today's server save, some bugs reported by players were fixed.
  • Fixed an error when sending a bid to more than one house at the same time.
  • Fixed an error when submitting a bid on a guildhouse without being a guild leader.
  • Fixed an error in the store plugin to deliver items from Founder Packs.
  • Fixed the spawns of Druids and Sorcerers creatures on Island of Destiny.
  • Fixed an error in the quest Koshei the Deathless, now you can obtain the blue legs normally.
  • Improved the spawns of the premium area Demonic Inferno.
In today's server save, several modifications were made to the game, below is a list of them all.
  • We have expanded the Daily Reward, now lasting up to 28 days.
  • An error has been fixed that made it impossible for players to join a guild.
  • Fixed an error in the spell Levitate.
  • Added the island Frostwind Retreat for Premium players.
  • Increased the drop of addon items by 30%.
  • Now all characters will regenerate Health and Mana at any protection zone.
  • Paladins can now use the Invisible spell.
  • Now the spell Recovery and Intense Recovery will no longer exhaust other spells.
  • Fixed an error in the Obsidian Knife quest.
  • Now you need to select the city when you receive the item from your Founder's Pack.
  • The merchant Yasir will now spawn every day, but each day in a different city.
  • The price of the Amulet of Loss has been reduced to 40,000 gold coins.
  • It is now possible to purchase all blessings for 100,000 gold coins in all available temples in the game.
  • The value of Blessing of the Inquisition has been reduced to 75,000 gold coins.
  • All characters will get the Promotion for free when doing the Desert Quest.