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  1. Okyanus


    How can I do that summon dead should not be visible? Thanks. 1590197002 .
  2. Jpstafe

    helps configure manafluid!!

    how can I put the manafluid infinite, without it being spent? .. is 7.6 the otserver local ITEM_RUM_FLASK = 5553 local TYPE_EMPTY = 0 local TYPE_WATER = 1 local TYPE_BLOOD = 2 local TYPE_BEER = 3 local TYPE_SLIME = 4 local TYPE_LEMONADE = 5 local TYPE_MILK = 6 local TYPE_MANA_FLUID = 7 local...
  3. D


    Hi, i want to play 12.x rl map tibia offline, i tried to make a server i failed after 8 hours of trying, please help (ESP, ENG)
  4. Jaki Maoh

    Forgotten Server Crashes after summoning creature

    Hello everyone! Recently I came back to the OTS life, and am following some tutorials about hosting my own server at home. I've followed @Don Daniello's quick guide on how to setup and host the latest TFS on a new machine. After the end of the instalations, the server is online, with minor...
  5. K

    Hello my problem is Transform Ring

    Hello my problem is Transform Ring. I'm Buying in sms shop and crasher server. I'am use ./i 2127 crasher I don't know what is my scriptis is: -- >> Small config section -- local outfitMale = { lookType = 12, lookHead = 19, lookBody = 79, lookLegs = 3, lookFeet = 81, lookAddons = 0 } local...
  6. Jpstafe

    How do I remove soul?

    How do I change the soul, so that it is infinite? my version of tibia is 7.72, I want it to be infinite, so you can make the runes you want
  7. jo31

    TFS 1.X+ bless lose c++

    People lose lvl with blessing but I want the opposite of it. so players lose like 30% of exp without blessing and with the blessing they don't lose anything level/magic/skills. in config I use -1 I tried so many diffrent combo in that section it says the line loss, but last time i changed the...
  8. Jpstafe

    hide folders(HELP)

    How can I hide the folders from otclient ..? I have already compiled the otclient
  9. Jpstafe

    HELP(My Otclient)

    Hi .. i was able to compile my otclient .. reduce the exe. del otclient .. but my question is how do I hide the folders you run ?. I have played servers, with client clients that do not weigh less than 100mb and my folder weighs about 800mb .. I would like to hide these folders .. and let me...
  10. Jpstafe

    (HELP)compiling otclient

    i have compiled the otclient correctly pass the exe. and the dlls to the main folder and when i open the exe. I get this error What did I do wrong?
  11. Jpstafe

    Ask about my page in Znote

    How can I change the description of Downloads? I use znote How can I change the version of the outfit in ranking? my version is 7.6 and the one on the page is a much newer version
  12. Jpstafe

    I need to edit this in the OTCLIENT

    can someone explain to me how to change this .. I am using OTCLIENT ------------------------------------------------------------------ in the INFO option and in ENTER GAME
  13. Jpstafe

    I need help OTCLIENT

    Hello community, I need to know how to compile my otclient folder .. I am very new to this, is there a tutorial? I want only the exe and two or three files left in my folder .. help 1587500412 up
  14. S

    Need 8.6 data pack + www (without compiling)

    Hello guys! Im looking for data pack of real map 8.6 without any compiling like old school servers for my 8.6 RoXoR. I have an expirience with scripts and i want to make full working RoXoR 8.6 and share it with You guys. I always was making projects on RoXoR but... The problem was always with...
  15. Jpstafe

    there a Dat Editor for 7.72?

    I have not found anywhere a "dat editor 7.72", the ones I found are 7.6 and other newer versions .. try to do it with the dat editor 7.6, but when I open my server, the items.otb says that it is not my version. . any solution?
  16. Jpstafe

    there a Dat editor for 7.72?

    Hello, I would like to know if there is a dat editor for this version, since the ones I found are only for 7.6, if you know, could you pass me a link? I made them with dat editor 7.6 but when I open my server it tells me that the items.otd does not correspond to the version
  17. Jpstafe


    hi, I need help! I have followed tutorials about this error in this forum and none worked for me. I use z note for the page, the accounts create them perfectly .. but when I enter with the character he tells me that the place of entry is incorrect this is my configuration in config.php I...
  18. gekzter

    HELP: Setting up your first server

    Good Day My server gods I'm having this issue with the guide: Setting up your first server (https://docs.otland.net/ots-guide/running-your-first-ot-server/setting-up-your-first-server) I set up everything with the guide "best" scenario and I get this error, i'm following the instructions but...
  19. Nockerman

    New in OTland need help with the compiling

    Hi guys, first sorry for my english.... I have one problem with compiling the forgotten server 1.2 I get the following errors in visual studio. i get more errors before but the errors has solved installing libmariadb now the compiling are complete but this errors persist. I try sometimes...
  20. W

    Cpu High %

    hello everyone, i have been watching my otx recently and strangely it is consuming the cpu way too much, with 246 players online it consumed 90% of the cpu media, so i removed all the bodies that were not disappearing, i reduced the time they stay in the chao, I expected to decrease consumption...