1. D

    Cannot set allocations Elfbot

    Hey OTLand! I really need your help here, I just got windows 10, the pc is fresh. I've downloaded nothing else in games terms than tibia + elfbot+crack. When I tried to crack the elfbot, then it comes up an error that says "Cannot set allocations" I've tried so many things to fix this problem...
  2. M

    RME 3.5 || how to repair? :O

    Every time he puts me 4 monsters, and it should 1. It does not happen with any monster, I do not know what it depends on ... when he wants to remove one minotaur, the archer removes 4 Has anyone had such a problem? RME 3.5 for windows.
  3. nefinoo

    Talksaction vocation restriction

    I want to add vocation restriction on this script, this command just can be use for mages function onSay(cid, words, param, channel) --configuration -- local items = { ['mana potion'] = {cost = 1, storage = 49990}, ['strong mana potion'] = {cost = 2, storage = 49989}...
  4. Rasmez

    Legal stuff and other burning questions

    Hi, I'm new in this forum. English is not my primary language so excuse if f%"@ something up 😖 and feel free to roast my grammar or my ignorant self. I'm not a stranger to Tibia (I played a long, long time ago, and my little brother is still playing to this day), I have some experience in...
  5. E

    Movement Script to ActionScript

    Hello guys, Can someone helpme to transform this movements script in to Action Script? i'm using TFS 1.3 i get it from oen432 waypoint system by @oen432
  6. R

    Help me please, create client tibia 772

    Hello community, I ask you for help to create a client of tibia in version 772 (This to not use ipchanger) searched and searched and can not find anything. and the existing tutorials and guides have been made and there is no result. can someone help me please
  7. A

    Starting My Own Client

    Hello, I am interested in creating a server. I am not sure how to do it but I know what I want to do, I am aiming for a 10.00 client and I don’t want to have people use the ip changer. Is there a way so that people who play the server are able to download it without having to download OTland...
  8. Senzation96

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.3 [8.6] Client Crash

    Hello! This is the "Error Report" I get after the crash! ( Just Standing in the temple / dp) Anyone got any ideas what might be the issue? "Floor Above DP/TEMPLE" is hunt tps room if that matters? Crash only happens in the temple! No errors in TFS 1.3 Console Window [GOD CHARS DO NOT CRASH...
  9. 1

    Bug in War of Emperium System

    Firstly sorry for my bad english: I've installed the Woe System in my Otserv, but when the empes die, these bugs appear > Broadcasted message: "one of Pre-Empes have been broken...". [17:17:02.671] [Error - CreatureScript Interface] [17:17:02.671] domodlib('Loot_func') [17:17:02.671] function...
  10. delita123

    Skill Limit (Fist) On Source [TFS 1.3]

    Hey friends, how are you? I have a small problem .. I have a custom class on my server that uses Gloves as weapons and its damage is based on the user's fist skill. I have implemented a system in source so that the game recognizes fist weapons. It works perfectly, my fist skill increases as...
  11. A

    help with error in depot!

    TFS 0.3.6 OtServer: Pokemon Base: DXP 3.0 Good morning, I need to solve a problem on my server. I am willing to create a new city with a new Depot inside the temple. But I have the following problems. 1- I enter RME to add a depot in the city, but depot does not even recognize a city. 2- it...
  12. A

    SOUCER TF 0.4 8.6 HELP

    I wanted to add the mount system to the sourcer, I'm not getting it, can anyone help me? already tried to know the 8.7 and convert to 8.6 but a debug always happens on the client, the client is already with the sprites and everything !!
  13. A

    TFS 0.X Create New Poke Cooldown Bar (Help)

    I'm creating a new look for my Cooldown bar, but I can not move the icons to the Right. and I need to make this change to get the alignment and power to continue the project. Poketibia TFS: 0.3.6 this image is just a "TEST" will not be like this. LoL -- Privates variables local cdBarWin...
  14. A

    help, change in script

    How do I add the amount of items that the player got in this scrip? I was able to put the name of the item it collects, but I could not put the amount doSendAnimatedText(topos, ""..random.."", TEXTCOLOR_RED) addEvent(doPlayerSendTextMessage, 3*950, cid, 20, "Voce coletou...
  15. H

    Lua I Need help in the script

    Hello Guys, someone can help me? function onStepIn (creature, item, position, fromposition) local player = creature:getplayer() if not player then return end if creature:getplayer player:teleportTo(Position(32722, 32242, 8)...
  16. Klonera

    Znote Acc, TFS 1.0+ Useful Codes

    Here i post alot of useful Znote codes on diffrent things that people made work for me, hope you find this useful. If you want Useful scripts for TFS 1.0+ you can find some good ones here: Click Me This gets updated with time! Let's get started Codes...
  17. delita123

    C++ Help with reward modifications

    Hey friends, I need help with some bugs I'm getting when trying to compile the reward chest modifications on my server. These are the modifications : Here These are my erros when i try compile : src\iologindata.cpp(520): error C2819: type 'Database' does not have an overloaded member...
  18. B

    Help with Images in-game Store 11.xx

    Hello community. Anybody knows how to make appear the little image left on Category_Name? The biggest one is showing normally. Please, if someone can help me. Thanks!
  19. Hover Design

    Sarosots eu / I need client who work with xenobot

    I need client saros who work with xenobot tibia 10.95 ip :
  20. Michy

    It is possible?

    I want to make a npc can sell spells in OTX 11.49 but i don't know what are the new lua functions. Anyone can help me to know the new lua function for a doPlayerLearnInstantSpell Thanks in any case