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  1. T

    can you open 2 servers with the same website on the same pc hosting?

    can you open 2 servers with the same website on the same pc hosting?
  2. J

    ManaShield/Super Mana Shield Issue

    As you can see on the picture below on the server that I'm playing are 2 separate icons for separate barrier/utamo vita spells. The dark blue is "ki barrier" and represents ManaShield The light blue is "super ki barrier" and I don't have clue what represents because not ManaShield but it is a...
  3. Sunset

    Lua Potions Heal Over Time

    Hey there! I found this script while looking for this but I'd love to have one modification to it: I don't want it to stack. Atm spamming potions stacks the effect of each of them making it very difficult to balance. Is it possible to make them non stackable with themselves but stackable with...
  4. helviio

    C++ Old elevation parcel block [TFS 1.2] tibia 10.98

    Used Distro : Github Tibia Version : 1098 good morning good afternoon or good night. alright? Hope all is well =D c'mon... I'm trying to create a 10.98 server and I'm trying to add this to my server but I'm not getting however I don't understand much about sources and I've even been researching...
  5. brianmoreno1996

    C++ task system 8.6 tfs 1.3, i need help.

    I need help, someone could help me on the task, I want that when killing for example "kill 5000 minotaurs you can go to the boss's teleport and give us 10 minutes to kill the boss, right now my server does not have that system since the former owner deactivated the tasks and whoever wants to...
  6. M

    "doTransformItem" Function Bugging AutoLoot

    Hello everybody! Next... On my server every time someone opens a box the autoloot stops working (for the whole server, not just for the player that opened it). Both the box and the autoloot work perfectly, however, when someone uses the box and receives the pokemon, the autoloot stops working...
  7. S

    Lua Critical Chance and Hidden Attributes

    I apologize if this isn't the correct place to post this. I've been wracking my brain over this one and I could use some help. I'm trying to figure out a way to add 5% critical hit chance and 100% critical hit damage to all players by default, as baseline stats. Is there any way to do this...
  8. Tacabala22

    RevScripts Small Upgrade System on TFS 1.5 Downgrade Nekiro 8.6

    [PT-BR] Olá, preciso de ajuda. Ficarei feliz se alguém puder ajudar, eu segui esta instalação, e me deparei com este erro! [EN] Hello, I need help. I will be happy if anyone can help, I followed this installation, and I came across this error! Lua Script Error: [Scripts Interface]...
  9. L

    any dungeon based ot?

    some ot with random options on armors, and custom spell or custom vocation? like a path of exile maps, but on tibia i think with dungeons is more easy do make, or something like the path of tibia thread( sad the guys stop the develop on the ot).
  10. A


    the icon to return disappears when entering the box, where can I solve it? otx 1.3
  11. L

    Help with a good ot!

    I dont know If i can ask this here,but have a ot with rarity and random options in armors and weapons? With custom skills? Infinite arrow for archers? I find one like this but the ot is dead, the adm never show up or update anything, and i like custom like i say, if anyone know a ot with at...
  12. K

    C++ [Help] Error compiling - "Level and vocation instead of world name on character login"

    TFS 0.4 Rev3996 I found this script "Level and vocation instead of world name on character login" here on the forum, but it is giving error during compilation. As shown in the picture. Can anyone help me to solve it? Link: Fix/Patch - Level and vocation instead of world name on character login...
  13. F

    help modify script

    Hey guys, I have a script that gives the player a bonus when he has a complete addon, but this script only works when the player is using this addon, I wanted your help in modifying it. I wanted the script to give the bonus to the player even if he is not using that addon that is complete...
  14. K

    How to open Tibia spr.

    Hey, I am looking for a program to unpack Tibia spr. I have Noxitu Sprite Editor but it doesn't work on this version (Tibia 10.98) You know any other program or way to extract this?
  15. V

    TFS 1.3 SSA Consuming Charges on Atk

    Hey everyone, As stated in title, I'm using TFS 1.3, and for some reason that I can't figure out why, Stone Skin Amulets are using charges while attacking with a wand/rod of death element. To be clear, its not consuming charges of the player being attacked, but of the player wearing the SSA...
  16. brianmoreno1996


    i need programmer-scripter to help me with rookgaard tutorial, I need it urgently, please contact me here in otland or by discord, SwaggyZ#2149
  17. APTGET

    TFS 1.X+ [Problem] Query Player Containers - NO WORK

    Hey guys. How are things? I currently have a problem, and I'm a little lost trying to solve it. The problem is Casting some rune, or even buying something from any NPC. Although I have several backpacks inside my main backpack, if the main backpack is full, it ignores additional backpacks and...
  18. wizinx

    TFS 1.X+ funcion add outfit and addon in shop.lua otclient

    Hello, I installed the otclient shop, but the function of adding the outfits and addon are not finished, anyone with a good heart who knows?, thanks -- BETA VERSION, net tested yet -- Instruction: -- creaturescripts.xml <event type="extendedopcode" name="Shop" script="shop.lua" /> -- and...
  19. DiegoRulez

    Lua [TFS 1x +[ NPC Storage

    How to make the NPC only talk to whoever has the 38765 storage, and talk to whoever doesn't have the following message: You didn't do the quest local keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local npcHandler = NpcHandler:new(keywordHandler) NpcSystem.parseParameters(npcHandler) function...
  20. F

    Openssl Compiling OTC

    hello, I have a problem at the time and compiling the tibia client, this error appeared and I've been trying to solve it all day, do you have any ideas? It appears that it cannot find the opensll/bn.h file directory and the others