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  1. Stellow

    [Infrastructure and Automation] Private Tibia Server Consultancy

    Hello all! Introduction I would like to continue (with slight differences) the consulting service I have started in 2016 (Programmer - [Tibia, Websites, Mobile Apps, Marketing] Looking to take your project to a new standard...
  2. nik321

    What is the best/most popular AAC?

    Hi friends, So I am return to the OT world, after many years of inactivity. Why? I am honestly not that sure... Maybe I am chasing nostalgia? Or just trying to see how far the OT community has come in the years... I am in the process of setting up my own server, and was just confused/wondering...
  3. C

    RevScripts otservbr autoloot please help

    I am running otservbr-global on 12.64 client and was wanting to find someone to help implement an !autoloot command Happy to compensate for your time.
  4. D


    this error is occurring when logging out the player. [Error - mysql_real_query] Query: UPDATE players SET level = 1,group_id = 1,vocation = 0,health = 150,healthmax = 150,experience = 0,lookbody = 106,lookfeet = 95,lookhead = 78,looklegs = 116,looktype = 128,lookaddons = 0,maglevel = 0,mana =...
  5. 449505


    Hello everyone, I started working the server and I did everything well until the moment I sent the IP to my friend to try to enter I opened all the ports and everything works but he can't come in again, can anyone help me, please.
  6. A

    New Mapper

    I recently started fiddling with mapping and I've looked through a few of the posts here. But most of them seem pretty old and outdated. Anyone got any tips to do's and do not's regarding caves/huntinggrounds? Will be much appreciated.
  7. Janusz1337

    Monster Of The Day tfs 1.3

    Hello guys, i looking for system Monster Of The Day for tfs 1.3 -once every 24 hours the monster changes -a monster that is upgraded will be displayed in position xxx -random bonuses of exp {20,15,10} optional
  8. G

    Compiling Compiling Help

    So guys, I have an online server, however I need to change my font. After a lot of searching, I found one that I really liked, because it contains literally everything I need (a source is in another forum) After degraded compiled in windows, I saw in the post that the same is not possible. My...
  9. R

    Problem with client 12 RSA

    I have a problem connecting to the server via the tibia 12 client. I'm using the engine mattyx14/otxserver (https://github.com/mattyx14/otxserver) from this topic: OTX 12.60 OtservBR Global FULL PACK OTS (https://tibiaservers.net/forum/topic/160/otx-12-60-otservbr-global-full-pack-ots). I want...
  10. Zephyr

    HELP! Problem creating character (name taken) Znote

    Well I'm trying to make an ot just for friends and stuff and everything is fine, I can create an account but cant create a char. If I try on account manager (tibia) it tells me the name is already taken and no matter what name I choose it's taken. Then I try on Znote and it gives me the next...
  11. Simonalina

    Realmap 10.98 looking for members TFS 1.3

    Hello! i just started a new project with a realmap 10.98 the goal is to have an original realmap. (No changes on map, but if need, then i have the skills) so what I will need help with is someone who can script on TFS 1.3 and myaac. (You don't need to know both) <-- sure it would be awesome...
  12. L

    Player Winner in Event.

    Hello my friends, I wanted to ask you a huge favor, if someone has a script for when there is only one player in a specific area, only this player is teleported to a position. Example: I won the event "The last man standing" and when I was the only player in that area, I teleported to a...
  13. F

    RevScripts [BOSS] The Ravenous Hunger

    Speak personal beauty? I am using the OTServerBR TFS 1.3x server and I realized that boss Leiden on dying does not summons The Ravenous Hunger could someone help me with this script? Summoun dying to be born Boss?
  14. helviio

    Action For Quiver

    Arrows and bolts are not leaving the quiver to attack the monster ... I did this tutorial and it worked "TUTORIAL" I created an item edited in dat / spr I used the item editor and everything was fine but I don't know the action that makes the arrow / bolt leave the quiver to attack the monster...
  15. drafenous

    Traning monk regen Soul

    Hi There! I'm trying to make my Training Monks to regen a player soul points every 2 minutes hitting. But I dont know why, then just regenerating 2 points and stop... Anybody can help me? In data/events/scripts/creature.lua i have writed this lines: local soulBonus = { target = 'Training...
  16. N


    Hi, im looking for the info when you click on the player. Only says profession and lvl not the guild. Can u help me please? i found this script, but i dont know how to install.. thanks 1610732657 up
  17. Janusz1337

    RME Problem

    hello, I was doing a map in RME. Rme got lag so I turned it off. now after i restart RMe cannot see my otbm file. What can i do guys? HELP
  18. B

    TFS 7.6 - 7.72 by Nekiro... Only clients with protocol 10.98 allowed! Error?

    I was able to build Nekiro's TFS downgrade to make my 7.6 OT servers, but after opening the server and trying to connect the following warning comes up: "Only clients with protocol 10.98 allowed!" Any ideas on why this is happening and how can I fix it? I'm pretty sure I cloned nekiro's TFS...
  19. B

    TheForgottenServer.exe [7.72 by Nekiro Downgrade] opens and quits instantly

    I, for the most part, was able to build this downgrade by Nekiro of the forgottenserver. However upon running the release executable; theforgottenserver-x64.exe, it opens for roughly 1 or 2 seconds and closes, essentialy doing nothing. I tried building it using debug mode on visual studio an...
  20. 115820

    C++ Turns Reflection attribute to a CONDITION

    Anyone can help turns the thread Feature - [TFS 1.2] Reflection attribute (https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-2-reflection-attribute.253211/) to a CONDITION?