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  1. taif

    LF> Partners

    Hi, I've come back from retirement and been thinking alot and finally came up with something. I will set up a team of 3, there will be no payments from me directly but it will be a donation (VIP) section. So in the future there will be payments but from Paypal (players). (Moneywise, more...
  2. D

    [Sanctuary-Online] Monster Mechanics Creator Needed! [xml/lua]

    Hey guys, I am the owner of Sanctuary-Online (Sanctuary Online Global (https://Sanctuary-OnlineOTS.com)) and I am looking for a skilled XML/LUA coder to help create the highest quality monster mechanics possible. If you have any experience with my server, you know it's on hard-mode. With our...
  3. Source

    Programmer Compiling OTClient using 64 bit toolchain (MSVS) or cross-compiling from Linux

    I need to compile OTClient for Windows with static libs using the 64 bit toolchain for MSVS or cross-compiling from Linux. The 32 bit toolchain hits a limit at 4GB of memory and reports "compiler is out of heap space". When switching to 64 bits I get "Internal error during IMAGE::BuildImage"...
  4. tekadon2

    Graphic Designer [Sprites] Develop a sprite package for an Indie game

    I am developing an Indie MMORPG on Unity Engine and I am looking for freelancers to develop my game sprites are on average 30 outfits as well as scenery items such as water, grass, trees, walls and etc. You can contact and make available a portfolio with recent works.
  5. S

    [TFS 0.4] Looking for programmer

    I'm looking for a programmer for TFs 0.4 (Source Editing). I have references for previously purchased services. Payment with PayPal. Thanks!
  6. Kiln

    Mapper Mapper looking for orders

    Hello! My last thread got the screens down, so i'm creating a new one. I'm available again to take orders. Payment: I charge based on how big the map is and how much details do you want, because both will say how much time i'll have to spent doing it. Discord: Kiln#2290 - Some map pieces:
  7. L

    Programmer Looking for someone who can compile/do small changes on RME

    Hello, i'm looking for someone who can compile and do some changes on Remere's, if you can do that send me a message in private or your discord bellow...
  8. Pequeno Rei

    Mapper for hire

    Hey, I'm a mapper looking for some short jobs, like a hunting place, a city, houses/shops, islands, this sort of thing. I have 5 years of experience. I'm unknown for the community, so, if u want a test map, before the real job, i can do it for free. Anyway, i can work with any tibia version. If...
  9. Nu77

    [C++/Lua/Sprites] Null's Services

    Hello people! I’m available to commissioned work and Long/Short term. I'm a programmer very experienced with C++ and Lua. If you are seeking quality with good prices, then i'm your guy! I'll be able to work with both TFS & OTC and provide high quality code with awesome performance for both of...
  10. E

    Does anybody remember me?

    Hey Guys! I'm back from the dead and back in the day i used to be the creator / owner of the EvulDeeds OT 7.1 and 7.5 servers. Does anybody remember those? Ah... Glory days.... :cool: Anyway! I am looking for the next big thing, be it my own thing from scratch or becoming an addition to an...
  11. Erickso

    [Znote AAC] Premium Template

    Hi everyone, It's been a long time since i worked with otserver's, but this time i'd like to build a pretty nice custom server with some dev friends. So, we're looking for a custom layout (not a free one) for Znote AAC, i couldn't find any of them (alive), so im interested in purchase one for...
  12. B

    [pp, btc] VPS Linux - hosting an Open Tibia Server

    Is someone experienced enough to help me set up my own tibia ots? I will provide you with the ip and pass to connect to through Remote Connection and I'd like you to setup the forgetten server, along with the online acc maker of course. Please PM me if you think you'd be able to set up my ots on...
  13. LordVissie

    Programmer Open for (website related) work

    Hey, My name is LordVissie or Vissie and I'm open for freelance (web related) jobs. I've about 3 years experience in web development and going to do a new college education in 2 months as follow-up of the one I just graduated ~2 weeks ago. Therefore I do have some spare time. I'm open for all...
  14. kuhi

    Programmer [PAID] Addons for 7.4 OTHire

    I need someone to setup the outfit addons system for OTHire 0.0.3 Please pm or add to Discord if you're 100% sure you can do it: kuhi#7248
  15. Kiln

    Mapper Offering detailed mapping services

    Hey! I worked as a mapper for some OTservers in the past 3 years but now I'm free to work on other jobs. I will leave here some map pieces that i was working on as a showoff. Payment: I charge based on how big the map is and how much detailed do you want it to be, because both will say how much...
  16. kuhi

    [PAID] Adding new skill like fishing

    I need someone to add a new skill to my OTHire 0.0.3 and OTClient. Please, give an offer, I will obviously hire the cheapest one. I can send you the github original files but not mines.
  17. ramonsma

    SCRIPTER for TFS 1.3 Version 10.98[PAID]

    I'm looking for scripter to help me implement some systems on the server. The work will be PAYMENT. Level of difficulty: medium / hard. TFS 1.3 Version 10.98 Contact Discord: xTZ Ramaub # 7081 Whatsapp: +55 71 9 9262-4932
  18. Zorenia

    Mapper/Scripter: POI for version 7.72

    Hello Guys, I would like to hire one of you, to assist implementing POI to our server. Server: Client: 7.72 / TFS 1.2 Any further information about the server can't be giving on this stage, we're still in development phase. If you could assist on this, please contact me to discuss further...
  19. ond

    Webdesigner Seeking: web developer (Znote AAC)

    Hello, I am looking for someone who can add/edit basic php-related functions and also restructure pages using tables. - OT: unknown for now - Job: Seeking developer - Website: Znote AAC Information regarding exactly what it is I need help with will be discussed in PM. Is this something you...
  20. N

    [JOBS] Looking for someone who can do this... (Paid of course)

    Greetings, We are still looking for someone who can do one (or more) of these tasks. We need: - An autoupdater (we are using OTClient if that matters in this case) - Some form of Encryption - In game item shop (We are using 10.7X if I'm not mistaken and remember we're talking about OTClient)...