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Graphic Designer Looking to work with a Spriter(s) for Dura, 1x Old-School minimalist Art Direction

Dura Aris

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Jul 23, 2020
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Premise of Job: We want to be able to work with someone who is capable of spriting tasks or sets of tasks for the server known as Dura. Dura is a 1x RL Map that is heavily heavily customized and has been live and active without reset for 2.5 years. This is our website and discord: Latest News - Dura (https://dura-online.com/) Join the Dura Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/dura-665957535412649994)

We're looking for the following:

  • That you have some experience in spriting.
  • Though it does not have to be the only one, the old-school minimalist art direction of Old Tibia appeals to you.
  • That you believe you are capable of at least modifying existing sprites, or creating new sprites from scratch.
  • A good communicator
  • If cannot speak English then we will meet in Voice Call with a Translator (person) from our Team.
  • Capable of doing Voice Calls via the application Discord.
  • Capable of sharing your screen via the application Discord.

We will meet to discuss the potential tasks and sprites we have to do. All in all most tasks that are needed are very small and could be completed by a competent artist within a few hours.


Depending on your skill-set and resume the sky is the limit on monetary compensation. Terms negotiable and to be discussed. We are willing to work with people who possess less of a skill-set and resume provided you meet most of the conditions set above.

You can contact me in DM on OTLand, on this post itself, or at my Discord: DuraAris#7391

Thank you,
Aris, Dura Staff

I wanted to say we worked so far with Luan Omena, who volunteered to help us and he was a wonderful person to work with. His designs and spriting helped us a great deal in completing a key task; and he was very giving with his time. Though still new to spriting he is already highly skilled and has a quick take on learning and picking new things up, and he is eager to do and learn more. Highly recommend!

We also for a very reasonable compensation worked with Noyek. He was very professional and easy to work with. His designs and spriting, which was quick and well communicated allowed us to have a much better understanding of how to complete a key task. Highly recommend!

Thanks Guys!
Aris, Dura Staff

Wanted to say we're still looking. At the moment particularly for people who want to sprite Equipment/Item sprites; let us know we would be love to collaborate. Please respond here, DM on OTLand, or send a Friend Request through Discord. Thanks

Aris, Dura Staff
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