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  1. 222222

    Linux How to install Debian 12 with drive encryption and swap file (Best practices)

    In this tutorial I will explain, step by step, how to install GNU/Linux Debian 12, with drive encryption (LUKS2), with a swap file, using the Cinnamon desktop environment. This is perfect to use for a main computer at home. This is not to be used on a Debian server, such as one for your OT...
  2. D

    Solving case sensitive problem for xml files in Linux

    I was facing some issues on my Ubuntu 22.04 server because the .lua files mentioned in my actions.xml file were saved with both uppercase and lowercase letters, and Linux is case-sensitive. As a result, I encountered such problems: >> Loading vocations >> Loading items... OTB v2.7.2 >> Loading...
  3. 222222

    Linux How to secure a Linux server (2024 edition)

    This tutorial is a slight update and improvement to my previous tutorial on how to secure a Linux server. I recommend following these steps on a fresh and new Debian 12 server. I'm going to cover a few different things, such as securing SSH access, setting up a firewall and how you can mitigate...
  4. 222222

    Thoughts on my dual boot setup?

    It's been a while since I was using Windows but it's time for me to add it as a dual boot along with Linux. I need it for some of the Microsoft 365 and Office suite apps, for work, and also some other Windows-only apps. I've been researching for a while for the most stable and clean version of...
  5. demonrage

    high cpu usage

    I'm using tfs 0.4 rev 3996 , and when I reach + 120 players online, the cpu usage increases a lot, I would like to know how to solve this? my vps : 4vcpu 6gb ram
  6. 222222

    Linux How to secure a Linux server

    Hello! This tutorial aims at teaching you how to secure a Linux server. I'll be using Debian for this guide. If you're using Fedora or Arch based systems, it will be slightly different. It's important that you take some precuations while setting up a server, whether that's for an OT server, a...
  7. DanneZ

    Linux VPS Otservlist not getting Server Status.

    Hello guys, i been trying to get otservlist not showing my server offline. I use a VPS so we know the ports are open, firewall seems to be disabled. Ports only visible open if in use by web engine or software, i was informed by vps provider. I can add the server to the otlist without any...
  8. D

    Linux Run Object Builder on Linux

    hi How to run Object Builder on linux(mint)? I tried install adobe air in wine but i got error. Any idea to run ob on this system?
  9. potinho

    Linux VPS - Unlock frequency. Does it exist?

    Hi guys, I have a Linux VPS and it shows the current processor frequency lower than the maximum. Is it necessary to do something so that the VPS consumes all the available frequency or can only the host do this? Im using Ubuntu 18.
  10. N

    Compiling TFS 1.2 poke server

    Hello, Some time ago I thought that would be cool to run poke server as a hobby project. I came across PokeDash Pota Server - TFS 1.2 (10.98) PokeDash Pota Server (https://pokedashpota.vercel.app/) ... I have successfully start it up on Windows, however I have issues to run on Linux There were...
  11. miguelshta

    Windows Tibia 12 packets sniff

    Hello , In the old times of tibia 10 we can use wpe pro to scan and send packets like walking movements or dropping items nowdays in tibia 12 this is impossible? I’m wrong ? I’ve tried using linux and tcpdump to dump tibia packets like movement and tcpreplay but nothing works. So I’m here...
  12. sikret

    Linux Canary server - console logs to fix

    Hello, I have problem with that: [libprotobuf ERROR /root/vcpkg/buildtrees/protobuf/src/v3.19.4-3d4c96d55c.clean/src/google/protobuf/wire_format_lite.cc:581] String field 'Canary.protobuf.appearances.Appearance.description' contains invalid UTF-8 data when parsing a protocol buffer. Use the...
  13. potinho

    Linux IPTables - SSH Filter by MAC Address

    Hey guys, Im using Ubuntu 18 and want to increase the security level of my server I'm trying to filter the SSH access logs only for authorized MAC, but I'm having difficulties. After use IPtables command bellow, i remove openssh full rule, but cannot connect on server. I already installed...
  14. potinho

    Linux How to use screen + GDB in .sh executable?

    How to open my start.sh (who contains auto restarter) with GDB to get debug files? Im gotting crashes and need this, already installed GDB on ubuntu 18. I start my server with "start.sh", need to start with GDB.
  15. potinho

    Linux Compiling OTX 2

    Good afternoon everyone, how are you? To solve most of my problems with my server, I finally decided to migrate it to Linux platform (Using Ubuntu 18), but I'm having some problems to compile, current problem follows: administrator@extremeot:~/sources$ make -j $(nproc) Makefile:10: *** missing...
  16. K

    Linux [TFS 1.3/Debian12] Allocation failed, server out of memory.

    OS: Debian 12 Bookworm Kernel: Linux 5.10.0-8-amd64 Arch: x86-64 CPU: i5 - 4 cores RAM: 8GB Map size: 3.3Mb System monitor showed everything fine, there was 6gb of free ram when this happened Allocation failed, server out of memory. Decrease the size of your map or compile in 64 bits mode...
  17. S

    Best server + map for Raspberry PI 4 (4gb)?

    Hi everyone, I've not been on here in a while, but I keep getting pulled back to tibia over the years (spent a lot of my childhood playing it). Anyway like many of you I want to run a tibia server on my home network, but I want to leave it on permanently and at a low cost. I am therefore...
  18. CoolBuys1290

    Need Help with Nostalrius Server Linking

    Getting these errors while trying to link Nostalrius Linux server: /usr/bin/ld: CMakeFiles/tfs.dir/src/combat.cpp.o: in function `ValueCallback::getMinMaxValues(Player*, CombatDamage&, bool) const': combat.cpp:(.text+0x5165): undefined reference to `lua_pcallk' /usr/bin/ld...
  19. CoolBuys1290

    Need help Linking server

    Trying to link Nostalrius TFS server 7.72 for Linux. otsmanager@167-114-137-36:~/forgottenserver/build$ sudo make [ 1%] Linking CXX executable tfs /usr/bin/ld: CMakeFiles/tfs.dir/src/combat.cpp.o: in function `ValueCallback::getMinMaxValues(Player*, CombatDamage&, bool) const'...
  20. Stellow

    Hosting a server in the Cloud (AWS)

    Hello guys, I have recently posted an article on my experiences hosting a TFS 1.2 on AWS. It does not go into much detail, with respect to the knowledge that you have on custom Tibia servers, however, it is a nice starting point. I am happy to share my experiences with you, and welcome any...