1. H

    TFS 0.X Missing some line in DB. can someone recognise it?

    Hi guys, I just noticed an error on my console: mysql_store_result(): UPDATE `players` SET `online` = 0 WHERE `world_id` = 0; - MYSQL ERROR: (0) Anyone got any idea what should I do to remove this error? I believe it is a missing line in database, but I got no idea how to insert it. Thanks...
  2. H

    AAC Gesior 2017 ACC maker missing image. Please help

    Hello guys, I need your help. On my website there is missing some sort of code or image on my account maker (Gesior 2017). I have completely no idea where is this writed. I have looked for it in layout.php and index.php and I can't find where is this thing coded. I believe it can be related to...
  3. Falacchi

    Linux Guild Logo Missing

    Hello guys, I have already tried in several tutorials and already tried to change several pages (guild.php / guild_image.php) and it does not work! It always looks like this: Note: I already gave chmod -R 777 html and on the www too Someone with a good heart can help me? I thank the attention