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  1. Andical

    2d MMORPG - Megania Online

    https://MeganiaOnline.com The game will open soon on a weekend to record its trailer (for steam) with some battles and player events. Join us to participate! Why a new MMORPG? During my gamer career I have played in hardcore mode more than 500 titles, and although not all of them have been...
  2. wearetibia

    [CANADA] [Custom / 8.0] WeAreDragons Season II NoN-PvP| | 13 MARCH 18:00 CET

    We Are Dragons Season II 13.03.2021 The WAD World Season II will be NON-PVP The rates of experience/skills/loot will be 50% higher than current global WAD world, Top 10 players, based on experience will be rewarded with points, and unique showoff items. Be careful, theres going to be...
  3. tekadon2

    Graphic Designer [Sprites] Develop a sprite package for an Indie game

    I am developing an Indie MMORPG on Unity Engine and I am looking for freelancers to develop my game sprites are on average 30 outfits as well as scenery items such as water, grass, trees, walls and etc. You can contact and make available a portfolio with recent works.
  4. Sajgon

    [France] [8.0] Midhem Online | Bifrost Season VIII | 6th Aug | 2x XP | Achievements, Prey, Task, Bonuses, ~Optional: Hardcore Mode~

    Bifrost [Season VIII] launches 2021-08-06 Feast [Season VII] launches 2021-04-10 Odin's Path [Season VI] launches 2021-02-20 Ragnarök [Season V] launched 2020-12-05 Harvest [Season IV] launched 2020-08-29 Norse Gods [Season 3] launched 2020-05-02 Dawnborn [Season 2] launched 2020-01-31 Sunrise...
  5. Discovery

    A history from the Stars [RPG] #OldSchool

    READ THE TOPIC DISCUSSION FOR MORE INFORMATION " Before beginning " Hello guys, I have a idea for a new game, with new stuffs, context, sprites, totally oldschool concept and difficult, balanced, and dedicated for your players. I thought "Tibia was based in different games, is original and...