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Broken Bridge Online - 2D MMORPG


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Jul 19, 2023
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Discover a world full of mysteries and legends in "Rise of the Broken Bridge"! Embark on a vast and wondrous continent where rival factions, the Kingdom of Light and the Dark Empire, have been fighting for control of their territories for centuries.

The origin of the broken bridge dates back to ancient times when a catastrophic war divided the two factions. Armies clashed in an epic battle that shook the land and unleashed uncontrollable magical powers. The bridge, which once united the nations and was a symbol of peace, broke in two, separating the kingdoms and leaving a scar on the landscape that still endures.

As players explore the continent, they will discover ancient ruins, forgotten temples, and enchanted relics that tell the story of a powerful artifact called "The Gem of Union." According to legends, this gem was created by the gods to maintain peace and harmony in the world. It is rumored that the gem is fragmented into multiple parts, and its reunion could be the key to restoring the bridge and uniting the factions once again.

However, danger lurks around every corner. Fierce magical creatures wander the forests, ancient guardians protect ancient secrets, and the seas are infested with fearsome pirates. These pirates, led by a mysterious captain known as "The Shadow of the Abyss," are said to seek power and riches, posing a threat to both the Kingdom of Light and the Dark Empire.

In this vibrant world, players will have the opportunity to forge their own destiny. They can choose from a wide variety of races and classes, each with their own abilities and roles on the battlefield. As players progress on their journey, they can unlock new skills, upgrade their equipment, and uncover the hidden secrets behind the conflict and the broken bridge.

Furthermore, the game encourages social interaction and cooperation. Players will be able to form guilds and join forces with other adventurers to face greater challenges and conquer strategic territories. Diplomacy and strategy will be key to forging alliances and ensuring success in RvR battles.

In "Rise of the Broken Bridge," the choice is yours. Will you rise as a brave hero in the Kingdom of Light, fighting for justice and peace? Or will you join the Dark Empire, ready to conquer and dominate in search of power? The fate of the continent and the broken bridge are in your hands. Dare to immerse yourself in this fascinating world of fantasy and leave your mark on the history of "Rise of the Broken Bridge"!

What is Broken Bridge Online?

Broken Bridge Online is a fantasy MMORPG set in an era where confusion and filth reign, in a distant continent that was once ruled by the King of Candol, who had dominion over Serolf and Nidraj, kingdoms that later separated to form their own governance and maintained a hostility between them, the Serolf-Nidraj war. Embark on an adventure to fight both on land and in water.

Why a 2D project in a world where AAA+ games usually prevail?

I have been involved in the world of MMOs for many years, and quite a few in Mobile Games Online, and honestly, few have met the expectations of their communities. My goal is to recreate a game that caters to the needs of ALL users, taking their best suggestions and incorporating them into the game. Some of our objectives are as follows:
  • Absolutely non-pay-to-win game.
  • Potentially active community from both the staff and Discord users.
  • Daily updates. Hardcore gameplay in terms of leveling and equipment instances.
  • No end-game; a new story is released every year to experience.
What makes it different from the rest?
  • There are no classes; you will be what you choose to equip on your character. For example, if you equip a staff and a shield, you can be a mage with high resilience, or you could even equip a bow and cast spells. In Broken Bridge, there are no limits to choosing your combat strategy.
  • Different PvP modes: Closed PvP (Ranking or League system where you can climb different tiers, from bronze to master, earning points in 1vs1 battles and Free-for-All). Open PvP (You can fight against others in open-world caves and lawless places.
  • Event PvP (PvP event system like Guild vs Guild, Faction vs Faction war, capture the flag, and many modes revolving around clan wars, bring your army to support each other).
  • User Houses, Cities, and Guild Castles. Even Guild Houses. Equipment and consumable crafting.
  • Professions/Jobs that shape the game's economy: Forget the classic mode of killing monsters to earn money, gather your team and work together to earn money. You can be a Blacksmith and create both coins and equipment, while another player can be a Miner and gather resources for you to mint coins. Someone else can fish and give the fish to your friend, the Cook, to create delicious feasts, while another friend works hard gathering natural resources in the forests and fighting beasts, not forgetting the potions made by your cousin, the Alchemist.
  • The economy is built by the players themselves or a team by minting coins.
  • Unique Enchantment system where cards dropped by monsters provide benefits when embedded in items.
  • Pet system by obtaining eggs that drop from the same monsters you kill. You can raise them and make them your adventure companions.
  • A user book where you can track your progress in terms of professions, the number of monsters you have killed, how many players you have slain, and much more information.
  • Seasons system where you will find new content every year in an endless lore. Each year, you will experience a different story. Unlock maps that will tell you the story of the current Season and its events (Season 1). Help the king with various tasks and explore the vast world of Broken Bridge while doing so. From sailing ships to recovering sacred relics!
  • Sail ships across the world and battle other pirates with your own pirate crew.
  • Pet battles system, gambling games, casinos, bars where you can play the music you want.
  • Character rebirth system starting from level 225. You can be reborn up to 2 times at the moment.
  • Maximum character customization, from eyes to skin tone and hair. Availability on Windows and Android devices.
  • Many more features that you can discover on our social media channels

Media (Old Version)





Our game was playable on mobile since we ported from Intersect to Unity at the time. Currently it can only be played from PC until porting is done again



Media (New Version)

Animations when hitting, breathing and dying (dropping blood)


Discord: Join the Broken Bridge Online Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/UrjEy8KcDc)