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  1. D


    this error is occurring when logging out the player. [Error - mysql_real_query] Query: UPDATE players SET level = 1,group_id = 1,vocation = 0,health = 150,healthmax = 150,experience = 0,lookbody = 106,lookfeet = 95,lookhead = 78,looklegs = 116,looktype = 128,lookaddons = 0,maglevel = 0,mana =...
  2. DukeeH

    Mysql Password (.my.cnf)

    I'm testing the server and re-learning how to use everything on linux after a few years... I've read the wiki https://github.com/DevelopersPL/otshosting-provisioning/wiki/Where-is-what-important-files-and-directories But on my server there's no file .my.cnf with MySQL client config that...
  3. Daniel Kopeć

    AAC MySQL Error.. Help? Shop offer not working

    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message 'SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'bought' in 'order clause'' in C:\xampp\htdocs\shopsystem.php:170 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\shopsystem.php(170): PDO->query('SELECT * FROM `...') #1...
  4. B

    SQlite for Mysql?

    Sorry about my English! I have a 7.6 server I wanted to move it from Sqlite to Mysql, is this exchange possible? I'm trying to put a website on that server and I'm not getting! It fits that I'm using:
  5. Discovery

    YurOTS (TFS 1.2) MySQL 🎇 Happy New Year

    Hello everyone, that's a classic server files based on YurOTS version 0.94d. Has been added: new monsters, weapons attributes, shared experience, tasks, daily monsters event, ammunition quiver, monsters conditions, quests, arena and more! Download and Tutorial
  6. Merrok

    Automatic DB Backups - Easy and reliable

    Since all other Database Backup Tutorials on this forum are either bad, not working reliable or out of date, I thought I'd just quickly make a new one. I personally use logrotate to manage my backups. This has the advantage, that I can tell my server how long I want him to save the backup file...
  7. elnelson

    [MySQL] Add points to guild function

    Yo! im working with this function, its suppose to add points to guild when they do X activities: function doGuildAddPoints(guild_id, value) local func = db.executeQuery or db.query return func("UPDATE guilds SET points = ("..value.." + (SELECT points FROM guilds WHERE id = "..guild_id.."))...
  8. L

    I have Error on MySQL

    Hello there, Im new on OTLAND, and my problem is the next... I try doing this SET GLOBAL max_allowed_packet = 16776192; but the problem still persists.... Also modify the xampp / mysql / bin / my.ini file and change 16M to 64M and I still have that error, it happens every time in the console...
  9. VagosClubTM


    Hello friends, I would like to know if someone on the forum knows or is more involved in this area of OTS, although we know YurOTS 7.6 xml is obsolete. but my server has been online for more than 11 years and I need my database, I would like to know if it is possible that my XML database can be...
  10. Kuantikum

    STORAGE - Command to remove storage and code to remove storage in SQL.

    Hello guys! I would like to know if there is a talkaction script so that I can remove certain storage from a player. Something like that: /storage "player_name", storage, nill or 1 or -1 On the other hand I would like to know the command line to be able to execute this same function to...
  11. gekzter

    HELP: Setting up your first server

    Good Day My server gods I'm having this issue with the guide: Setting up your first server (https://docs.otland.net/ots-guide/running-your-first-ot-server/setting-up-your-first-server) I set up everything with the guide "best" scenario and I get this error, i'm following the instructions but...
  12. L

    How to find items using binary-tilebased

    Hello, im using in my ot binary-tilebased, how can i find items in house tiles?
  13. L

    Linux Optimize Table vs not optimize

    Hi, when my server startup i get some errors when optimizing tables, after some attemps it ends with a "failure", but i dont see any problem ingame, someone know how to fix that? and what happen if i start server with startupDatabaseOptimization = false? whats the difference? hello
  14. P

    [SQL] how to create fk int in TABLE

    Filme COD (int, pk) nome(varchar 20, not null) nascimento(datetime, not null) obs(tinybit, not null) obs2(int, fk, not null) I thought of something of the type create table filme ( COD int PRIMARY KEY AUTO_INCREMENT, nome varchar(200) NOT NULL, nascimento datetime NOT NULL, obs tinyint NOT...
  15. Bronekki

    TFS 1.X+ "Your character could not be loaded" - mysql error?

    Greetings, I'm having some issues with my ots. I've already set mysql, php and ots files up. Everything works fine, engine compiled, website works, accounts can be created. Database looks fine, no errors, all tables ok. When creating an account there's no error, the same when it comes to...
  16. D

    TFS 1.X+ Server instantly closes

    I've been following this tutorial Everything went fine except few things: - In the video he imported forgottenserver.sql (I don't have that file in Forgotten Server 1.2 which i downloaded from github BUT i figured it's schema.sql now) - I've updated config.lua with the connection information...
  17. Sarah Wesker

    Some expert in MySQL!!!

    what difference there is between these 2 functions. luaDatabaseExecute luaDatabaseAsyncExecute The one who does not know anything about this that better not write anything. a little doubt;) (db.query) return boolean value (AsyncExecute) return ???
  18. dunnish

    Mysql error Insemysql_real_query(): INSERT INTO `zotsme_logins` (`id`,

    Hello! im gettings this error. not sure what it means or how to slove it. mysql_real_query(): INSERT INTO `zotsme_logins` (`id`, `player_id`, `login_time` , `logout_time`, `online_time`, `kills`, `deaths`, `assists`) VALUES (NULL, 115, 1525943443, 1525943484, 41, 0, 0, 0); - MYSQL ERROR: Table...
  19. gudan garam

    TFS 1.X+ How do I solve this bottleneck? IOLoginData::savePlayer

    Hello people, so me and a few friends were testing different ways to crash a server and we figured a way (that everybody already knows about), that is by trashing the tiles of a house with thousands of items, possibly hundreads of thounsands, than leaving the house. The crash is caused by the...
  20. M

    AAC (Znote acc) Failed to connect to MySQL: (2005) Unknown MySQL server host

    Hello My znote can't connet to database on a port other than 3306. I changed ports (2x) in etc/mysql/my.cnf. (engine/database/connect.php) $connect = new mysqli($config['sqlHost'], $config['sqlUser'], $config['sqlPassword'], $config['sqlDatabase']); This works perfectly in port 3306...