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Don't use MySQL - use MariaDB


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Jul 3, 2007
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I've seen way too many tutorials showing how to setup MySQL server on a VPS.
Please stop using mysql-server. Instead, use MariaDB.
It is the exact same as MySQL (meaning: the same developers, the same features [and many more]).
But MariaDB is much more secure, much faster (2-3x in most cases) and gets updated a lot more often.
There is zero usage of mysql-server in 2023. Everything you can do in mysql-server can be done in MariaDB.

Now let's not get into a discussion about what other options there are out there. PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc...

But if you are using mysql-server, please stop using it and switch over to MariaDB.
You do not have to change anything in the database or your queries.
You can even use the regular "mysql" command in the CLI to run it.
And it will be 2-3x faster than what you have today.

You can learn more about it here:
MariaDB vs. MySQL - Open Source Relational Databases | MariaDB (https://mariadb.com/database-topics/mariadb-vs-mysql/)

Also, there's a ton of servers out there using outdated MySQL, versions that have already reached end of support. Take an hour to backup your database, remove MySQL completely from your server, install the latest and greatest MariaDB and import all your tables again.

That's all for today.
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MySQL and MariaDB are not 1:1, but for the purposes of a OT, what OT servers do are mostly simple queries and some AAC use basic stored procedures which are 1:1, just don't like the claim that they are identical, as they aren't. MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for simpler usecases but for larger databases and more complex use, they do differ slightly.

But you are indeed correct that MariaDB is faster, which is even more prominent on low-core count systems which is true for many/most OTs vps/dedicateds.

MySQL offer some features such as Data masking which MariaDB do not, that said I don't see any uses for any OT at all, atleast not in todays climate or for the forseable future.