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  1. czerwian

    TFS 1.X+ Travel NPC with back option

    Hello, I want to use travel NPC on my ots. He's taking you with small boat to island and when you sail to this island there is the same npc who got option now to get you back. Is it possible or I should do two npc's?
  2. A

    Lua Quest/npc

    how to do it every player at the time of character creation had some missions to access bosses or other places or unlock npc, what like rashid? Can someone help how to maked ? Sorry for my english
  3. Ns Sparkz

    Lua Mission Npc reward [TFS 0.4] [No Errors]

    Npc doesn't collect items or give reward where is the problem in the script, this is a modified version of andu's script(NPC - [FIXED] NPC with daily quests, fully configurable! by andu (https://otland.net/threads/fixed-npc-with-daily-quests-fully-configurable-by-andu.158833/)). i've stayed an...
  4. C

    Automatic done task?

    I have a task to kill a certain number of monsters. How to write a function in cavebot to check the status of the task. When I did it, he stopped killing. And he went to hand over the task to the NPC.?
  5. equero

    Looking for simple Tasker 8.6 client

    Hey I'm looking for NPC Tasker who gives you money or experience for task completed. i could not find any. thank you for help. It's tfs 036 propably for 8.6 tibia
  6. Fifflaren

    Npc default channel

    Hello Otland! I have this problem where all my npc's respond in npc channel as they should but they wont listen to anything you say if its in npc channel. For exampel I have a rune npc so I walk up to him and say "hi" he responds in npc channel and npc channel opens but then if I say "trade" in...
  7. C

    Npc giving attribute permanently

    TFS 1.3.10 Hello, Is it possible to give an attribute permanently with an npc and how can I do it? invented storage = 600005 Npc.lua local keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local npcHandler = NpcHandler:new(keywordHandler) NpcSystem.parseParameters(npcHandler) function...
  8. Yan18

    TFS 0.X Items List with Teleport

    Hello everyone, I want to do a script that the Player choose an item by list item from NPC and after Player take the Item, he will be teleported to a X position. I know the logic, how to construct the script, but I don't know how to work with NPC yet.
  9. Lurk

    Lua Npc can only but 30 at a time

    Hello, I have a tfs 0.4 server and whenever a player has excessive items in containers (bcakpacks) and sell more than 40 at a time to a npc it will causes lag, probably because it has to check every slot in the player backpack idk, is there a way to limit the amount of itens the npc can buy at a...
  10. kuhi

    Lua Attempt to index global 'MONSTER_ID'

    I'm trying to code a task npc, I'm trying to debug with selfSay but I don't understand why it's getting the variable like global not local... maybe I'm wrong and that's not the problem but I'm getting mad trying to solve this xD I'm using OTHire 0.0.3 btw local keywordHandler =...
  11. A

    Script Npc: doPlayerAddItem

    Hi, im copy a code from npc sell items but if i buy amount less than 20. used 2 slot in inventory and bought four instead of two i bought 10 small healt potion and used 5 slot in bag my question is how can I use only 1 slot. if i bought 2 health in bag appear as 4 Sorry for my bad...
  12. C

    Suddenly I can't buy from NPCs anymore.

    Until this morning I was playing normally, but now suddenly I can't buy from npcs... I have a backup server that used to work 100% and even this backup isn't working... There is no error on distro. All I did from this morning until now was mapping in RME. Any idea what could be causing this?
  13. DaBlauwk

    Lua NPC Interface

    Anyone has a fix for arkulius problem? Arkuliuss.lua local keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local npcHandler = NpcHandler:new(keywordHandler) NpcSystem.parseParameters(npcHandler) local Topic = {} local storageMain = 65100 local storageKill = 65101 local greetMsg = { "...if the...
  14. M

    TFS 1.X+ Removing a backpack with items NPC Function

    The code works like this: When I say YES The NPC trades a bunch of items (runes) from my Backpack and give me a item... This part is working fine at all.. There are two things not working as i want: First one is that if I have more than the necessary number of items (runes) in table it will...
  15. H

    Npc Death

    Is it possible to create a npc "Death", when a player pays an amount and speaks a name, npc kills the chosen player?
  16. elnelson

    [0.4] Hostile NPCs.

    Hello otlanders, i saw a interesting function; selfMoveTo. so i was wondering if its possible to make roaming NPCs in dungeons like normal players hunting creatures. so if you get close to him he will threat you with some warnings like "leave" or "dont get closer" if you dont leave or get...
  17. B

    Lua TFS 1.3 NPC reward for few ingredients

    Hey supprorters, I have dull problem, I just don't know how to connect all 5 requirements for reward in code line I was always editing script that checks if the item count is higher than 0. Now when I want 5 items to get one reward I don't know how to make them all work together and remove them...
  18. -vG

    Lua Npc buy with backpack

    Hello people, when buying rune pack he buys only 20 each packet being 100 runes how can I fix it? TFS 0.3.7 version 8.60 lib -> npc.lua function doNpcSellItem(cid, itemid, amount, subType, ignoreCap, inBackpacks, backpack) local amount, subType, ignoreCap, inBackpacks, backpack = amount...
  19. elnelson

    Solved NPC Repair equipment

    Hello otlanders, i got a durability system (TFS 0.X - durability system), when durability is 0 the item breaks and transform the item to itemid = 2256 (metal trash) but sets the name of the broken item: example: You see dragon hammer. It weighs 3.00 oz. ItemID: [2256]. So i need a NPC that...
  20. luptonicedtea

    NPCs referencing SQL database

    Hello! The server is TFS 1.3. I'm trying to make an NPC who references the AAC database to determine whether or not to send someone somewhere. I have added a column in znote_accounts called `adventurer`, which is a boolean. The person uses shop points to acquire the "adventurer" status, and once...