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old school war

  1. Tibia74.org

    [France] [7.4] Tibia74 RL map #New Sever # START 18th of June 20:00 CET

    [France] [7.4] Tibia74 RL map #New Sever # START 18th of June 20:00 CET #Server Information# Here you will find all basic information about Tibia74.org Some of news from the server : We have armor with light! Just use it to turn the light on or off. Ankh in the corpse of death. 1/3...
  2. Tibia74.org

    [France] [7.4] Tibia74 RL map #Test Sever 10th of February# START 12th of February 18:00 CET

    !#Every one who will reach level 100 on test server will get 200 point in shop#! #Server Information# Here you will find all basic information about Tibia74.org #World configuration ansewrs#: -Medium rate 7.4 Realmap Server + Costom resps -PVP -Datacenter Strasbourg, France (Europe)...
  3. Jpstafe

    helps configure manafluid!!

    how can I put the manafluid infinite, without it being spent? .. is 7.6 the otserver local ITEM_RUM_FLASK = 5553 local TYPE_EMPTY = 0 local TYPE_WATER = 1 local TYPE_BLOOD = 2 local TYPE_BEER = 3 local TYPE_SLIME = 4 local TYPE_LEMONADE = 5 local TYPE_MILK = 6 local TYPE_MANA_FLUID = 7 local...
  4. realtibiaorg

    [France] RealTibia 7.4-7.72 HIGH RATE| Task System | Custom Spawns| Guild Wars | PVP-E | ONLINEE

    CLICK HERE TO CREATE ACCOUNT Server starting on friday 24th November 18.00 CET Server informations: Website: http://RealTibia.org Client: Custom AntiBot Client 7.4 World Type : PvP -Enforced with skull system Map Informations: Full Real Tibia Map 7.4 + Port Hope + Custom Spawns Summary...
  5. Fnkosh

    [Sweden] Old-School|7.6|PVPe|Stages|24/7| ONLINE 30 AUGUST

    Hello and Welcome to Old Tibia. Do you miss the old days? Xanadu, Bubble, Strinity, Mateusz, etc? We, Old Tibia Group, are here to remember the old days when tibia was playable free game. This server is 100% free and will be forever. Sick of demanding for VIP points or Premium to play? We...
  6. M

    [POLAND][8.60]Enfuria WAR [Old PVP][START:18:00]

    Hello, Today beta started testing our server. This is the right moment to check what else needs to be fixed. Some information about the server itself: IP: www.enfuria.pl PORT: 7171 Client: 8.60 Map: Edited Thais Dedicated Server 24/7 NOTE: SMS SHOP IS NOT ACTIVE What's on the server? *...
  7. xKrazyx

    [USA] Waropolis Old School War [7.4-7.72] war server back online 2/1/17 waropolis.net/war

    Waropolis V4 2-1-17 Web: waropolis.net/war Web: waropolis.net/war countdown on website. BACK ONLINE! More antibot code added Double kills, triple, etc are now tracked and shown ingame 3 new maps(Fibula, shadowhomes, 1 secret map) 3 new events team1 vs team2 vs team3 vs team4 zombie...