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[USA] - [8.0] - [Forgotten War] - Forgotten Server - Hybrid - OT Online already! 11/02/2023

Server Website/AAC
Server Address
Server Port
Client Protocol


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Aug 8, 2011
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Hosted: Usa:
IP: ForgottenServer-WAR (https://www.forgottenwar.online/)
Port: 7171
Client: Modified OTCV8
Uptime: 24/7
Map: Pieces of real map modified
Runes, Ammo, mana, rings: Infinite
Server Type: WAR


Hotkeys included
SD/HMM/LMM/EXPLO/GFB/FB RUNE hits stacked players
parcel trap is possible
UH Trap -- Work in progress, need to add the feature to hotkeys
Graphics 7.4 with new content like:
Addons 8.6
Mounts - 8.7
Old-Outfits - 7.4
Some new outfits - 8.6
Custom outfits - x.x
7 Different war cities

Action Cooldowns and Exhaust
While using mana fluids your spells will be exhausted for 1 second. Using healing runes will not cause exhaust for spell casting.
Walking with arrow keys and dragging items can also be done without having to intermittently let go of your keys

Events Ingame

Change map( if you are in capture the flag, zombie event or another you'll be excluded from this event)
Zombie Event
Capture Flag

Server Mehcanic

You gain skull reaching certain amount of kills, by killing player you gain soul and platinum coins, which can be used to cast spells like: exevo mort hurt or exevo gran mas vis among other spells which requires soul in order to be casted, with the gold you can buy new stuff that can be used to get items ingame.


All vocations begins with level 40. and their respective equipment

There is no much to say.