1. M0ustafa

    Real map datapack 8.60

    I am looking for original real map datapack 8.60 without any edits. I have searched for quite long time and all the real maps I found are outdated, full of bugs, missing areas, missing quests/npcs/monsters, not even close to real tibia spell formulas or fully modified. I am just looking for a...
  2. W

    Mapper looking for team. any client.

    Mapper looking for team! personal I'm 21 years of age and live in Sweden. I have a full time job and do this as my hobby. Would be able to spend about 2 hours each day and more on the weekends. Experience Good with lore, detail and immersive scenery. Love to create maps and zones and put a...
  3. ScorpionOT

    Cip Files

    Greetings, OTLand I have been away from the scene for a while, but I am back to my server, although the original project has been abandoned, it has been revised and revived under a different codename. Anyway, I was wondering if anybody had the original 7.4/7.72 Cip files, for me to integrate...