1. elnelson

    Programmer [3 usd] DirectX working OTC build.

    I need someone who can build a working OTC with directX for 8.6 only if possible will pay 3 usd. interested inbox on fansite in my signature.
  2. Theofar

    Programmer Looking for a C++ devel with OTClient experience [PAID HOURLY]

    Looking for a C++ devel with OTClient experience to fix my OTC protocol issues: 1- client dissconects every time, I sniffed my connection and saw server closing connection with client (probably by receiving bad packet) 2- some modules packs, data and sprites, doesn't works together, client get...
  3. Angel Of Death™

    [FRANCE][CUSTOM]DarkTibiaFun - fast attack

    Ip: darktibiafun.tk Website: Latest News - TibiaFun *~ Client: OTClient Uptime: 24/7 so far unless theres an update serverinfo: Server info - WorldOfTibia Exp rate:10x Skill Rate:10x Magic Rate:10x Features: -Fast Attack -AutoLoot -Market -Stamina -Offline Training -Mount and Addons -Party...
  4. S

    Only loginserver with OTClient

    Hi guys, Is there any way to make players can only login in server with Otclient? I tried to send a byte in protocollogin that cause debug on the CipSoft main client and works in OTC, but i did not find one byte that worked that way (It causes debug on Cip Client and crash the OTC ). Any idea...
  5. S

    Ways to protect OTClient

    Hi guys, Is there any other way to protect the OTClient files against copy? (data/modules/init) I have tried this: ShovelKnight Free OTClient protection Its good, but have so much limitations (i cant use my own otclient.exe with new functions, etc...) Any idea? Thanks!!!
  6. S

    Insert a text in console

    Hi guys, I've been trying to add text in this position (red) without success: How i can add? It would be quite simple text, just a writing: WASD Thank you!!!
  7. elnelson

    C++ [OTC] RSA Key.

    Hello, otlanders. I have a wonder, how can i set RSA key so players must use my custom client to log in? in using retail OTC and tfs 0.4
  8. N

    [JOBS] Looking for someone who can do this... (Paid of course)

    Greetings, We are still looking for someone who can do one (or more) of these tasks. We need: - An autoupdater (we are using OTClient if that matters in this case) - Some form of Encryption - In game item shop (We are using 10.7X if I'm not mistaken and remember we're talking about OTClient)...
  9. Z

    Attached magic effect

    Hello, I've found Mehah's post in OTC Showoff : Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY How can i attach (and loop) magic effect to character? Is it ready solution in OTC? Maybe someone can guide me how to create it?
  10. Ashtar

    [USA] [Custom] [OTC] Shadow Realm Online - Relaunch 8/Jan/2019 10 PST

    August 12/08/2018 12PM PT (9PM CET) Finally, after around 4 years of development I'm glad to announce that the project Shadow Realm will finally see the light of day. Shadow Realm is a custom EVO - RPG (hybrid) using OTC and around 1000 custom epic sprites with the goal of providing an awesome...
  11. S

    Extended OPCodes OTClient and TFS

    Hi guys, I am trying to implement Extended Opcodes in my otc/server. Im using this system from @BeniS: Extended Opcodes (Server Side) The opcode source it works correctly, but the script .LUA no. My code extendedopcode.lua is: function onExtendedOpcode(cid, opcode, buffer) local...
  12. S

    Doubt- OTClient Theme

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me if it's possible to find different themes for otclient ? I searched a lot in the forum and all of the links were broken =/. Themes like this for example: (BLUE THEME) Thank you!!
  13. I

    [Poland] [ Custom] | Story of Shinobi | Naruto | Advanced RPG | PVM BOT

    #Website&Acc&Forum: #Client: own OTC #Uptime~: 24/7 #Exp rate: High #Skills: High #Loot rate: High #Server type: RPG PVP Welcome to the first season of Story of Shinobi 2D MMORPG based on anime Naruto. The game is completely free, there is no pay to win, you can easy earn...
  14. suicunei

    OTClient Error while compiling OTC with CodeBlocks

    Hey guys, i'm gonna be direct I tried to compile the latest version of edubart's otclient through CB(cmake, mingw and mingw libs) but all i got were these errors: And these(attached) are both the sources I downloaded from edu's github and the project generated by cmake
  15. cdpa2000

    Lua Change life bar in Otc

    Hello, good to everyone! Could someone help me edit my otc's interface? I am developing a Sword art online server and I was studying a bit about the OTC but for lack of knowledge in lua I wait to see if someone could help me. Something like that: kirito = PLAYER NAME. 18500/18500 = PLAYER...
  16. V

    Error compiling on Ubuntu 16.04

    Hello, i tried to compile the OTClient at Ubuntu 16.04, but any sucess I've tried the GitHub tutorial (Compiling on Linux · edubart/otclient Wiki · GitHub). But any sucess when i do make, that error appears: [email protected]:/poke/otc/build$ sudo chmod 777 -R /poke/ [email protected]:/poke/otc/build$...
  17. V

    OTClient wont compile on Ubuntu 16.04

    Hello, i tried to compile the OTClient at Ubuntu 16.04, but any sucess I've tried the GitHub tutorial (Compiling on Linux · edubart/otclient Wiki · GitHub). But any sucess when i do make, that error appears: [email protected]:/poke/otc/build$ sudo chmod 777 -R /poke/ [email protected]:/poke/otc/build$...
  18. danne3131

    OTClient - Making windows stick to left and side panel ONLY.

    Hello, ive noticed OTC got a sticky function to the windows, unless its moved into the actual "game" window where you see the map and your character, is there a way to edit this so the backpack/skill/eq windows only can be put on either left or right side panel? Regards! I got a guy found a...
  19. danne3131

    OTC - Disable targeting player with runes on battle list

    Hello guys, im wondering where i disable the targeting of players on the battle list on OTC Right now you can just right click a rune (SD for instance) and shoot a player through battle list. Since im working on a 7.4 this is not the way to keep it for sure! Any help is appreciated! Cheers
  20. suicunei

    Error in Compiling (msvc15)

    Straight to the issue, I tried to compile the latest source of OTC using the msvc15 and got many wanings(so much that I got hurried). I don't even know of what the warning are telling. Second thing: the compiling process completed and the otclient.exe was created directly to the main folder...