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  1. wizinx

    OTClient help with mini button windows in containers

    Hello everyone, the problem is that when I open the main bp the lockbutton appears, but when I open a secondary bp the button disappears. someone knows how I can add that button to the secondary bps, thanks!
  2. H

    Looting monster delay

    Hi, Im a long term fan of the community but havent really done/contributed much so i thought i'd start with this. I am just poking around trying to setup something to play myself and possibly host later down the line. One thing that is bothering may playing on latest TFS with OtClientV8 is that...
  3. danio4don

    otclientv8 android trade doesn't work

    Hello. I am using otclientv8 on android. when i want to trade with npc it doesn't react to the word trade
  4. Bar T

    Buttons SKILLS VIP

    Hello! For the few days i've been struggling to make OTC more like regular normal client but i have some problems with adding these buttons :/ Could somebody give me a hint? Thanks!
  5. Shehreyar Khan

    OTClient OTClientV8 Mutliple Character Settings Error

    I have three characters. One is mana sitting, the other two are cave-botting (cavebot 1.3). Suppose my internet disconnects for a second. When the characters log back in, the settings on my cave-botting characters have now been replaced by those of my mana sitting character. So basically, my...
  6. hucke.ducke

    OTClient V8 - Soundtrack

    Hello, I will like to know how to put a soundtrack for the client, A simple soundtrack that plays when opening the client and won't stop after log in. I can't make it work. (Btw when I enable the sound button on the client it crashes) local musicFilename = "/sounds/" local musicChannel = nil...
  7. potinho

    OTClient - FPS Limited

    Hello guys, for a few days now I saw that my FPS in the game is limited (use OTClient) but Vsync is disabled. Before my game was over 200 FPS and now it's stuck at 60, has anyone been there or know what it might be? V-Sync are the first option.-Syn
  8. nugo

    OTClient Disabling space bar when chats active & adding new hotkeys - OTclientv8

    When chats active all my keys are disabled but some still cast spells while chat is active. EG: If you bind spacebar to "exura" it will say exura every time you hit space bar while typing. Were can i disable this like the other letter keys? Also is it possible to add additional hotkeys that OT...