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  1. M

    Solved Adding more tiles to game window - OTCv8

    So, I followed a lot of tutorials about adding new tiles to the game window. I made the required changes on my source. Currently using: static constexpr int32_t maxViewportX = 11 + 4; //min value: maxClientViewportX + 1 static constexpr int32_t maxViewportY = 11 + 4...
  2. psilocybusmaxim

    C++ OTCV8 - OTX.2 - 7.72 FreeCapacity problem.

    OTCV8 - OTX.2 - 7.72 So this is how my cap look's, it only go's to 600'ish and then resets to a lower number. IT WILL NEVER SHOW OVER 600'ish CAP. Protocolgame.cpp - On the server. msg->put<uint16_t>(int32_t(player->getFreeCapacity() * 100)); Also tried...
  3. potinho

    TFS 0.X [OTC V8] Save Backpacks Organization

    Good morning people. I'm using OTClient v8 on my server and I would like to know if I can save the organization from the open backpacks, so that as soon as the players leave and come back, they don't have to open them all again (stay saved). can you help me? Follow print to example: