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  1. platano

    OTClient OTX2.0 ~ 7.6 ~ Fail to load groups.xml

    Hello everyone please don't bash me for using this distro lol but if possible advice me to use a better/newer one if possible in 7.6 This are the logs of the server when I run it, currently using an Ubuntu 18 to do this. [18:5:52.596] The OTX Server Version: (2.12) - Codename: (OpenTibia)...
  2. W

    compatible system and version?

    my last post, I've been asking for the help of someone who could help me correct the otx3 errors that i tried to add to the cast system! but no one replied, and I'm still the same, I would like to ask for a light from someone who has a 1.2+ tfs with cast, give me a light! let me know which...
  3. Adorius Black

    Shop problem

    Hi. I have 2 problems with shop system. The OTX Server Global - Version: (3.10) - 2 weeks ago I didnt have these problems and from tihs time I didnt touch these scripts. But in these two weeks I did a lot changes so i dont know where is problem hiding. 1.) When I order more same items on...
  4. W

    Cpu High %

    hello everyone, i have been watching my otx recently and strangely it is consuming the cpu way too much, with 246 players online it consumed 90% of the cpu media, so i removed all the bodies that were not disappearing, i reduced the time they stay in the chao, I expected to decrease consumption...
  5. W

    Please help-me otx not compile

  6. kuhi

    FATAL: OTBM Loader - Failed to load item 2389

    I'm trying to mix this engine (OTX 2): mattyx14/otxserver (https://github.com/mattyx14/otxserver/tree/otxserv2) With this data pack (legacy server): peonso/tibialegacyserver (https://github.com/peonso/tibialegacyserver) I just built with _MULTIPLATFORM77, _MULTIPLATFORM76 and without...
  7. rlx

    Converting map for OTX 2 8.1 issue

    Hello, I'm spending long time seeking for a better engine for my 8.1 ots than xmls, but I'm facing lots of problems, here is one of them: I got OTX 2.XS-1 and 3 (Crying Damson and Lord Zedd) for 8.0-8.11 (64 bit). The server itself works, but it doesn't read my map properly or totally. My 8.1...
  8. Loremaster7

    How to do spell "ultimate explosion" with paralyze?

    "exevo gran mas vis" para "exevo gran mas ina" não funciona o paralyze ... (my distro is The OTX Server Version: (2.X.S - 4) Otserver 7.72) my code: local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, CONST_ME_MAGIC_RED) setCombatFormula(combat...
  9. Loremaster7

    How to create a lever with time? (exausted)

    In my code, clicking on the lever removes a stone, and the stone comes back in 10 seconds, but if you keep clicking on the lever an error occurs, I would need the lever works again only after 10 seconds. if the player clicks before 10 seconds the lever would not perform any function. (my distro...
  10. Return Of Tibia

    Lua Container not found

    Greetings, community! A few moments ago I was writing a script for which I needed to get the uid of a container. function addGps(cid) local gps = doPlayerAddItem(cid, 12897) for i = 12901, 12898, -1 do doItemSetActionId(doAddContainerItem(gps, i), gps) end return true...
  11. R

    TFS 1.X+ Imbue not select slot (help plx)

    En ; I have this problem, I try to use the machine but I can not select the slots, can anyone help me? My English is very bad. Pt; Estou comeste problema, eu tento usar a maquina mas nao consigo selecionar os slots, alguem pode me ajudar? meu ingles é pessimo
  12. RoyalYeta

    TFS 1.X+ Tfs/otx Real map

    Hello! I am looking for data pack tfs 1.2 with a small number of errors is there any other imbuing system after za otx? what do you think about otx? whether to choose tfs 1.2?
  13. P

    Lua error console npc

    I used OTX2 (Tfs 0.3.7) and not working this script [2/10/2018 1:52:52] [Error - NpcScript Interface] [2/10/2018 1:52:52] data/npc/scripts/simple_task.lua:onCreatureSay [2/10/2018 1:52:52] Description: [2/10/2018 1:52:52] data/lib/100-shortcut.lua:260: attempt to index a boolean value...
  14. Helliot1

    OTX Set Npc Skull

    I can't put a skull in a Npc using OTX.. I put in npc.xml this "skull=green" and "<flag>skull="green"</flag>" But nothing this is working..
  15. C

    Lua NPC set storage after player sells item

    I'm using OTX 8.60. I would like to know how I do it so that every time the player sells an ITEM through the NPC Shop he receives any Storage. To illustrate better, we see that in the code below the ITEM Wand of Vortex can be sold from the player to the NPC. shopModule:addSellableItem({'wand...
  16. LightTenshimaru

    TFS 1.X+ [Lua]AutoGold Exchange

    Hello, i've got this code to change Gold Coin into Platinum Coin automatically, but there's no console error and the gold it's not changing. function onThink(creature, interval) local player = creature:getPlayer() if not player then return false end if...
  17. ElefanteAfrican

    Character Not Saving

    this error is occuring in the distro
  18. L

    TFS 0.X OTX error - crash [segmentation fault]

    Hi people, I have this bug. Segmentation Fault. Log gdb: 0x00000000004e8465 in Game::changeSpeed (this=<optimized out>, [email protected]=0x227ca00, varSpeed=<optimized out>) at game.cpp:4577 4577 spectator->getPlayer()->sendChangeSpeed(creature...
  19. L

    TFS 0.X [OTX] Sometimes drop loot with bless

    Hi people, I have a problem. Sometimes the player died and drop loot with bless! My creaturescripts: function onDeath(cid, corpse, deathList) function HaveBless(cid) for i = 1,5 do if getPlayerBlessing(cid, i) then return true end end return false end if isPlayer(cid) and HaveBless(cid) and...
  20. L

    Level for send Private Message

    Hi community, I need script for allow send private message if player have level 50 or more. I abelive that its simple. Thank's