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  1. srunobantana

    Compile OTX - error

    I need help compiling this OTX, I'M BRAZILIAN SORRY ABOUT THE TRANSLATION OTX Version: 1.0.X.SERIES Windows
  2. G

    Lua Autoloot Script/Error onkill-Mods

    Hello, everyone Some one can fix The problem (Erro in Autoloot) OTX-8.60 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <mod name="Loot System" version="1.0" author="Vodkart And Mkalo" contact="none.com" enabled="yes"> <config name="Loot_func"><![CDATA[ info = { AutomaticDeposit = true...
  3. G

    Lua PlaceKickOnLogin-It works poorly

    Hi Everyone I have a very complex problem, and I don't know how to solve it, but the response is very weak for logging in. It works once and stops once. I'm tired of it, It works and then sometimes it stops, It works once and then stops once Player exit or Network crash, Entering after that is...
  4. G

    Lua Auto loot-No Limt-mods

    hello my Script is working good but no limt for player with Cap, he get cap 0 and still collect how add limt player dont drop items in floor OTX-8.6 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <mod name="Loot System" version="1.0" author="Vodkart And Mkalo" contact="none.com" enabled="yes">...
  5. G

    Lua Erro Script

    hello everyone I got Erro There otx-8.60 [Error - CreatureScript Interface] data/creaturescripts/scripts/levels.lua:onAdvance Description: data/creaturescripts/scripts/levels.lua:60: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: data/creaturescripts/scripts/levels.lua:60: in function...
  6. G

    Lua Advanced/Script effect level up

    hello every one some one can help me i got erro in the script (otx2-8.60) [Error - CreatureScript Interface] data/creaturescripts/scripts/levels.lua:onAdvance Description: data/creaturescripts/scripts/levels.lua:39: attempt to get length of local 'data' (a nil value) stack traceback...
  7. Travisani

    TFS 1.X+ How to declare an summons counter for my spells?

    I tryied to do a script for make a random summon. But i got this error: [error] Lua script error: error... boss_summon.lua:14: attempt to compare nil with number stack traceback: [C]: in function '__lt' ...boss_summon.lua:14: in function boss_summon.lua:10 local combat =...
  8. K

    Cant log in my sample

    Hello guys. I have a problem with log in my sample. Tibia game shows an error : Invalid name account or password but on website i can log in.. Can anyone help me? OTX, Tibia 8.6
  9. K

    Manarune 8.6 OTX

    Witam. Bardzo proszę o zrobienie skrypta na manarune pod tibię 8.6 OTX, która dodaje więcej many wraz z wzrostem levela i magic levela.+ gdzie wkleić skrypt. Dziękuje !
  10. Jpstafe

    How can I know which is the correct tfs-sdk and boost for this ot?

    hello otland community, I have a question, I'm trying to fix an error with spells, exhausted, and I have to compile the ot to solve it, the problem I have is that when I compile it, it compiles without error, but when I replace the exe that compiles with the previous one, I get an error when...
  11. Jpstafe

    Error compiling otx

    hello otland community, i am trying to generate a change to a file, spells.cpp, when i compile the server i copy the exe. to the parent folder and when I open the ot I get an error: ERROR: Unable to load items (OTB)! Could it be that I am putting the libraries wrong? use from library first...
  12. Jpstafe

    Does anyone know how to put this exhaust?

    Hello otland community, for several days I have been investigating the issue of the exhaust in the ots 7x, and I would like to change it, how the ots use it, I know that it is not the original exhaust of the version, but the players who play my ot me They ask, how can it be changed... now I...
  13. Jpstafe

    Tasks do not count for everyone in the party

    Hello otland community, I would like my task system to count all the tasks when they are being done in a party, it only counts the last one that deals damage, is there a solution for this? I am using the otx 7.4
  14. S

    Need help with bug map otx

    I have a problem in ot, the player when clicking on the map with the right button walks at an absurd speed and deviates from the mwalls. if anyone can help me with this.
  15. potinho

    AAC [GESIOR2012] Bans Page and Powerfull guilds stop working

    Hi guys, everything ok? My @Gesior.pl AAC page seems to be ok until yesterday, today some strange thing happens: my "Bans" page stopped working and "Most Powerfull Guilds" stopped working on Lastest News Page. My only changes are in my.cnf files to optimze, nothing on database. I've got this...
  16. potinho

    Scripter Fix NPC behauvior OTX 2

    Looking for someone able to solve problem of this thread: https://otland.net/threads/npc-with-another-npcs-speech.278927/#post-2708163
  17. potinho

    TFS 0.X Loose Stone Pile - Bug with blood or another splash

    Good afternoon guys, how are you? I discovered a bug (at least I believe it is one): when I attack a monster or there is some liquid on top of the hole, I can't use a shovel on top, I have to wait for the liquid to disappear. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  18. 1

    C++ Cast Sort By Viewers

    delete it... i dont know how to delete :(
  19. G

    TFS 1.X+ new coin otx problem

    hello otland community 😀 Has anyone edited the sources in the most current otx otx 4, 5 and the current 6? to have a new currency? I'm having problems with the npc not accepting my gold ingot, I followed this guide TFS 1.X+ - coin accept...
  20. A


    alguém pode me ajudar Estou tentando executar um comando para trocar de roupa via soucer, fiz assim, mas não deu certo tf 1.3 void Jogo: :playerRequestOutfit(uint32_t playerId) { std::string text = "!roupas"; if (!g_config.getBoolean(ConfigManager::ALLOW_CHANGEOUTFIT)) {...