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  1. Bash

    Looted amulets are x1 charges & website problem

    Hello! I have 2 troubles in my server, lets see if someone can help me! Using OTX based on 0.3.6. 1: Amulets looted by monsters are always x1 charges -My items.xml are with correct charges (ex: ssa <attribute key="charges" value="5"/>), also showing attributes. - Tryed to add...
  2. Way20

    Programmer Looking for C++ programmer for some source edits.

    I'm looking for someone that knows C++ and knows about "old versions" of TFS engine, I need some modifications on the walk system. Informations bellow. Source: OTX 2.6 Server version: 8.6 Payment method: Paypal For more information, please, send me a PM.
  3. A


    Screenshot error in mod otx server help
  4. Bash

    OTClient Quest Log

    Hello! Im using OTX based on tfs 0.3 runing a 7.72 server, and im wondering if i can enable the quest log system. When i press it nothing happens (btw nothing was edited from questlog module). So, it is possble to enable questlog on 7.4-7.72 ? Thanks!
  5. Bash

    Vocation restriction OTX

    Hello! Im using OTX 7.72 based on tfs 0.3. I want to add the vocation restriction (i know it is in movements.xml) for some items that gives magic level for example dwarven armor: i tried both codes, and didnt work, still all vocations can wear it. <!-- Dwarven Armor --> <movevent...
  6. Knight Logini

    Lua Gesior Shop Issue

    Hello big fellas, I have an error that I never had before with the same script. I'm Using The OTX Server Version: (2.X.SERIES - -) - Codename: (Doomed Elderberry) Compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ version 12.0 for arch 32 Bits at Nov 17 2014 I got the Shop.lua that i'm using from...
  7. therrax

    Lua [OTX] Error while log in

    Hello guys I have problem with OTX server while I log in to the game. Downloaded from this thread: v(10.100/11) GitHub - mattyx14/otxserver: The OTX Server Error: bump buump
  8. A

    [OTX engine - 8.60] Specific Features and Editions

    Hello, I have a project that I have worked a couple years ago, and has an idea that (un)fortunately no one has worked on, even being a very successful idea with great acceptance when I come up with it (I opened this server in a hobby-basis around 3x times). The last time I opened this project...
  9. Codex NG

    CreatureEvent Orb Siphoning - New Looting Method - TFS 1.3/Otx3 - 8.6/10.98

    Based on Deathzot, looting method and from what I am told a script Archlight has recently added to their servers (see thats how much I play ot servers :p Orb looting, its basically an orb which spawns after you kill a creature and you stand on it and collect the loot, gold or experience. A...
  10. Zexn


    Hello, this is my first post and i will show how you can fix this problem with malucoo otxserver-new. Untitled Folder: data/actions/scripts/tools/fishing.lua change this: end player:addItem("fish", 1) end for this: end player:addItem(2667, 1) end
  11. Q

    C++ yurots 0.9.4 how upgrade from 7.6 to 7.72

    Hello guys, someone know how to edit yurots 0.9.4 sources file to upgrade from 7.6 client to 7.72. I got my old datapack with full scripted rpg map, (40mb) i didint know how open this datapack on newest distributions like otx or avesta, so i need to edit old yurots 0.9.4 and change version from...
  12. Way20

    Solved NPC that can be moved by players

    Hi to everyone, its there a way to make an npc that can be moved by normal players? Im currently using TFS 0.4. UP BUMP
  13. Evilor

    [7.4][OTX] RLMAP

    Hello, I've compiled this server and when I run the .exe I get this error: >> Loading items (OTB) > ERROR: Unable to load items (OTB)! Anyone who knows why? /*if(Items::dwMajorVersion == 0xFFFFFFFF) std::clog << "[Warning - Items::loadFromOtb] items.otb using generic client...
  14. dArquien

    Windows [OTX2] Error while joining the server using Tibia 10.36

    Hello, I'm trying to solve this thing for 4 hours now, and I'm kinda getting annoyed. What happens is: the server starts just right, everything is fine just until I try to join the server. This is the error I'm getting. If it's insufficient I can provide more information that you need. I'd be...
  15. pasiak12

    C++ GetStorageValue gives SIGSEGV error

  16. Q

    Lua OTXserver2 cant shoot with rune invisible monsters

    hey guys i have problem on otx2 server, i cant shoot sd/hmm/lmm invisible monster, like stalker or warlock?. With GM i can shoot , but if player going kill stalker when he is invisible, player got info u cant use on this creature something like that. Someone solved this problem?. Please HELP!!
  17. Q

    How to edit path to save maps from tibia client

    Hey guys i make a custom client, i change all but i need change a path to save maps from tibia client, its saved map in tibia folder, but i want to change path to folder "/maps". Please help help
  18. Mitsuig

    [7.4][OTX] RLMAP 100%, Port Hope 7.4, POI, Demon OaK, War System, Shared Exp ...

    Port Hope 7.4, POI, Demon OaK, War System, Shared Exp, Cast System, Anti Clone, Task System. >> Information: - 7.4 Features - No Protection zone boats and rugs. - Spells, vocations and spells formuled in Tibia 7.4. There are no Hotkleys! - War System. - Cast System. - Anti Clone. - Task System...
  19. Z

    [Real-OTX] [7.72] Few problems

    1. Anyone can put items on the rocks //// Fixed! / Thanks for @Lelodro @Felipe93 2. Ability to purchase only from the addition of the word "buy" 3. Magic wall does not work when I throw it on the fire field //// Fixed! / Thanks for @Felipe93 Someone can help me ? engine: " Real-OTX...
  20. Z

    [REAL-OTX] [7.72] [ZNOTE 1.5] Problem with acc

    Hello Someone can tell me how to configure Znote Acc 1.5 with Real-OTX 7.72 ?? I can not log into any account After entering logins: i disable acc manager in config.lua