1. xKrazyx

    Hire Me, I'll tackle your jobs - Almost Anything Small/Huge- Any TFS Version - xKrazyx Job Thread

    I'll do almost any job if its reasonable, i've been around OTS a while. c++, php, css, sprites, reverse engineering clients/bots, security additions, hex edits, client creation, simple/complex lua systems... PAID SERIOUS JOBS ONLY. I can supply references if needed. Name:Caleb...
  2. e.e

    Programmer [Paid Per Solution] Solving PHP Router/Framework Problem(s)

    Edit: Solved on my own.
  3. B

    AAC Guild Logo bug GesiorAAC

    Hello OTLand, I have a little bug in my guild page on the website, the images simply don't appear, here is how they look : and here is the guilds.php code, I cannot add it regularly because it is too long; sorry for that but if you want me to post a specific part of it, let me know :D I'd...
  4. freaked1

    Solved [Znote + Paygol]I only get 10 points no matter which option.

    Hello! Since today when using paygol I only get 10 points no matter which paygol option I choose. The API logs on paygol shows the following...
  5. D


    hey, can someone share how i can get uptime hours minutes second from server online?
  6. nevereq

    AAC Please. Does anyone know how to make table with skills on center? | Highscores.php

    Hi guys, need ur help please! Does anyone of you know how to make a skill table like this one: Instead of it: Including php code from highscores.php <?php if(!defined('INITIALIZED')) exit; $list = 'experience'; if(isset($_REQUEST['list'])) $list = $_REQUEST['list']; $page = 0...
  7. Snavy

    AAC Gesior 0.4 - Wont send email

    Ive installed gesior 0.4 but it seems like email system isn't working that well. # Emails Config $config['site']['send_emails'] = true; $config['site']['mail_address'] = "[email protected]"; $config['site']['smtp_enabled'] = true; $config['site']['smtp_host'] = ""...
  8. L


    hey, i need chatbox or livechat to acc gesior someone have or can do this? thanks!
  9. trustjah

    [PHP] Website - Showing correct house image/photo/screenshot

    I've been trying some things here and there but am unable to find the solution, anyone that has got an idea how to get the website to show the correct house image? Using gesiors website. i've been fiddling around with the path but no luck whatsoever, help will be appreciated! '<table border=0...
  10. D

    [PHP] How to not work with if-statements

    Hi there! This "tutorial" is meant for users with some experience of PHP. It's not a guide for complete beginners. I have been going through most AAC systems out there and found many nested if statements. They drive me nuts every time I see them. Here is an example how nested if statements...
  11. Crixpx

    [Gesior ACC]how fix? Date time fail

    how fix time date help me plz
  12. HappyFeet

    Solved [PHP] (T_CASE) Error

    I'm getting this error and I cant figure out where it come from. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'case' (T_CASE) in D:\xampp\htdocs\x\account.php on line 456 break; #####CHANGE PASSWORD##### case "password": <--------- Line 456 if ((!isset($acc_logged) &&...
  13. S

    Looking for a job [Webdeveloper][Project inside]

    Hi Well i want to show you my current web design for tibia, i was just trying to get better at web design if you could give me some tips to add to the web it will be great :) if you want to use the web contact me via pm Sample images: Home screen: Char screen: Guild screen...
  14. slawkens

    New AAC Maker - MyAAC

    I'm currently working on a new project, aac maker - named MyAAC. Before known as WodzAAC. Never released before. The project is based on Gesior ACC. What features would you like to see in new AAC MAKER? Write your opinions. I'll write later features that it already have and post some pics.
  15. waqmaz

    Programmer LUA, MySQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery (OOP) - looking for job.

    Hello. I am Wojciech, 23 years old. I program in LUA, MySQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery. I started lua 4 months ago, but the rest of that luanguages I know since around 10 years. I am looking for job. I can program scripts for Open Tibia Server, I know TFS 0.3.6 very well. I wrote the following...
  16. Raggaer

    Programmer [PHP] Scripts for any AAC

    Im offering my services as a web developer. I have a very solid experience on the web field. I know the workflow of all the public AACs out there. I am also very experienced with payment gateways (PayGol, PayPal, Fortumo, PagSeguro, EBANX, Cielo, PayULatam). You can view some of my programming...
  17. Slavi Dodo

    Starting with PHP. ( From Newbie to Pre-Advanced )

    First of all if you need information of PHP, read the basics. Some tips if you faced problems. -- Check the manual of PHP -- If you didn't solve, make support thread here in otland. -- If didn't get help at all, ask stackoverflow After this tutorial, you will be able to write codes related to...