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  1. K

    Programmer PHP Jobs without limit

    Hello, If you need an script for your website like Znote / Gesior / Myacc (does not matter) or if you want your custom site for your server don't afraid and just contact me. I'm a PHP programmer by profession so there is no impossible thing for me to do on your server. Algorithms, advanced...
  2. S

    Webdesigner Offering Web Design Service

    Offering my web design service, currently i can do: Website: * Front-end: CSS / JavaScript / HTML / Jquery / Ajax * Back-end: PHP / Node * SQL Znote / Gesior / Myacc: *Layout transformation *Custom functions Scripting: * Lua You can check my works at Works Discord: Seba#6761
  3. HappyFeet

    Looking for a php scripter

    10 years ago I made a custom server with my team and with custom I mean really custom xD But... the site we used is outdated and unsecure so I need a new site that is working with my DB. I am looking for someone who can change a supported aac version compatible with my DB. Maybe it will be...
  4. HappyFeet

    AAC AAC based on Evolutions Version 0.7.8 & SVN 0.6.0

    I made a server years ago with some guys and I like to bring it back online but my site is very deprecated and my knowlegde about php is too low to fix it by myself. is there someone who can help me with my site??
  5. Sun

    Scripter Scripting services

    I work with Lua (tfs 0.3.6 - 1.3) Web: JS / AJAX / HTML / CSS / PHP SQL Price: 12€/h or by project. Accept payments by PP / swish / wire transfer / WU / Ria
  6. MvJ

    TFS 1.X+ [PHP] - Powergamers

    Hello! Okey so I added powergamers.php to znoteacc and it works great. The only problem is that i don't want it to show 20 rows of players. The powergamers.php file tries to check config.php for the row limit option. $limit = $config['powergamers']['limit']; However my config.php did not...
  7. GhostWD

    [PHP][POT] Error Admin Protocol TFS

    Hello OTLanders! I've got problem with POT i keep getting error: Fatal error: Uncaught E_OTS_OutOfBuffer in C:\xampp\htdocs\POTTEST\POT\classes\OTS_Buffer.php:140 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\POTTEST\POT\classes\OTS_Buffer.php(155): OTS_Buffer->check() #1...
  8. S

    PHP Gesior - Ranking Frags BUG

    Hi people, I tried to adapt this Ranking Storage by @imkingran in my project: AAC - Gesior topfraggers by storage But i do not want to use by storage. I would like to use only by values contained in table players -> column 'frags'. Resuming, I'm trying to create a Ranking Kills using a single...
  9. rwxsu

    Programmer Do You Need Website Development?

    Premium Programming/Scripting Services Protocols: 7.x - 10.98 Website services: * Front-end: CSS / JavaScript * Back-end: PHP / Go * SQL * Server setup LAMP In-game services: * Lua * C++ * DLL Injection (tibianic) I do not work with OTClient. Scroll down for free content and examples...
  10. rwxsu

    Webdesigner Need Help With Your Website?

    Need Help With Your Website? What I can do for you: * Design (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) * PHP * MySQL/phpmyadmin I've made websites with ZnoteAAC before and know it well. Just send me a quick pm on how you want your website to look and what features you want to have. * Only paid projects atm...
  11. Jakubens

    AAC Top guilds by storage

    I have this code for top guilds in latest news $main_content .= '<div class="NewsHeadline"> <div class="NewsHeadlineBackground" style="background-image:url(' . $layout_name . '/images/news/newsheadline_background.gif)"> <table border="0"> <tr> <td...
  12. Goku97

    Create Character script edit

  13. D

    Linux Problem with Linux (Cannot write in database, create account doenst write anything)

    Hi, im new here, sorry for my bad eng too. My problem is, players caan enter my ot, play, do anything, but in the site, no one can create accounts. But we can login, i dont think is chmod, cause i give 777 to entire folder... If someone can help me i would be glad. Raiz Global - Free...
  14. xKrazyx

    Hire Me, I'll tackle your jobs - Almost Anything Small/Huge- Any TFS Version - xKrazyx Job Thread

    I'll do almost any job if its reasonable, i've been around OTS a while. c++, php, css, sprites, reverse engineering clients/bots, security additions, hex edits, client creation, simple/complex lua systems... PAID SERIOUS JOBS ONLY. I can supply references if needed. Name:Caleb...
  15. e.e

    Programmer [Paid Per Solution] Solving PHP Router/Framework Problem(s)

    Edit: Solved on my own.
  16. B

    AAC Guild Logo bug GesiorAAC

    Hello OTLand, I have a little bug in my guild page on the website, the images simply don't appear, here is how they look : and here is the guilds.php code, I cannot add it regularly because it is too long; sorry for that but if you want me to post a specific part of it, let me know :D I'd...
  17. freaked1

    Solved [Znote + Paygol]I only get 10 points no matter which option.

    Hello! Since today when using paygol I only get 10 points no matter which paygol option I choose. The API logs on paygol shows the following...
  18. D


    hey, can someone share how i can get uptime hours minutes second from server online?
  19. nevereq

    AAC Please. Does anyone know how to make table with skills on center? | Highscores.php

    Hi guys, need ur help please! Does anyone of you know how to make a skill table like this one: Instead of it: Including php code from highscores.php <?php if(!defined('INITIALIZED')) exit; $list = 'experience'; if(isset($_REQUEST['list'])) $list = $_REQUEST['list']; $page = 0...
  20. Snavy

    AAC Gesior 0.4 - Wont send email

    Ive installed gesior 0.4 but it seems like email system isn't working that well. # Emails Config $config['site']['send_emails'] = true; $config['site']['mail_address'] = "[email protected]"; $config['site']['smtp_enabled'] = true; $config['site']['smtp_host'] = "mail.gmail.com"...