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  1. Daniel Kopeć

    Solved Serwer Status Problem

    The Status server does not show the number of players online. How to fix it? Gesior Acc Maker: var/www/pot/OTS_ServerStatus.php <?php /**#@+ * @version 0.1.4 * @since 0.1.4 */ /** * @package POT * @author Wrzasq <[email protected]> * @copyright 2007 (C) by Wrzasq * @license...
  2. dracovisk

    Guild Invite - Premium Gesior

    its not possible invite players on my guild, not even show members/leader in guidlist.
  3. CoolBuys1290

    Gesior 2012 Error

    I tried installing Gesior on my other computer. STEP 4 Add samples to DB: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function fetch() on boolean in E:\xampp\htdocs\classes\account.php:33 Stack trace: #0 E:\xampp\htdocs\classes\account.php(21): Account->load(1, 'name') #1...
  4. Lurk

    AAC [ZnoteACC] Help-me optimize my isMarried on characterprofile

    Helo, I just added this to my server NPC - Marriage system 8.6+ [Fixed] (https://otland.net/threads/marriage-system-8-6-fixed.161590/) and I wanted to show on my website who the characters were married to and I managed to do it but the code is so ugly it makes me sad :( can anyone help? here's...
  5. Lurk

    AAC ignore css in a specific <tr>

    I have this tr <tr style="background-color:'.($count % 2 ? 'rgba(241, 224, 198, 0.6)' : 'rgba(212, 192, 161, 0.6)').';" > but the colors don't apply ever because on my css table tr th, table tr td { background: #555555; /*color: #FFF; */ color: skyblue; padding: 7px 4px; text-align...
  6. Lurk

    AAC [ZnoteAcc] convert this gesior top 5 players to znote

    I'm using this template (by default it doesn't come with top 5 players) and I was messing a bit and got to this code (which I added to htdocs/layout/rightside.php) <!-- TOP PLAYERS --> <div class="Themebox"> <div class="panel-heading"...
  7. Lurk

    AAC ZnoteACC add reset number to player profile

    I'd like to show the amount of resets the player has on his character profile, under the level field would be the best place I guess. My reset is storage based (378378) my characterprofile.php on pastebin because the code was too big to be posted here [PHP] characterprofile - Pastebin.com...
  8. Lurk

    TFS 0.X ZnoteACC Auction system payment types

    Helo, I'm using this auction system and it works perfectly, but I want to add an option for the seller to decide if he'll charge event coins (id 10558), premium points (id 12597) or regular money (which the system already does) and to show on the php page which currency that offer asks here's...
  9. Lurk

    AAC ZnoteACC Blocking 1/1 (acc manager) login on website

    I want to block the account manager login on website, login.php has this code $account = mysql_select_single("SELECT {$fields} FROM `accounts` WHERE `name`='{$username}' AND `password`='{$password}' LIMIT 1;"); if ($account === false) { jsonError('Wrong username and/or...
  10. platano

    AAC PHP issues using Gesior [TFS 1.3] [Gesior]

    Currently using TFS 1.3 Tibia Client Version: 10.00 and 12.30 Im really new to PHP can anyone please tell my why is this page trying to get parameters out of REQUEST when it's supposed to get them out of a form? I have no idea what I said but let me try to dive into details. Notice...
  11. Jpstafe

    Ask about my page in Znote

    How can I change the description of Downloads? I use znote How can I change the version of the outfit in ranking? my version is 7.6 and the one on the page is a much newer version
  12. N

    Thread with this ID does not exits.

    en - Whenever I post a news on lastnews.php nothing happens, and if I try to post on forum.php it returns me a page written just that, "Thread with this ID does not exits." pt - Sempre que vou posta uma news no lastnews.php nada acontece, e se eu tento postar pelo forum.php me retorna uma pagina...
  13. Jpstafe


    hi, I need help! I have followed tutorials about this error in this forum and none worked for me. I use z note for the page, the accounts create them perfectly .. but when I enter with the character he tells me that the place of entry is incorrect this is my configuration in config.php I...
  14. E

    Help in Market PHP system

    Hello everyone, i want a help in this code, i want to put a search box for filter items by name, anyone know how i can do this? This is a market PHP, when the players use a talkaction and send a item for db, and at this site they can see the offer id and buy in-game. sorry for my bad english...
  15. Adorius Black

    [Gesior2012] addons.php

    Hope will be useful for somebody 🖥 Installation: 🖥 1. Download all files 2. Put folders (Addons and Items) inside your gesior root images folder C:\xampp\htdocs\images\ 3. Put addons.php inside your gesior pages folder C:\xampp\htdocs\pages\ 4. Put code below into layouts.php...
  16. D

    What this request and body params to add points in account shop ?

    Hey guys, I have some problems with the shop of my site, can someone tell me what are the parameters and the body of the request to add points in a player account? thanks.
  17. H

    AAC myaac create account erro

    Hello Guys, i have this problem with create account. my website is host on cpanel and my mysql host on uol.
  18. Ü

    Help on this code PHP

    Guys, I base myself on a system already made to make what is shown in the image work. I work in windows with xampp but when I pass it to Ubuntu 16.04 it is not working. Someone knows? I use Gesior 2012 - Server TFS 1.3 $hpPercent = max(0, min(100, $player->getHealth() / max(1...
  19. Raber

    AAC Gesior 2012 Highscore Page

    Hi, I'm using an global tibia highscore page for my server with gesior 2012. I'm using an tfs 0.4. The problem I have is that, the code doesn't fully recognize the sql code with my sql lines in the database. There is two kind of problems with it: - doesn't show if the character is promoted or...
  20. Sotomayor

    Gesior 0.3.7 support.php bug script

    Hello greetings for all, i have a problem with this scripth i try to fix my problem are the last access and status online or offline dont work, but down they work all, but i want the first table not the second tables because i dont like it jeje, could someone can help to fix this please? good...