1. A

    TFS 0.X Create New Poke Cooldown Bar (Help)

    I'm creating a new look for my Cooldown bar, but I can not move the icons to the Right. and I need to make this change to get the alignment and power to continue the project. Poketibia TFS: 0.3.6 this image is just a "TEST" will not be like this. LoL -- Privates variables local cdBarWin...
  2. A

    help, change in script

    How do I add the amount of items that the player got in this scrip? I was able to put the name of the item it collects, but I could not put the amount doSendAnimatedText(topos, ""..random.."", TEXTCOLOR_RED) addEvent(doPlayerSendTextMessage, 3*950, cid, 20, "Voce coletou...
  3. leonardo ramos

    Autor's Mapping - PokeFantasy Online

    Hello dear friends, I am passing here to inform you that I have been authorized to post some prints of the project in which I am participating. Unfortunately, I know that many here do not like pokemon servers, etc., but I'm working hard and I think we'll do a great job. Without further ado, I...
  4. Taylor Light

    I need tips

    hello guys, this is my second sprite that I do, it's a remake of the old sprite of Slowpoke (Pokemon), I would like to know the opinion of each one of you and if you can give me some tips to improve my future sprites? ???
  5. L

    Pokemon Mega, Pokemon Mega,Let's try the new pokemon game with your mobile

    Pokemon Mega, a free to play title for Internet browsers and mobile devices in which players get to become real pokemon trainers as seen in the classic cartoon TV show. Gaming Platform: PC, MOBILE DEVICES No NEED TO DOWNLOAD~ PC: Pokemon Mega - Best Pokemon Game to Play Online - Go...
  6. T

    Scripter TFS 0.3.6 8.54 pokemon scripter

    I need scripter to pokemon serwer tfs 0.3.6 8.54 Based on tibia 8.54 only 3bugs to fix I PAY paypal,bank (if you want) IF YOU not are from poland use this to contact goo.gl/7UNfMT Szukam skryptera do serwera pokemon 8.54 tfs Tylko 3 bugi do naprawienia płacę paypalem lub przelewem Jeśli jesteś...
  7. R

    New Pokemon Server, asking the publics opinion

    Is it better to release a poke server like the ones that are out right now? Basically not having everything done, skipping a bunch of stuff, and having a lot of bugs that EVERY server out there has? Or should I release a better fixed version with none of the bugs, no skipped content, and a...
  8. R

    Looking for a spriter

    Hey guys, recently started working on a pokemon server and got lucky and was able to get a lot of the sprites. However I am missing some pokemon AND id like to have some pokemon items created. If you are interested in working for us on our server post some of your work and prices. Right...
  9. C

    Core's Pokemon Map

    Imgur Gallery So I've been away the Open Tibia community for a while, and I've some projects I never finished so I decided to share them with you all. This is a Kanto Map, based on the OG Games.
  10. T

    Pokemon ots with all sources

    I buy pokemon ots engine with sources full working If you have complete pokemon engine contact me FACEBOK:goo.gl/TDH3dW Kupie pokemon silnik z wszelkimi source FB:goo.gl/TDH3dW GG:35686862 Cena do uzgodnienia nie przyjmuje scamów więc wszystko musimy odpalić do testów
  11. T

    Skrypter 0.3.6 8.54

    Szukam skryptera tfs 0.3.6 8.54 GG:35686862 FB:Log In or Sign Up to View(wpisz że jesteś skrypterem) Płatność paypal lub przelew! Proszę o nie kontaktowanie się pseudo skrypterów oraz osób które nie mają pojęcia co to jest lua i c++ Jeśli znasz się na lua lub c++ proszę o kontakt! najlepiej jak...
  12. Carlitos Flow

    Lua Gain exp when catch a pokemon

    Hello, someone could support me to create this? When you catch a pokemon the first time, for exemple Charmander, you'll gain 10,000 exp only first time, next times than you caught that pokemon you won't gain exp, and Charizard cuz is stronger gain 200,000 of exp? Thank you, i hope you can...
  13. ianelli

    Short-Time Freelancer (+ Extra)

    - Please, close this topic! -
  14. Printer

    Mapper Project X - Looking for a Mapper

    Hello, I'm currently looking for a mapper to join my project. Which is based on Tibia with pokemon concept. We also accept your old maps, but you have to make sure they have not been released to the public. Name: Age: Country: Languages: Examples of your work (minimum of 5 screenshots of your...
  15. RonIT

    [Poland] PokeServ - custom Pokemon server! Starts on 17th Dec, 2016 at 12:00!

    Poke Serv is yet another edition of popular MMORPG game, which gathers Poke-fans from all over the world. The game is alive just because of them - we played Pokemon in the era of GameBoy a long time before many of you heard of this game. We play it today. That's why we may say, it's a game from...
  16. C

    Pokemon Dash Evolution Open Source

    P.D.E Pokemon Dash Evolution Contains: **All Kanto Pokemons** **2 - 4 Need configure** **Order/Fly/Ride/Surf/TP 100%* **Little bug's** ** Sources * ** Mega Evolutions ** ** Level system ** ** onSpawn // onMove ** **New Races** **Anti-Publish, need the config.lua part ** **Nick System ** **TV...
  17. K

    [Pokemon] [Exclusive] [BR] Pokemon Kpdo Pack

    Hello dear friends of the forum here I am posting the complete pack of pokemon kpdo currently meet online to 3 years, I so the current server administrator pokemon kpdo, first I will talk about the reason I'm posting. One of my EX-staffs stole the files that I passed and decided to sell to...
  18. Andy Man

    Pokemon Centurion 4.0

    Today I bring you the server created by, Alexandre. What does the version 4.0 contains that the version 3.0 didn't contain? -Dive System -m1-m12 -New Pokemons -New items -Duel system with NPC's And much more. Images, I just cutted the borders of the images and re-uploaded them...