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Pokemon stats increase change


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Feb 13, 2012
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Since some time I am working on my pokemon server.
I am very begginer, so please forgive me for my lack of knowledge. I do hope one of you guys could help me with the below.
So I have found that there is a lua file that is responsible for pokemon stats increase by level. It takes it's basic value and multiple by 0.008
summonLevelDamageBuff = 0.008
Full code here
Example of pokemon
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<monster name="Absol" nameDescription="an absol" race="dark" race2="none" experience="48" speed="150" manacost="0">
    <level min="25" max="45"/>
    <health now="1377" max="1377" />
    <look type="1540" head="113" body="57" legs="95" feet="113" corpse="27931" />
    <targetchange interval="5000" chance="0" />
        <flag summonable="1" />
        <flag attackable="1" />
        <flag hostile="1" />
        <flag passive="0" />
        <flag illusionable="1" />
        <flag convinceable="1" />
        <flag pushable="1" />
        <flag canpushitems="1" />
        <flag canpushcreatures="0" />
        <flag targetdistance="1" />
        <flag staticattack="97" />
        <flag runonhealth="0" />
        <flag dexentry="359" />
        <flag portraitid="28066" />
        <flag hasshiny="1" />
        <flag hasmega="0" />
        <flag flyable="0" />
        <flag rideable="1591" />
        <flag surfable="0" />
        <flag canteleport="0" />
        <flag catchchance="13" />
        <flag moveMagicAttackBase="75" />
        <flag moveMagicDefenseBase="60" />
            <event name="MonsterHealthChange"/>
            <event name="CorpseLevel"/>
            <event name="CorpseLoot"/>

        <move name="scratch" interval="3000" isTarget="1" range="1"/>
        <move name="quick attack" interval="3000" isTarget="1"/>
        <move name="future sight" interval="14000" isTarget="1"/>
        <move name="pursuit" interval="5000" isTarget="1"/>
        <move name="bite" interval="3000" isTarget="1" range="1"/>
        <move name="slash" interval="5000" isTarget="1" range="1"/>


        <attack name="melee" interval="2000" min="-130" max="-130" />
        <attack name="scratch" interval="3000" chance="40" range="1" target="1"/>
        <attack name="quick attack" interval="3000" chance="40" target="1"/>
        <attack name="future sight" interval="14000" chance="40" target="1"/>
        <attack name="pursuit" interval="5000" chance="40" target="1"/>
        <attack name="bite" interval="3000" chance="40" range="1" target="1"/>
        <attack name="slash" interval="5000" chance="40" range="1" target="1"/>
        <attack name="passive dark" interval="40000" chance="40"/>

    <defenses armor="0" defense="60" >
        <defense name="passive dark" interval="40000" chance="100"/>


    <voices interval="5000" chance="10">
        <voice sentence="ABSOL!" />
        <item name="darkness stone" countmax="1" chance="175"/>
        <item name="gold coin" countmax="70" chance="40000"/>
        <item name="dark gem" countmax="2" chance="40000"/>


I wonder how to change it, so that I can input to pokemon.xml it's own increase values (like 50hp and 5magic attack, 10defence or whatever value I set) per level instead of 0.008 multipler.
Is there any "IF" that I should include in this lua so it responds to particular pokemon.xml file ?
I would strongly appreciate any assistance here, thanks.