1. Paulix

    Can't connect to game server (10061)

    I recently formated my PC, didn't change anything, but now i can't host my server anymore, I can login and see character list, but can't join the server using external ip. My server is tfs 0.4.3777 client 8.6, I can only join if using otherwise can't pass the character list, firewall...
  2. czerwian

    TFS 1.X+ Making a new server

    Hello everyone. I got few questions about making the server for tibia 7.4. I would to use this engine ([7.4] TFS 1.2) but I saw it's need to be compiled before starting server. When I was making servers on tibia 8.1 etc. it's only needed to make xampp, throw acc maker to htdocs and it's done. It...
  3. E

    Elfbot deletes itself

    Hi! When i run Elfcrack as Admin, it gets deleted. I turned off my antivirus, windows defender and firewalls. Still no results. Can someone help in this matter? Thanks.
  4. Udun

    TFS 1.X+ Problem runing TFS 1.2

    Hello friends of Otland! Today a came with a lot of trouble, I'm a noob so please be patient! xD I want start a big project with TFS 1.2, the last 3 days I have been trying to get the distro, looking in the forums, searching as crazy. I was tinking to compile myself but I haven't able to do it...
  5. P

    TFS 1.X+ Strange problem with spells animation

    Hello everybody! First of all, sorry for my bad english, im Brazilian and you will probably see some mistakes. I am setting up a TFS server and came across a problem: Whenever I (or any monster) cast some magic, I can see the damage it causes, but no animation appears. Example: Dragon releases...
  6. K

    Account manager 1/1

    Hello, I have an account manager 1/1.When I log in i can move and I dont have options to create an account. How to fix my acc manager??
  7. Dvax

    Lua Boss Reward " You Are not the owner " - /m BossName <- Working OTX3

    Hello, I have problem with reward boss. Example 1 : I go Portal Boss ( Knowlage Quest ) North Thais. Killed boss " Lady Tenebris " And try open have massage " You are not the owenr ". Go to Temple and open Reward Chest and empty. but I create this boss " Lady Tenebris " on GoD ( /m Lady...
  8. N

    Tibia Client 8.42 edit

  9. T

    Light on character's just doesn't turn off.

    Hi, there. I've been facing a weird bug with the light around characters in my OTC. They just doesn't turn off. I've tried it with a brand new compiled version and the problem persists. It seems like it's not a problem with the items configuration itself, since it works fine when they're not...
  10. Sylabista

    AAC GesiorACC - IP changing in install.php

    Cześć, mam problem z ACC Gesiora, podczas próby instalacji w install.php zmienia mi się IP. Mam wykupionego VPS, zmienia się ostania cyfra IP, czyli W czym może być problem? In English : Hey, I have a problem with ACC Gesior, when I try to install in install.php I change to...
  11. V

    Invalid account name.

    8.54 0.3.6tfs First sorry for my english. Hi i have the problem becouse i can create account and character on the site if i try log in to the server i get the error "Invalid account name" only working password is 1/1 Zapodaj.Net - Darmowy hosting zdjęć i obrazków bez rejestracji! -...
  12. P

    OTClient 11.49 "Connection Refused"

    Hello, I'm trying to run ots via hamachi (just for fun/testing with few friends) and there's one problem. They can't connect to it, client is normally running but it's sending "Connection Refused" error. I have changed config.lua ip to hamachi one, changed RSA key into otland one and it's ip to...
  13. kariera123

    Donating points problem znoteaac 1.5 tfs0.4

    Hello otladners, I have problem with sending shop points by admin panel to character on znoteacc Imgur I heard that i need to run domain((my isnt localhost))/special/database2znoteaac.php but when i start this nothing realy happend Imgur also i need to say when i want to open domain/special...
  14. H

    TFS 0.X Missing some line in DB. can someone recognise it?

    Hi guys, I just noticed an error on my console: mysql_store_result(): UPDATE `players` SET `online` = 0 WHERE `world_id` = 0; - MYSQL ERROR: (0) Anyone got any idea what should I do to remove this error? I believe it is a missing line in database, but I got no idea how to insert it. Thanks...
  15. H

    AAC Gesior 2017 ACC maker missing image. Please help

    Hello guys, I need your help. On my website there is missing some sort of code or image on my account maker (Gesior 2017). I have completely no idea where is this writed. I have looked for it in layout.php and index.php and I can't find where is this thing coded. I believe it can be related to...
  16. D

    1 kill counting as 3 kills

    Hey. I've been trying to add a task system to my 7.72 open tibia project, and I'm encountering a problem with the task counter. I got the task npc working I added a task script in creaturescripts.lua called "Dragons" I added registerCreatureEvent(cid, "Dragons") in login.lua I added...
  17. marcos16

    Mount exchange

    Hello otlanders, A problem appears on the mounts of my server Use mount with speed 20 it adds 20 speed to the player. I switch to a speed 5 mount (without taking the previous mount) the speed attribute 20 continues and if I leave the mount speed 5 will remove only the 5 speed, getting 15 speed...
  18. H

    NPCSystem error

    Hello guys, I'm removing all weird errors which I was getting on a server just to try stuff out, and I'm struggling to find the error for this one, and I was wondering if someone who is good at this might see the problem? The error I get looks like this in console: [Error - NpcScript...
  19. Udun


    Greetings to all. I was testing the otclient (8.60, server tfs 0.3.6), specifically fighting against many monsters. As we know when too many mosters surround us, one starts running diagonally and sometimes the monsters are faster and the player stays in the sqm he came from. This would be in a...
  20. A

    Asks if you want to download tibia 11 client, How to fix?

    Everytime me or someone of my friends try to login to the server it gives this: and when I click cancel I get into the server normally, but I just want to make it that it wont ask anyone who tries to login to the server, how can I do that? Tibia 10.98 and...