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real map

  1. T

    I'm looking for the best real map 8.6 for tfs 1.4 or 1.5

    looking for the best real map 8.6. Can anyone recommend a datapack that has no errors? which will be compatible with tfs 1.5 or 1.4
  2. Svira

    [Poland] [8.0] oldTibia [19.11 - 16:00 CET] FREE 2 PLAY

    Start on 19.11 2023r - 16:00 - oldTibia was created with the idea of being free-to-play (f2p). Primarily, the mainland map has been edited to provide a FACC (Free Account) experience. In addition to new hunting grounds, there are now quests available for PACC (Premium Account). On the website...
  3. Elarion

    [FRANCE][7.4] Elarion Online - Unlock the Past with Custom Content and Enriched Original Lore, Launching October 13, 2023 at 19:00 CEST

    🌟 Unveiling Elarion Online: Tibia 7.4 Server Reimagined! 🌟 Embark on a journey through time with Elarion Online, a Tibia 7.4 server that seamlessly blends the nostalgia of classic gameplay with innovative features for the modern adventurer. Join us and experience the thrill of rediscovery as we...
  4. Bam

    [France] [7.4] Hela S2 Mid Rate Real Map, Mysteriandos, New Spawns, Monsters, Items [06.10.2023]

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Odenia is happy to announce the season 2 launch of our server Hela, this server will continue to be a seasonal server with higher rates. It will have a definitive end to it and is planned to revive throughout the...
  5. D

    [France] [8.60] Danera | 23 September 14:00 CEST

    Danera "New adventures on the horizon! Season 1 has just started on OTS Danera.net. Fast Atack Stage Exp BIG EDIT REAL MAP EVENTS MORE MORE It's a great day for all Tibia game enthusiasts on the OTS Danera.net server! Today marks the beginning of the fifth season of this popular game. This...
  6. C

    [USA][13.11] New server SIRIUZ - RL MAP, Low Rates, Wheel, Forge Boosted and More! Server Launch: Aug 24, 2023

    Signup for Siriuz Online! Create Account - Siriuz Online www.siriuz.online The server start is scheduled for August 24. You'll be able to login and create your account and characters, but you'll not be able to login until the server launch. A spectacular server geared towards those who...
  7. GM Venom

    [France] [8.0] Tibera - Full Global Tibia 8.0 with lots of new features from the later versions! [April 28, 2023, 18:00 CET]

    Full Global Tibia 8.0 with lots of new features from the later versions! We know that most people do not have endless amounts of time due to work or studies. Here comes a server for you too! We are now releasing an upgraded version of Tibera, with lots of new features! Tibera has everything from...
  8. Gomgom

    [UK] [8.60] Xonia Beta | Real Map | Staged Exp | Events | Custom Features

    Xonia - Real Map Website: Xonia - Latest News IP: xoniaot.zapto.org | 7171 Protocol: Tibia 8.60 A refined and polished complete real map with 3 extra cities. The first fully-functional auction system ever to be created on a Tibia 8.6 server. Four major events (Capture the flag, Desert event...
  9. S

    [Brasil/Canada/EUA][8.6] Orion Retro Open PVP

    RELEASE 05/03 10:00 (GMT -3) Hello Tibia adventurers! It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of our Tibia server called Orion. Our server is a Retro Open PVP on version 8.6 with its own client, a global map planned to be a low EXP rates server, and offers several features for...
  10. G

    [Germany][8.0] Pythera - classic real map - LAUNCH 2023-03-03 18:00 CET

    elcome to Pythera! Pythera is a classic 8.0 real map that focus on semi- to fast paced gameplay. The server is located in Germany for optimal gameplay for the European audience. The server will launch 2023-03-03 18:00 CET. General Information: IP: Pythera.net Client: 8.0 (download here)...
  11. Beo

    [NL][13.10] Tibeo - EU | Skill Wheel | Forge | Autoloot + MORE

    LAUNCH: 10:00 UTC - 25th February 2023 IP: tibeo.net Port: 7171 Client: 13.10 Hosted in Netherlands Website: Latest News - Tibeo (https://tibeo.net) Exp rates: here Server type: Pvp Skill rate: 25x Magic rate: 4x Loot rate: 3x Discord Welcome to Tibeo. We're excited to launch our EU 13.10...
  12. DillyLingus

    [USA] [10.10] Lonely Island [CUSTOM] - [Real Map]

    IN-GAME ACCOUNT MANAGER: 1/1 IP: lonelyisland.zapto.org Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 10.10 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Canada, Dedicated Server Website/Account: Login using in-game account manager 1/1 Exp rate: [STAGED] Level 1-50 = x250 Level 51-100 = x190...
  13. J

    [SWEDEN] [8.6] Highland | No P2W | Real Map with custom content

    IP: HighlandOT.com PORT: 7171 CLIENT: 8.6 Website: highlandot.com To play on Highland you need to use our custom client. Why should you play on Highland? One thing that makes us unique is that this server is completely free from Pay To Win! No donate weapons, you earn everything in-game...
  14. Z

    [POLAND] [8.60] Hellots.eu - REAL MAP + Custom START 22-7-2022 at 20:00

    Hello everyone, Server Information Here you will find all basic information about Hell-OTS Welcome WebSite Hell-OTS (http://hell-ots.eu/sub.php?page=news) Server rates Minimum level Maximum level Multiplier 1 50 250x 51 80 150x 81 100 100x 101 130 60x 131 150 30x 151 180 15x 181...
  15. ruth

    [France] [8.0 / Custom] Realera - Revalia! 04 August, Friday 20:00(EU), 14:00(USA), 15:00(BR) | New World!

    [Launch date]: [04.08.2023, Friday 20:00 CET] [Website]: www.Realera.org World: Revalia [Fansites]: Facebook Discord [World configuration]: -Datacenter USA -RPG Medium-rate 8.0 Realmap server -World type: PVP-Enforced -Custom Client -Advanced proxy system! -Built-in cam system. -Server save...
  16. J

    [Sweden][8.6] Highland Custom RL Map

    Highland is a 8.6 server that uses a modified version of the real Tibia map with lots of custom content. Custom Content Besides all the quests and other content that exists in real Tibia we've added some custom content. Here's s taste of what you can expect when playing on Highland...
  17. C

    [USA] [12.72] Ruthless Nights - real map with some custome content, brand new!

    https://discord.gg/wQBgdTJpZy Brand New Pvp Server! 12.72 Client (Based on OTBR) Real Map with some custom content! Working Quests Online Trainers Gain stamina in pz and in trainers 24/7 Uptime (SS 6am EST) Spells are given free and automatically to the player Active Staff (also will be looking...
  18. Mjmackan

    [FRANCE][12.7/10] rlmap | rainydayz | Launch 11/12 12:00 | No reset

    RainyDayz is a 12.7 real map with small nifty, fun, unique & fully custom features. Register: Create Account - rainydayz.online (https://rainydayz.online/?account/create) Discord: Join the RAINYDAYZ - GAMEFATE Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/eufgtppUPj) Rainydayz can be played using the...
  19. Svira

    [Poland][Custom / 8.0]Mefedronia 26.11.2021 18:00

    Server Start Date: 26.11 2021r - 18:00! Ip: Mefedronia.pl Client: 8.0 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Poland + Proxy(Peru) Website: www.mefedronia.pl Map: Custom Global Welcome to the Mefedronia, the world in the...
  20. Mjmackan

    RainyDayz - the weird real map

    RainyDayz is a 12.7 real map with small nifty, fun, unique & fully custom features. Our main categories concluce in EVENTS Zombie, Gold rush, LMS, Snowball, Among us, Open war, Team vs Team etc. WARS Guild wars access, customizeable war settings with private war-only-areas. CONTESTS Weekly...