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real map

  1. PuszekLDZ

    [Poland] [7.4] RetroTibia74 TestServer

    Do you remember? We do, for this reason a thought and idea arose to return to those times. The times when you were sitting and doing runes, training your skills and talking to people. The times of making friends that have survived to this day, people who will not be forgotten and spending a lot...
  2. M0ustafa

    [8.60] Lastera - Real Map - [Discussion] - [Test Server] - [OTS Development]

    I would like to invite everyone to my test server. I have started by downgrading a 12.40 real map server, testing scripts out/in game and fixing every bug I could find. I have strived much to make this server base as full as possible up to 8.60 client by following Tibiawiki, YouTube videos and...
  3. N

    [USA] [12] Procrastinators [Open-PVP]

    IP: procrastinators.sytes.net Client: Tibia 12/own client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: USA Website: Latest News - Procrastinators (http://procrastinators.sytes.net/) Exp rate: Stages Map: Real map-OT, with very few custom changes Runes: Infinite Ammo: Infinite Loot rate: 3x Server type: open-PVP. red...
  4. frankfarmer

    [UK][7.4] Tibiascape.com ⭐Start 27th November 17:00 CET⭐ a New Hardcore Season Server (Perma-Death)👾 UNLOCK PVP AT LEVEL 200

    www.tibiascape.com 27th November 2020 NEW TIBIA HARDCORE-SERVER NPVP/PVP (PERMADEATH) We invite you to take part of this 30-day event. Bring your team of friends! ⭐Some info about the server season rules:⭐ Experience: 1-19 60x 20-50 50x 51-80 35x 81-100 25x 101-120 20x 121-150 10x 151-180 6x...
  5. F


    IP: trashformers.ddns.net Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 12/own client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: USA, on a dedicated server Website: Latest News - TrashFormers (http://trashformers.ddns.net/) Exp rate: STARTS AT 200X dropping as you pass lvl stages Map: real map , with buffed and modified spawns all...
  6. frankfarmer

    [UK][7.4] Tibiascape - From 1 August 2020 Test Server!

    About project: Long time since I was involved into any servers, i'd say its probably 10 years ago (2009-2010) I had some successful servers back then, if any original gamers here you maybe remember the Noob War server or the real map server I hosted. Anyway I'd like you to participate in my...
  7. Rozrabiaka

    Tibia 7.4 with sprites 8.x help please./ Pomocy

    Hello all. Is anyone able to help me or explain how to do the old version Addons Items, Addons Outfit/Outfit ( With retro). Its better make downgrade from 8.x to 7.4 or something like that. Im a laik, but i have zeal to make this. I have one good datapack 7.72. I remake now with my partner free...
  8. Extrodus

    [USA] [8.6] Blazera - Real Map, New Cities, Custom Features & more

    Website: Latestnews - Blazera (http://blazera.ddns.net) IP: blazera.ddns.net Port: 7171 The server is currently in testing phase after switching to a new source. Lots of new systems and mechanics have been added and we would like to make sure everything is working before we launch. Server...
  9. Svira

    [POLAND][8.6 customized] HRate Global started 26may!

    Page: www.tibia86.eu IP: tibia86.eu Port: 7171 Welcome to the best installment of Tibia 8.6! You will see here an amazing map you feel sentimental about! New Systems to diversify PVP, you need to think carefully about character development! Fast attack, New spells and challenges are just...
  10. E

    [Poland][10.90] Hiberna

    IP: hiberna.hopto.org Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 10.90 / Custom available to download on website Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Poland Website: Latest News - Hiberna (http://hiberna.hopto.org/) Exp Stage: 8 - 50 x 500 51 - 100 x 350 101 - 200 x 250 201 - 300 x 150 301 - 500 x 100 501 x 30 Map: Cipsoft...
  11. Xampy

    [Sweden] [8.60] Titania Global RL Map

    ear Tibians, A new world has arrived. TITANIA GLOBAL 8.60 RL MAP OPEN-PVP WELCOME TO TITANIA SERVER! IP: tibia86.com Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.60 Website: https://tibia86.com 💪🏻 EXP STAGES 👊🏻 🦯 🗡 🪓 🏹 🛡 SKILLS STAGES 🧙🏻‍♀️ ✨ MAGIC LEVEL 💰 LOOT RATE FEATURES: 🏠⛵👗🏅 FREE PLAYERS ARE...
  12. 222222

    [7.4] Authentic Real Map - Extracted from TibiCAM files

    Hello, I've put a lot of work into creating this map and I can safely say this is by far the most accurate 7.4 map that's ever been publicly released. It is not the map which was leaked in the 7.72 CipSoft hack. This map has been extracted from thousands of 7.2 up to 7.4 TibiCAM recordings...
  13. miguelshta

    [USA][7.7] Dalnera START [MAY 09 16:00 CET]

    IP: dalnera.com Port: 7171 Version: 7.7 Client: 7.7 Experience Stages: Level 1 to Level 8 = 40x Level 9 to Level 21 = 20x Level 21 to Level 50 = 15x Level 161 to Level * = 2x Skill Rates: Skills: 1.8x Magic: 1.4x Loot: 1.5x Some Featured images! Inquisition Quest Demon Oak Ferumbras Banuta
  14. kozmo

    [USA] [12.30] Over-Time | Real Map | PVP

    Over-Time - Real Map Connection Information: IP: overtime.sytes.net Port: 7171 24/7 Dedicated Hosting Client: 12+ Download our custom client on the website! Server Rates: Exp Staged: 300x - 2x Skill: 55x Magic: 30x Loot: 2x Server Information: For more information...
  15. S

    Need 8.6 data pack + www (without compiling)

    Hello guys! Im looking for data pack of real map 8.6 without any compiling like old school servers for my 8.6 RoXoR. I have an expirience with scripts and i want to make full working RoXoR 8.6 and share it with You guys. I always was making projects on RoXoR but... The problem was always with...
  16. C

    [France][8.6] Casura RPG | Starting 12th of April

    Dear OtLand community, We would like to invite you to our RPG server which will be reopened on April 12 ,2020. What is Casura? Casura is a 8.6 real map server with %100 quests and a lot of custom content. Why should I join Casura? We have created an epic global map with %100 quests Our...
  17. S

    [UK] [8.6] Ethania | RL MAP 8.6 + 4 CUSTOM TOWNS | 2 APRIL 18:00

    We are glad to invite you to join one of the best Open Tibia Servers ever created - Ethania.net - Ethania has been online since 2011 and it has been one of the most popular 8.6 servers ever. We hope that you'll enjoy your stay here on Ethania! Server start: Thursday, 2 april 2020 18:00 CEST...
  18. Acrum

    [France][7.6] Retrone Online - RL Map Multi-World RPG (29th Mar - 6pm CET)

    7.6 REAL MAP MULTI-WORLD RPG STARTING 29TH MARCH 2020 (SUNDAY) - 18:00 CET Retrone Online is a real map based, old school gaming server, mainly created for those who love the atmosphere and gameplay of the past, yet still nostalgic and fascinating version 7.6. On March 28th at 7:00pm (CEST)...
  19. Nostalrius

    [USA] [7.4 / Custom] Nostalrius [March, 18TH ON 01:00 CEST]

    Dear Players, I am glad to announce that we are ready to open the Nostalrius 7.4! Do you wanna know the new places to Hunt? Click on this Link and check out the news below. The server will be available to create accounts on March 16TH. Website: Nostalrius Server Info: Server Info News...
  20. Svira

    [POLAND][8.6][WAR-PVP] War on Real start 12 02 20

    Host/Ip/Acc: realmap.pl www.realmap.pl Server rates Minium level Maximun level Multiplier 1 20 40x 21 40 30x 41 60 25x 61 80 20x <br /> 81 100 15x 101 120 10x 121 140 5x 141 160 4x 161 180 3x<br /> 181 220 2x 221 Unlimited 1x Rebirth - 300 lvl Skills rate Magic...