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  1. Pluto

    [Poland] [8.6] Bloodcrab | SEASON 2 | 10 JULY 18:00 CEST.

    [Bloodcrab S2] Season 2 start date: 10 JULY 2020, 18:00 CEST Welcome to Bloodcrab OTS - a unique 8.6 server. We invite you to join us in season 2! You will find Rookgaard with its' classic look expanded by some extra lands, quests and a hint of magic, which can entertain even high 200's levels...
  2. Phact Aaran

    Phact's Showoff

    Hi, I'm Phact Aaran, I've been a tibia player since 2006 and a hobby mapper. Without further ado, here is my first post. :) The entrance to the city The ship The shop lane In north of the shop lane, temple and magician shop
  3. xbaconghostx

    [Canada] [9.1] [Custom-Rookgaard] RookTales RPG [10 years+ creating/balancing]

    RookTales RPG IP: rooktales.ddns.net Port:7171 Client:9.1 RookTales is a custom Rookgaard experience. It is geared towards players of old tibia, Rookstayers and players on a budget. My server is 100% free, all content is obtainable in game. no pay to win. In Rooktales you will experience...
  4. N

    [USA][CUSTOM 8.6] Vhalkov | START 29-05-20

    IP: Client: 8.6 (Custom client) Host: Texas Uptime: 24/7 Exp Rate: x15 STAGE Magic Rate: x5 Skills Rate: x8 Loot: x1 Server Start: 29/05/20! 08:00 PM Website: Latest News - Vhalkov (http://www.vhalkov.com.br)
  5. Ceasar

    [10.98] Nefaria RPG Project - unfinished

    Hi! To mods: It's totally different map than in topic "nefaria FUN project", its just called similarly. About project: We planned it to be small rpg server, with not-bad looking map with few cities. There is actually a lot of other map parts, some of it were edited by us, some are made by us...
  6. Adinots.pl

    [Poland] [8.6] Karmia-Devland-Vanilla (Edited) Start: 18:00 30.04.2020

    elcome everyone, I would like to invite everyone to the start of the AdinOTS server! The start will take place on 30.04.2020 at 18:00. The server is based on the KARMIA / DEVLAND map and 8.60 client. IP: adinots.pl Port: 7171 Client: 8.60 Hosting: Poland Web: AdinOTS.pl Free premium...
  7. Hafexo

    [France][Custom client / 11.98] Erpegia: Rise Again! | Most developed Custom RPG Retro PVP | Fully working Tibia11 | 24 APRIL 20:00 (CET)

    Erpegia.net - currently the most advanced custom RPG server with fully working Tibia 11 client is starting April 24 at 20:00 (CET)! In this season of Erpegia.net we decided to highly focus on rebalancing all-around gameplay, from low to high levels and also introducing fresh new content! We...
  8. C

    [France][8.6] Casura RPG | Starting 12th of April

    Dear OtLand community, We would like to invite you to our RPG server which will be reopened on April 12 ,2020. What is Casura? Casura is a 8.6 real map server with %100 quests and a lot of custom content. Why should I join Casura? We have created an epic global map with %100 quests Our...
  9. Eldin

    [France] [10.98] Rookville - 5th Edition - Starts 20TH MARCH 17:30 GMT+1

    Rookville is a medium-low rate RPG server based on the map of Rookgaard. The server will be online from this Friday, 20th of March, launching around 17:30 GMT+1 Rook, a place where beginners were trained to become heroes. You are back where you once began in your biggest quest ever, to save...
  10. N

    [Sweden] [8.60] Kingstonsot | STARTED |EVO PVP

    We would like to give you a warm welcome to KingstonsOT ¤ (Server Info)¤ IP: kingstonsots.com Version: 8.6 ¤ Port: 7171 ¤ Uptime 24/7 ¤ Skill Rate: 35x ¤Magic Rate: 25x ¤ Loot Rate: 3x ¤ Pvp-e/pvp RateExperienceFromPlayers = 2 ¤ Custom Spells ¤ Custom Monsters/Bosses ¤ 95% Custom ¤...
  11. Pedrook

    [Brazil] [12] Thaneris Global | Issavi | Cobra Bastion | Warzones | MOTA Extension

    Hello friends and collaborators, we would like to start introducing ourselves, we are a dedicated team focused on bringing a great server, updated, without lag, with a balanced pvp and without corruption, that we have a wonderful year of 2020! May it be a sensational year of much learning and a...
  12. Pluto

    [POLAND][8.6] Bloodcrab

    [BLOODCRAB] Launch date: 20.02.20, 18:00 CET Bloodcrab is customized YurOTS map with RL Tibia parts, a mix of RPG and FUN server. Explore Rookaard and Mainland world - you will spend fun times on both Islands, fighting mightiest monsters and solving world problems. Start as weak, new player in...
  13. Ascuas Funkeln

    [GERMANY][CUSTOM/10.98] RAKKEDO - Grind Gods (Beta Tests)

    I will post information about patches here, everything will be hidden in spoilers, you can expand and read what interests you.
  14. Skipje

    [The Netherlands] [Custom / 10.98] Elthia | 25 Starts January AT 20:00 CET

    ELTHIA STARTS AT [25-01-2020] 20:00 CET! Create an account here: Elthia - Create Account IP : Elthia.net Port: 7171 world type: PVP Elthia RPG: Elthia RPG is a full custom map server from the former Masterworld RPG team(since 2006). We have updated and converted the old Masterworld...
  15. Sparkles

    [Norway] [8.60] Sparkle OT

    Alright! After being in development since May, 2019 im happy to announce that Sparkle OT is going OPEN BETA! Even though I feel like we are finished with this server, there is still ALOT of untested things. Which is why we are going open beta before release. However, players that are playing the...
  16. M

    [Poland] [8.0] Cantera

    IP: cantera.sytes.net Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.0 Create Account by ACC Manager: 111111:tibia Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Poland, on a dedicated server with 100 mbits Internet connection. Website: ------ Exp rate: 8x [Stages] Map: Custom, Home made. It contains 6 cities, desert, a jungle and...
  17. athenso

    [USA][10.98 Custom] JATS

    JATS is Just Another Tibia Server, I am looking for some player feedback on the server as is. Current Features: Attack Speeds Wand/Rod Speeds No Vocations - Spells based off skills (all can use spells) Skill Point System Custom Crafting/Item Set bonuses No OP Donation Items Custom Map and so...
  18. N

    [CANADA] [7.6] Old Camora

    Welcome to Old Camora! Server in Canada 24/7 Dedicated Server IP: oldcamora.com website: www.oldcamora.com client version: 7.6 Server Port: 7171 Rates 1-20 = 4x 21-80 = 3x 81-250 = 2x 251+ = 1x Skills 3x ml 1x loot 2x Camora is a RPG game based on new quest creation and new quests. here free...
  19. damian00912

    [Poland] [12.66] Giveria RPG CUSTOM Real Map Monday 11 November Start!

    Welcome to Open Global-Tibia server Giveria that is being developed and tested by a professional team for the past seven years, each edition last at least one year or more! Best and most complete High Rate EU Open Tibia Server on today's stage and we will always keep our work with the latest...
  20. Kuzyn


    www.rangersarcani.online Join the Ranger's Arcani Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/BafBt8c) Ranger's Arcani YT Ranger's Arcani FB Hello all! We are getting close to release of Ranger’s Arcani server. After all those years of development and many changes (project started in 2010) we are happy...