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  1. SwampSoldiers

    [CANADA][CUSTOM 8.6] SwampSoldiers - Open Beta [CRAFTING ; PET ; SKILLTREE]

    Hello Soldiers, Welcome to SwampSoldiers! The open beta (no reset) server started on October 21st, 2022 at 18:30 UTC! Website SwampSoldiers Website: SwampSoldier - Play to earn (https://www.swampsoldiers.com/index) Social Media Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoldiersSwamp Discord: Join the...
  2. J

    [SWEDEN] [8.6] Highland | No P2W | Real Map with custom content

    IP: HighlandOT.com PORT: 7171 CLIENT: 8.6 Website: highlandot.com To play on Highland you need to use our custom client. Why should you play on Highland? One thing that makes us unique is that this server is completely free from Pay To Win! No donate weapons, you earn everything in-game...
  3. maykelotmaker

    [France] [7.72] Zajawka

    Are you looking for promising OT which will not die in 2 weeks and will provide you Tibian nostalgia again? We are glad to present you new oldschool OT Website: Latest News- 7.72 Retro tibia server (http://zajawka.org/?news) About the server: -Client 7.72(Own client) -Port 7171 -PVP (PVP-e in...
  4. Rul3r

    [POLAND] [7.6] YurOTS | [19 August 2022 18:00 CET] | NO SMS SHOP | The Classic RPG | CUSTOM CLIENT

    In that server season we redesign the server content. With a new website and server features. We really appreciate all feedbacks and support. The server was been rebalaced: damage, experience gain, items and vocations.. Start in August, 19 2022 18:00 CET - Create your account in...
  5. Krysin

    [USA] [CUSTOM] Souls of Elysium - RPG

    Official Discord!
  6. underewar

    [TFS 0.4/0.3.6] doTeleportMassThings

    Description - The function of all transport objects, teleported of the selected type (players, NPCs, monsters) from one place to another. The function structure looks like this: doTeleportMassThings (leftTopCorner, rightBottomCorner, newPos, minPlayerCount, toSamenewPos, typeOfObjects)...
  7. underewar

    Action [TFS 1x] ClickItems to CreateTeleport

    Once the main stone appears it will be necessary to click on all the others so that they are again "normal" stones. Then the teleport appears. in addition you may be charged something to enter the tp after using the stones. Enjoy. data/scripts/action.xml <action actionid = "10100" event =...
  8. Cygan123

    [POLAND][10.77][SOFT OTS][EDITED KARMIA/VANILLA] Start 01.07.22 18:00 BRAZIL 13:00

    SERVER START 01/07/2022! 18:00 BRAZIL: 13:00 EDITED VANILLA MAP ANÚNCIO BRASILEIRO: www.soft-ots.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=102 POLAND ANNOUNCE: www.soft-ots.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=20&pid=20#pid20 IP CHANGER HOST: LOGIN.SOFT-OTS.COM Home: www.soft-ots.com Forum: www.soft-ots.com/forum/...
  9. N

    [POLAND] [8.60] NERAVIA RPG CUSTOM MAP | 11 Jun 2022 18:00 CET

    [JUN 11th, Saturday at 18:00 CET] SITES: Neravia RPG World [World configuration]: -Low rate 8.6 Custom MAP Server -PVP / NO - PVP (Your choise maximum to 20 LVL) -Datacenter, POLAND (Europe) -Custom made Antibot System -Cast System. -Server save at 00:30 AM. [EXPERIENCE STAGES]...
  10. rlx

    [Poland][8.00] Rafidea

    This is an open long-trem beta-phase server. It is a simple project made by myself, based on first realase in 2006 (7.6). The server is a hobby project but it is upgraded as very slowly because of chronic lack of time, but at this stage you can fully enjoy it for long hours! Rafidea has...
  11. H

    [Canada] [8.6] Hazlan

    Welcome to Hazlan (SERVER STARTS ON SUNDAY 15 AT 15:00 GMT-5) IP: hazlan.sytes.net VERSION: 8.6 MAP: Pazzur (old ~2010) UPTIME: 24/7 WORLDTYPE: PvP We have the following systems * Monsters of the days (Three monsters) * Casino * Daily Task * Guide * Double Experience *...
  12. alexv45

    Hellgrave RPG 12.72 v6.0

    Hello everyone, I hope you are fine. I Come to Share Hellgrave RPG Server 12.72 based on Low-Medium Exp Stages, Website available with this server here on Otland: ZnoteAAC Hellgrave. In order to get the server updated, please download it from GitLab and get the src files Credits: Team...
  13. F

    [Germany][8.60] Real OTS 29.04.2022 17:00 GMT+2

    Hello, today I like to advertise my and Shakra take on 8.6 RL Tibia server. For the past 2 years, server was developed by Shakra as project PandemiaOTS. He fully downgraded 10.77 map to 8.6, repaired a lot of bugs, optimized and implemented ton of stuff. Fully list can be found on...
  14. wearetibia

    [CANADA] [Custom / 8.0] WeAreDragons LOWRATE

    WAD Lowrate v.1 Launch Core changes to the gameplay: -Lowered rates - check here -Removed item sets from store -Divided PVP Attack speed by /2 ( max 1.5 attacks per turn ) -Nerfed and balanced all sets statistics, and made them increase steadily, no more huge jumps in power -Added many new...
  15. D

    HELP! Looking for an specific kind of server

    Hello dear friends! I've been checking and testing a lot of OTS but none of them have what I want and I wonder if someone could reccomend me one... The thing is that I only like decorating houses in tibia, I find it so relaxing and I WOULD PAY to have an OT who would allow me to get houses...
  16. S

    Polski Role Play OTS

    Witam. Jako że pograłem trochę na serwerach roleplay samp, oraz gothic 2, od dłuższego czasu nachodził mnie pomysł stworzenia małego polskiego serwera ots roleplay, czyli z odgrywaniem stworzonych postaci. Zamysł jest taki że serwer miałby być targetowany do niewielkiego grona osób które...
  17. narniaserver

    [Canada] [9.83/custom] Vhalkov RPG started 02/01/22

    IP: go.vhalkov.com Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 7.92/own client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Canada, on a dedicated server with 1 gbps Internet connection. Website: Latest News - VhalkovRPG (http://www.vhalkov.com) Exp rate: 100x (Stage) 1-20 100x 21-40 50x 41-60 25x 61-120 15x 121-150 10x 141-200 5x...
  18. F

    [France] [Custom / 10.98]❄️Frozeria❄️Starts 12th December 2021!🥶

    ❄️Frozeria Launch 12th December 2021 [15:00 GMT+1]❄️ ⚔️War&RPG Server⚔️ 🖥️Website: Frozeria.net🖥️ 📜Features📜 ✅100+ Tasks (With special designed bosses) ✅Daily/Weekly Quests and Missions ✅Events PvP&RPG ✅100% Custom Map ✅500+ Custom Monsters ✅AI Designed bosses with boss mechanics ✅Crafting...
  19. Dura Aris

    Dura's Ankrahmun: Revising game design. Content that is 50% vanilla and 50% custom. What went wrong at the breakmark of Tibia and what was still right

    Hey everyone, Wanted to bring up the installment that was Ankrahmun. As many of us know it was the transitional mark for many things that led to the deterioration of the game Tibia. It would set the groundwork on how the game was designed going forward on many points, near all of which were...
  20. Svira

    [Poland][Custom / 8.0]Mefedronia 26.11.2021 18:00

    Server Start Date: 26.11 2021r - 18:00! Ip: Mefedronia.pl Client: 8.0 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Poland + Proxy(Peru) Website: www.mefedronia.pl Map: Custom Global Welcome to the Mefedronia, the world in the...