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  1. Kabo Flow

    Compiling The Ruby Server

    hello I have been trying to compile the Ruby Server for weeks It's a poketibia but with the tutorials I just can't compile it already gave me a headache and then seeing that in any forum they help you I'm not asking for much, a person who knows about visual studio has to see and can help me with...
  2. A

    [France] [Custom / 12.60] ViveraOT

    We would like to introduce you to our Server project ViveraOT which starts on 29 January at 20:00 CET. We're non-proffesional group of 3 people who wanted to create something unique to give a place for people to spread joy and fun playing together! Client: Custom client 10.98 upgraded to 12.60...
  3. S

    Opinions about custom server

    I am an old Tibia player, I have played Tibia since 2007 as a normal player and finally I started few months ago studying Lua and C++ to be able to create my own custom server so I am here to ask few questions about what players and well-known developers think about Which client is best to...
  4. Musaab

    OTClient (Solved) Starting new ots

    Hello, I'v always wanted to start my own ots for a while now, i have been searching for an OTS to download, interested in all between 8.6 - 9.8 kind of servers but have not found anything that i liked so far, if anyone has any ideas what to look for that is available. Am looking for to remap...
  5. K

    [USA][12.51] - MorgarOT

    www.morgarot.com Server Save 12:00 AM CST EXPERIENCE Lvl 1 - 100 = x80 Lvl 101 - 200 = x40 Lvl 201 - 300 = x35 Lvl 301 - 400 = x30 Lvl 401 - 500 = x20 Lvl 501+ = x15 SKILLS Skill 10-60 = x40 Skill 61-80 = x20 Skill 81-100 = x10 101+ = x3 MAGIC LEVEL Mlvl 0-60 = x8 Mlvl 61-80 = x5 Mlvl 81+ = x3...
  6. P

    [France] [Custom] Naruto Ninja Way | 23 October

    IP: NNWOTS.pl * Port: Custom * Launch: October 23 at 13:00 (GMT-4) Client: Custom * Uptime: 24/7 * Website: NNWOTS SITE Exp rate: Stages * Map: Custom * Server type: Pvp-Enfo
  7. Tekania

    [France] [7.4] Tekania | [No Pay 2 Win] Starts 2020-10-23 18:00 CET [Long-Term]

    Tekania Online is the project that was started in the beggining of September 2018. From this date we not only created stable server, but also made an use of fully customized client and ran open beta tests where people participated. The end, or rather new beggining, will have place on 23.10.2020...
  8. Nekiro

    OTLoginServer - small and portable Tibia 12 login server

    Hey, I know how much of a hassle it's to setup AAC just to connect to your Tibia 12. This software should help you with that. It should be compatible with latest TFS 1.3 as long as you have support for Tibia 12. OTLoginServer supports newest Tibia 12 version atm, which is Tibia 12.51...
  9. Kuantikum

    Linux LINUX UBUNTU 16.04 [Error - LuaScriptInterface::loadFile] ¿Not finding the route files ?

    Hello guys! I have some issue with this... Opens normally on windows. I compiled in linux, when I open the server in linux, I get the following error: [Error - LuaScriptInterface::loadFile] cannot open data/spells/scripts/lib/ps/events/spells/Evolve.lua: No such file or directory...
  10. Sirdonald

    [France] [8.60] Flavana | START SATURDAY 17:30 | 4FUN HIGH EXP EVO

    1. Information about the server IP: Flavana.pl START: 07/25/2020 at 5:30 PM Discord: Join the Flavana.pl Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/vH2qEvx) ►Skill: x60 ►Mlvl: x35 ►Customer: 8.60 ►PvP: from 50,000 lvl ►Stamina: Yes ►Houses: initially from 200,000 lvl ►Frage to RSa: 70 per day /...
  11. bury

    Linux Normal server (crashed) became test server. Critical problem!

    Hello everobody! This morning i was managing my server when I realized i had 3 people online, empty houses and old things on the depot. I went to putty and saw the screen of the normal server had dissapeared but if you try to login to my normal ip, you enter to the test server lol, thats why...
  12. E

    [Poland][10.90] Hiberna

    IP: hiberna.hopto.org Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 10.90 / Custom available to download on website Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Poland Website: Latest News - Hiberna (http://hiberna.hopto.org/) Exp Stage: 8 - 50 x 500 51 - 100 x 350 101 - 200 x 250 201 - 300 x 150 301 - 500 x 100 501 x 30 Map: Cipsoft...
  13. Okyanus


  14. Okyanus


    I need 8.60 venore war server Enforced can you give me full server?
  15. D


    Hi, i want to play 12.x rl map tibia offline, i tried to make a server i failed after 8 hours of trying, please help (ESP, ENG)
  16. T

    NOOB WAR [help]

    I wanna play a noobwar server, i haven't played one in a long time. I miss the adrenaline of those wars with "exori vis". I would like, if someone has a map, or know of any server answer me, please. s2
  17. M

    How do I downgrade my server from 10.98 to 8.6?

    Hello, i've created a map in 10.98 in Remeres Map Editor, everything is 8.6 sprites, so I managed to create a new map file and import it and it worked successfully I believe. The problem I have now is I cannot login to the server because it says only 10.98 protocol allowed, do I need 8.6 schema...
  18. L


    I have a login problem, i can not log into my server when i change the config.lua to my ip. my client does not work either with the fixed ip nor with the private ip. ipv4 local= ip private= ip fixed= anansi.ddns.net
  19. R

    Making a new server (first server)

    Hey I'm thinking of making my first server what are some tips that can be useful, is it hard? How long does it take? And what are some things I should know before creating/making one.
  20. E

    New start-up Ots

    Hey Guys! I need som help with a start-up Otserver. I've followed: That is a tutorial to start up an otserver. But I will not get this to work. I'm searching for a 8.6 server and need to get access for accounts and passwords. I do not need a website for this. I'm fine to use Account Manager...