1. E

    New start-up Ots

    Hey Guys! I need som help with a start-up Otserver. I've followed: That is a tutorial to start up an otserver. But I will not get this to work. I'm searching for a 8.6 server and need to get access for accounts and passwords. I do not need a website for this. I'm fine to use Account Manager...
  2. PuszekLDZ

    css after moved to dedicated server

    Hi. I moved server to a dedicated one, all htdocs was just copy/paste into dedicated from old one, and o get issue... first was with tables... but it is working now, but stil got a problem with css... on older one, players was like this (red offline / green online) now it is like without...
  3. L

    problem running a server without restarting?

    Hello, someone can tell me what happens when you run a server fow a few days and dont restart it, maybe restart one time per month or 2 weeks ?
  4. Paulix

    Can't connect to game server (10061)

    I recently formated my PC, didn't change anything, but now i can't host my server anymore, I can login and see character list, but can't join the server using external ip. My server is tfs 0.4.3777 client 8.6, I can only join if using otherwise can't pass the character list, firewall...
  5. czerwian

    TFS 1.X+ Making a new server

    Hello everyone. I got few questions about making the server for tibia 7.4. I would to use this engine ([7.4] TFS 1.2) but I saw it's need to be compiled before starting server. When I was making servers on tibia 8.1 etc. it's only needed to make xampp, throw acc maker to htdocs and it's done. It...
  6. Fox Rother

    [Guide] Compiling & Running TFS 1.3 for Linux on Windows 10

    About You can follow this guide. What is the goal of this guide: A stable Windows development environment. What is not the goal of this guide: A production environment for TFS. Do not use it as a production set-up. What this guide will teach you: How to set up a Windows environment to...
  7. Amiroo

    [France] [7.40] DarkOT [High Exp] [Long Term] [Guild Wars] [Start 2019-10-18 18.00 CET]

    Welcome to DarkOT 7.4! DarkOT is hosted in France Website: This game is a replica of Tibia at state of 7.4 with some modifications to make the game more interesting! For example a few of the most popular things about 7.4! No protection zone on boats You can't walk up on 2 parcels...
  8. Fox Rother

    TFS Architecture

    Hey, everybody! I'm trying to understand TFS' architecture, but as I'm still a n00b in C++ (currently reading the Deitels), I thought someone more experienced would like to share their knowledge on its innerworkings. I'm very interested in contributing. It doesn't need to be very detailed...
  9. Amiroo

    [France] [7.40] DarkOT [Beta Version] [No Pay To Win] [Guild Wars] [Online Now]

    !! Remember This Is Only A Beta Version Official Date is not Released Yet !! Welcome to DarkOT 7.4! DarkOT is hosted in France Website: This game is a replica of Tibia at state of 7.4 with some modifications to make the game more interesting! For example a few of the most popular...
  10. aerosquare

    [Uruguay] [10.98] Uzkio

    It's a new uruguayan server. I'm the owner but we are 2 persons working on making this server as great as possible. Right now we have 6 active players but we want people joining and giving feedback. Server Details IP: Tibia Version: 10.98 Client: Custom (downloads section in...
  11. moekl

    Server Hosting Assistance / Help me to figure this out

    My Idea So i basicly own a server IBM x3650 m3 and would like to know before i start offering a hosting service, what is the main thing that i should keep in focus when it comes to security of my network and the Hosting service, what should i consider. then im thinking about doing hosting via...
  12. aldorateam

    [France] [Aldora] [Realmap] [Custom / 7.4]Mid/EXP Start Friday, 21/06/2019 18:00 CET

    Welcome to Aldora Perfect Custom Real Map of old school server created for you If you are looking for a good server to play here is your place. Our team is ready to answer all your questions. Register your account now at Aldora and receive 5 days of premium account! ⭐Connection Info⭐ Website...
  13. M

    RL Map good base server?

    Can someone tell me where can i find a server base to make my rl based ot? Version 8.6 or more, would help if its the last version available I want to have real map on my ot if its possible... Thanks in advance
  14. rwxsu

    GoOT (Golang Server)

    I just started writing a server in Go using SharpOT and old YurOTS as a reference. It's just for learning and it's not meant to compete with TFS. My goal is to write parsers to have it compatible with the leaked cipsoft files (like Nostalrius did with the .npc files). Starting with protocol...
  15. D

    how to create a clean server

    hello guys, I would like to get some questions about how to create a clean server. What would a clean server be? It would be a default tibia server without changing its structure with scripts that cause the server to crash, poorly implemented, and lags caused by scripts. Could you pass me a...
  16. katthult

    [France] [7.72] [Nangijala RPG] [Custom Edited Yurots Map] START 2019-03-29 18.00 CET) [RESET]

    Greetings and welcome to Nangijala RPG 7.72 Conection IP: Nangijala.Online Port: 7171 Website: The game has been designed for long-term play, where RPG feelings will come from quests. The Game Play is intended to be fun and dynamic. Now take a look on some info about the...
  17. shial

    Graphic Designer Game object, character graphics & ui

    To all whom it may concern. I am in the middle of creating my own game based on Tibia. I do require a graphic designer who is able to create graphics and UI frames... long story short. Everything which is related to graphics. Briefly on the project. The game is highly based on the Tibia...
  18. Sparkles

    [8.60 Global] Looking for testers

    OT Name: ----- Job you offer/look for: Testers Website: Revealed to testers Contact(discord): Join the OT Testers Discord Server! ( Hosting: Poland Summary: Real map with Rookgaard. I need testers to try out quests, locate general bugs, and also check the stability of...
  19. kubqq

    ***VOTE*** What servers do you like the most? (8.60)

    Hello everybody on OTland. I want to create my open server. Itd my first time with ots making from almost 10years. At first I want make a server with my original own map but I am really scare about this because I think nobody wanna play at this server. So I wanna know on what servers you...
  20. shial

    A* algorithm. Server vs Client Pathfinding

    With Tibia server pathfinding is it done on the server side or via client side? If so why? What are cons and pros? Want to know your opinion on that topic.