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  1. Kuantikum

    Linux LINUX UBUNTU 16.04 [Error - LuaScriptInterface::loadFile] ¿Not finding the route files ?

    Hello guys! I have some issue with this... Opens normally on windows. I compiled in linux, when I open the server in linux, I get the following error: [Error - LuaScriptInterface::loadFile] cannot open data/spells/scripts/lib/ps/events/spells/Evolve.lua: No such file or directory...
  2. Sirdonald

    [France] [8.60] Flavana | START SATURDAY 17:30 | 4FUN HIGH EXP EVO

    1. Information about the server IP: Flavana.pl START: 07/25/2020 at 5:30 PM Discord: Join the Flavana.pl Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/vH2qEvx) ►Skill: x60 ►Mlvl: x35 ►Customer: 8.60 ►PvP: from 50,000 lvl ►Stamina: Yes ►Houses: initially from 200,000 lvl ►Frage to RSa: 70 per day /...
  3. bury

    Linux Normal server (crashed) became test server. Critical problem!

    Hello everobody! This morning i was managing my server when I realized i had 3 people online, empty houses and old things on the depot. I went to putty and saw the screen of the normal server had dissapeared but if you try to login to my normal ip, you enter to the test server lol, thats why...
  4. E

    [Poland][10.90] Hiberna

    IP: hiberna.hopto.org Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 10.90 / Custom available to download on website Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Poland Website: Latest News - Hiberna (http://hiberna.hopto.org/) Exp Stage: 8 - 50 x 500 51 - 100 x 350 101 - 200 x 250 201 - 300 x 150 301 - 500 x 100 501 x 30 Map: Cipsoft...
  5. Okyanus


  6. Okyanus


    I need 8.60 venore war server Enforced can you give me full server?
  7. D


    Hi, i want to play 12.x rl map tibia offline, i tried to make a server i failed after 8 hours of trying, please help (ESP, ENG)
  8. T

    NOOB WAR [help]

    I wanna play a noobwar server, i haven't played one in a long time. I miss the adrenaline of those wars with "exori vis". I would like, if someone has a map, or know of any server answer me, please. s2
  9. M

    How do I downgrade my server from 10.98 to 8.6?

    Hello, i've created a map in 10.98 in Remeres Map Editor, everything is 8.6 sprites, so I managed to create a new map file and import it and it worked successfully I believe. The problem I have now is I cannot login to the server because it says only 10.98 protocol allowed, do I need 8.6 schema...
  10. L


    I have a login problem, i can not log into my server when i change the config.lua to my ip. my client does not work either with the fixed ip nor with the private ip. ipv4 local= ip private= ip fixed= anansi.ddns.net
  11. R

    Making a new server (first server)

    Hey I'm thinking of making my first server what are some tips that can be useful, is it hard? How long does it take? And what are some things I should know before creating/making one.
  12. E

    New start-up Ots

    Hey Guys! I need som help with a start-up Otserver. I've followed: That is a tutorial to start up an otserver. But I will not get this to work. I'm searching for a 8.6 server and need to get access for accounts and passwords. I do not need a website for this. I'm fine to use Account Manager...
  13. PuszekLDZ

    css after moved to dedicated server

    Hi. I moved server to a dedicated one, all htdocs was just copy/paste into dedicated from old one, and o get issue... first was with tables... but it is working now, but stil got a problem with css... on older one, players was like this (red offline / green online) now it is like without...
  14. L

    problem running a server without restarting?

    Hello, someone can tell me what happens when you run a server fow a few days and dont restart it, maybe restart one time per month or 2 weeks ?
  15. Paulix

    Can't connect to game server (10061)

    I recently formated my PC, didn't change anything, but now i can't host my server anymore, I can login and see character list, but can't join the server using external ip. My server is tfs 0.4.3777 client 8.6, I can only join if using otherwise can't pass the character list, firewall...
  16. czerwian

    TFS 1.X+ Making a new server

    Hello everyone. I got few questions about making the server for tibia 7.4. I would to use this engine ([7.4] TFS 1.2) but I saw it's need to be compiled before starting server. When I was making servers on tibia 8.1 etc. it's only needed to make xampp, throw acc maker to htdocs and it's done. It...
  17. Fox Rother

    [Guide] Compiling & Running TFS 1.3 for Linux on Windows 10

    About You can follow this guide. What is the goal of this guide: A stable Windows development environment. What is not the goal of this guide: A production environment for TFS. Do not use it as a production set-up. What this guide will teach you: How to set up a Windows environment to...
  18. Amiroo

    [France] [7.40] DarkOT [High Exp] [Long Term] [Guild Wars] [Start 2019-10-18 18.00 CET]

    Welcome to DarkOT 7.4! DarkOT is hosted in France Website: Darkot.eu This game is a replica of Tibia at state of 7.4 with some modifications to make the game more interesting! For example a few of the most popular things about 7.4! No protection zone on boats You can't walk up on 2 parcels...
  19. Fox Rother

    TFS Architecture

    Hey, everybody! I'm trying to understand TFS' architecture, but as I'm still a n00b in C++ (currently reading the Deitels), I thought someone more experienced would like to share their knowledge on its innerworkings. I'm very interested in contributing. It doesn't need to be very detailed...
  20. Amiroo

    [France] [7.40] DarkOT [Beta Version] [No Pay To Win] [Guild Wars] [Online Now]

    !! Remember This Is Only A Beta Version Official Date is not Released Yet !! Welcome to DarkOT 7.4! DarkOT is hosted in France Website: Darkot.eu This game is a replica of Tibia at state of 7.4 with some modifications to make the game more interesting! For example a few of the most popular...