1. kuhi

    Graphic Designer My Steam Gift Card for your sprites

    Hello, I have some money in Steam I don't know how to withdraw without paying crazy fees... As I'm also interested in some sprites, maybe any designer is interested in Steam money :)
  2. weto

    I'm open for comissionsed sprites works!

    Heeey people, are you ready for get pretty dope sprites into your server? F**k yeah you are! Now take your bills and throw they at me, because I'M READY TO MAKE THE COOLEST GRAPHICS YOU EVER SEEM!! Hellye What you can wait for me? All my dedication, if you need some tips and an opinion from a...
  3. e.e

    Programmer Otclient hire or collab and various small C/C++ and Python tasks (budget total: ~$500)

    Hello everyone. I'm a self-taught systems developer looking for positive and chill/friendly/professional developers with an intermediate or better experience who are looking for collaboration opportunities or (paid) work. Paid jobs: Looking for tutors that can help me learn Portuguese and...
  4. Vingart

    Naruto-based sprites

    Hey, here I am going to show my sprites based on naruto recent work old pack scenery *PS:The scenery was not totally done by me, and are still incomplete, but I still want to show them to try to show how I would adapt the world of naruto inside the tibia
  5. e.e

    OpenTibia SPR Replacement Project

    Hey again everyone. Backstory: So @Peonso has already got the first Open Source Sprites project going called "OpenTibia Sprite Pack". This is a decent project with a lot of high quality sprites which are not to be underestimated in that regard. However, the way he's set it all up is pretty...
  6. Kaspar

    The Tavern of Kaspar's Amateur Sprites

    Art is not my thing. I've never tried to learn creating sprites before, but today I was bored so I thought: why not? I'll probably upload more sprites whenever I'm bored again. But here you go, my first own sprite ever. 1. a split-blade sword made of emerald with a leather grip Oh and if...
  7. weto

    Gallery of Dreams by Weto

    If you want more things like this made only for YOU, don't let your chance to contact me pass on! Check out my profile for more info. Stay tunned here for some updates!
  8. namco

    How to resize/zoom sprites NO BLURRY EDGES EDITION

    Software: Adobe Photoshop
  9. H

    Extracted sprites from client 11+

    I would appreciate if someone could possibly give me extracted sprites form tibia 11 - 11.50. Unfortunately, despite many attempts, I couldn't export the LZMA files in any way.
  10. S

    Graphic Designer SadBoy Spriter Service

    Hello guys, i'm spriter and i come to offer my services in this area. I can make almost everything: -Items -Scenery -Objects -Creatures -Outfits My jobs: SadBoy Galery If they have interest, to contact me for more details using private message on this forum. Obs.: payment only paypal
  11. Jack Of Spades

    Ask me a Sprite

    Hi people, I've been far from spriting for a couple years, as an way to get back in my old shape, I'm willing to do some exercises. ask me a simple sprite and I'll make it. I won't do huge things as, anime stuff, movements, animations, and stuff like that. Well, lets move it on! Feel free to...
  12. L

    Ajuda em sprite

    Can you help me where to find this sprite? What is this and what to do anywhere that is a person who would like to get my Tibia server these log sprites. Can someone tell me? THX
  13. DawTorr

    Graphic Designer Fast spriting!!!

    Only now! I can make new sprites of items for your project, or just refresh your old sprites! My price? 1item=1$!!!! ***PayPal***Only now! (I just need 30$ for Arduino soo, let's go!) Free db sprites:
  14. Nosferatu88

    What's best editing program for sprites and pixelart?

    What's best editing program for sprites and pixelart? What you use ? Is there any other editors outside classic graphics programs?
  15. namco

    Work in progress... Namco's Gallery

    Hello! I am an A r t i s t since ever. This thread aims to expose my work and studies. Hope you enjoy following my evolution line : ) Your feedback is very important to me! f f f f f Re-reading of TibiaME sprites (64x64 to 32x32). Study purposes.
  16. LordVissie

    Some free-2-use stone tile sprites.

    Yo guys, I kinda stepped away from OT but I still had these few sprites lying around. There wasn't really a sprite sub-forum in the downloads/resources topics so I thought I would post em here. Just move it instead of deleting plx @mods. If anyone wants to use them for their server or smthing...
  17. Madarada

    Graphic Designer [Madara] Spriting Service

    Hello everyone. I'm sprites and pixel artist for almost five years and today i'm finally opening my job thread for everybody. About me: I've been studying pixel art and spriting since 2012, and developed my own style of spriting.I always try to put a lot of details and contrast. I strive...
  18. Anevis

    Ever been limited in mapping by not having proper sprites?

    Hello guys! I'm a pixel/sprite artist. I made this thread to have a discussion on: *How were you limited by lack of proper sprites in mapping. *Or how your vision wasn't possible due to lack of assets (not suitable walls, objects, borders, textures or animations). *What would you add to map...
  19. L

    Need help to create new Spr file

    Hello, Im creating a new server, with 100% new sprites. But I dont know how to do this without replace sprites. I was seraching in the Forum, but dont found it. Somebody can help me ? Thanks on advance.