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  1. B

    [BRAZIL] [8.60] - BRTibia Server 100% Custom Map - EXP STAGES - HARD SERVER - MOUNTS - NEW ITENS

    BrTibia Online (http://brtibia.online/) Come and meet BRTibia, a server with over 10 years of history, many wars and fun! 100% Custom Map Version 8.60 15+ Cities 15+ Unique Quests Roshamuul, Gray Island and Oramond present on the server (with updated sprites) Fully balanced vocations...
  2. Clickzz

    Clickz Spriting Showcase

    Greetings all OTlanders So.. latley i've been looking on some Spriting threads here in OTland and i got really inspired! I have never ever did something like this before but i have allways wanted to make my own cool sprites. So today i started to learn me how it works. Atleast a very little...
  3. geragera

    Sprites design_by_gera Instagram

    I'm starting a project that I will create a website for sales of sprites at a low cost, all sprites animated and in a new character structure INSTAGRAM - design_by_gera on this instagram I have a video on IGTV that has a link with an image to be downloaded on MEGA, that has images to train the...
  4. Oneda

    Oneda's Gallery [Free to use]

    In contribution to the community just as @marek12, the sprites posted on this topic will be free for everyone to use. Keep in mind I am still learning and sprites will NOT be perfect, will appreciate any criticism that will help me improve. Thanks in advance, Oneda. First outfit I ever made...
  5. potinho

    TFS 0.X Problem to add new custom items - Item editor

    Hi guys, I'm trying to customize items for my 7.72 server, but I didn't find any OTB Editor that works after I customize the DAT file using Object Builder. Could someone point me to an Item Editor that works on this version? After I change the DAT file, any item editor that I use loads the...
  6. Keviino

    Violet Vampire Shield

    I created a Violet Vampire Shield, just for fun and it was my first attempt to change the colours of an item. If someone is interest in that one, just let me know :D
  7. EarthMother

    First Cusom Outfit, (frankenspriting) + Handgun=Berreta. "Give it a rating from 1-10.

    Hello! I have created and implemented my own sprites and outfit today. Please give it a rating from 1-10 (The outfit is also animated N,E,S,W) "ANY QUESTIONS? feel free to contact me." Edit: I have too add, the outfit is an frankensprite and if you haven't heard that term I'll explain it to...
  8. Vetto

    Vetto's art room (begginer)

    Hello Otlanders! I am new here as well as new with the sprites, so feel free to leave some critique 😉. I am mostly "working" on 32x32 graphics. I'll leave here some of my works and if you like'em don't hesitate to use them in your project.
  9. nugo

    Purple Outline around a cropped sprite in object builder

    Trying to add some custom sprites and never had an issue doing it except for this sprite sheet. When i crop the image it puts purple lines around the object in the field to the right. They show up like it in game aswell doest appear to happen when i test it in the animation editor Any...
  10. Rozrabiaka

    Tibia 7.4 with sprites 8.x help please./ Pomocy

    Hello all. Is anyone able to help me or explain how to do the old version Addons Items, Addons Outfit/Outfit ( With retro). Its better make downgrade from 8.x to 7.4 or something like that. Im a laik, but i have zeal to make this. I have one good datapack 7.72. I remake now with my partner free...
  11. TibiCAM

    [OTHire 7.72] Using 7.4 graphics

    Hello, I've decided to switch up from the old Avesta 7.4 to OTHire 7.72. But I want to use OTHire (7.72) with the 7.4 graphics. I've seen numerous posts regarding that but everyone says different things. I now wonder if anyone has an exact guide on how to do that? I tried to use the...
  12. Nu77

    [C++/Lua/Sprites] Null's Services

    Hello people! I’m available to commissioned work and Long/Short term. I'm a programmer very experienced with C++ and Lua. If you are seeking quality with good prices, then i'm your guy! I'll be able to work with both TFS & OTC and provide high quality code with awesome performance for both of...
  13. Fifflaren

    New sprites in rme

    Hello Otland, I know this question have been asked quite alot over the years and I have tried following the threads I could find but I still have the problem that RME wont register new sprites :( I do have the same Tibia.spr in rme as the pics say. But is it something Im missing, do I need to...
  14. SeeingBlue

    Machine Learning -> Generating Pixel Art

    I came across an article recently that discussed using neural networks to produce pixel art. https://medium.com/@ageitgey/abusing-generative-adversarial-networks-to-make-8-bit-pixel-art-e45d9b96cee7 So I thought why not see if I can reproduce this. Feed a neural network all the swords in Tibia...
  15. kuhi

    Graphic Designer My Steam Gift Card for your sprites

    Hello, I have some money in Steam I don't know how to withdraw without paying crazy fees... As I'm also interested in some sprites, maybe any designer is interested in Steam money :)
  16. weto

    I'm open for comissionsed sprites works!

    Heeey people, are you ready for get pretty dope sprites into your server? F**k yeah you are! Now take your bills and throw they at me, because I'M READY TO MAKE THE COOLEST GRAPHICS YOU EVER SEEM!! Hellye What you can wait for me? All my dedication, if you need some tips and an opinion from a...
  17. e.e

    Programmer Otclient hire or collab and various small C/C++ and Python tasks (budget total: ~$500)

    Hello everyone. I'm a self-taught systems developer looking for positive and chill/friendly/professional developers with an intermediate or better experience who are looking for collaboration opportunities or (paid) work. Paid jobs: Looking for tutors that can help me learn Portuguese and...
  18. Vingart

    Naruto-based sprites

    Hey, here I am going to show my sprites based on naruto recent work old pack scenery *PS:The scenery was not totally done by me, and are still incomplete, but I still want to show them to try to show how I would adapt the world of naruto inside the tibia
  19. e.e

    OpenTibia SPR Replacement Project

    Hey again everyone. Backstory: So @Peonso has already got the first Open Source Sprites project going called "OpenTibia Sprite Pack". This is a decent project with a lot of high quality sprites which are not to be underestimated in that regard. However, the way he's set it all up is pretty...
  20. Kaspar

    The Tavern of Kaspar's Amateur Sprites

    Art is not my thing. I've never tried to learn creating sprites before, but today I was bored so I thought: why not? I'll probably upload more sprites whenever I'm bored again. But here you go, my first own sprite ever. 1. a split-blade sword made of emerald with a leather grip Oh and if...