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  1. P

    [Canary 13.21] manage_storage.lua usage doesn't seem to find proper key-values.

    Hey there, Info: Canary 13.21 No general changes to code or scripts. Sometimes I'm having some issues with quest states, which seems perfectly natural, bugs do occur. I tend to troubleshoot these in order to find what path works and what doesn't in terms of the quest and if I can fix it in...
  2. donabimbo

    TFS 1.X Counter starts when the player has a storage.

    Greetings, I was thinking of making a counter by getting a storage. When getting for example the storage 4000, start a counter with its days, hours, minutes and seconds. This is an example: when saying !time, tell me the player has storage since 4 hours, 6 minutes and 17 seconds. It is to know...
  3. Z

    TFS 0.X Add a storage to another player by params

    0.4 Hi guys, I'm having a little trouble trying to do this. This spell add a storage to a player, and after 15 seconds, the storage backs to -1. I'm trying to use spells params=1 in spells.xml, just like exura sio and such, but it does not seem to work. function onCastSpell(cid, var)...
  4. skovdoto

    onUse getstorage and remove item

    Hello, I'm making a script and I need some help, apparently it's not working. The function is when he uses an item X in loc X, Y, Z on a wall this item will be removed and he will gain a storage. Someone have idea? local bone = Action() function bone.onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target...
  5. almirtibiaalmir

    blank questlog

    Hello, i tryed the questlog step by step tutorial -> [Configuration] How to make a working Quest Log (https://otland.net/threads/configuration-how-to-make-a-working-quest-log.143683/) tfs 1.5 nekiros downgrade. the quest works now, and the quest update appears, but the questlog is still...
  6. almirtibiaalmir

    NPC Mission Storage TFS 1.5 Nekiros downgrade

    Hello everyone, i tryed this tutorial, to learn how to create quests. TFS 1.X+ - Guide step by step to quest & quest log (https://otland.net/threads/guide-step-by-step-to-quest-quest-log.279878/) I have a problem with the npc script: local keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local...
  7. Zarosiano

    [TFS 1.4.2]Could someone review this code for me?[HELP]

    So friends, this is the code.lua of an npc. He recognizes the storage and the item, takes the item and says something. I tested it, it works in relation to reading the item, removing it, but in the part That text doesn't appear on the NPC, just an empty box. I'm learning how to create code so...
  8. El Man

    AAC Storage Myaac

    I have problem in myaac character.php i add this code the storage not appear in website .. should relogin character to appear storage anyhelp.? 1667409012 Example .. i give player storage value ,100 and its should appear in website value = 100 still not appear before relogin. after...
  9. TheMaxwellGates

    RevScripts TFS 1.3 - Storage Timer Countdown Talkaction

    Hi, friends. I would ask if someone could please help me with a script I was searching and couldn't find anywhere. :p I need a talkaction (!bosstimer) that once the player send the command, it shows a modal window with the current cooldown to fight the bosses again. Let me give some details...
  10. Z

    Lua How to sum storages

    0.4 Hi guys, I had an idea about a cool system, but this idea will require me to sum storages, like this. Player kill a monster and gain some storage value, like 2, so if he had (14000, -1), now it would be (14000, 1), and if he killed another monsters, (14000, 3), and so on I already have...
  11. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Use only if you have "X" storage

    Good evening, how to make it possible to use a certain item only if you have "X" storage? I have an action that gives the player a storage, but I only want it to be able to use it if it already has another storage (313722) = 1. local storage = 396122 function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition...
  12. Shadowman321

    What's the reason you can't set storage to -1?

    What is the reasoning for this if? https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/blob/e6840b19ddf9e3b1a3795554455318da5e45253b/src/player.cpp#L684-L707 I understand, that default value of -1 is returned if there is no storage defined. But you can freely set value to other negative negative numbers...
  13. potinho

    Lua [OTX 2] Talk NPC if only have Storage

    How to add storage veryfication on talk with NPC? I want to put some NPCs to increase RPG who only answar if player has storage "xxx". How to do that?
  14. Z

    Lua GetPlayerStorageValue Scrolls - Nostalrius

    I've been looking for actions to add to nostalrius, but unfortunately I haven't found one that works. I believe the PlayerStorageValue is different. So I have a question, and a request. If anyone has the code ready for: Blue Djinn and Green Djinn access Postman Access Bless Scroll XP scroll...
  15. Jaki Maoh

    NPC Storage checker NPC "Removedemon"

    Hello community! I really needed a way to check the player storages and as I could not find a simple way to do that, ended up creating this NPC that has helped me a lot already. If anyone is interested in doing some quest or really any kind of script that uses storages, this could be handy...
  16. ZeroSkyer

    Lua global storage permanent

    Hello I am making a script to give a mount to the first 100 players that enter my server. The mount part is ready, but how can I end the event? Think of a globalstorage that adds up to 100 and when it is greater than or equal to 100 the script would stop working. It works in fact, but in the...
  17. DukeeH

    AAC [MyAAC] - 3 Problems with Storages and Guilds.

    I'm trying to show rebirths on highscores box and characters page on MyAAC (Last version). {% set rows = rows + 1 %} <tr bgcolor="{{ getStyle(rows) }}"> <td>Resets:</td> <td>{{ player.getStorage(14310) }}</td> </tr> On characters page i've tried this, but no success. Always blank. I found this...
  18. H

    Lua Storage Outfit OtHire 7.72 problem

    Hi everyone! I've got problem with storage outfits. For example: when somebody bought elf outfit through the shop from site, he can change outfit in client. If someone will have storage, let's set up 20001 This will be able to choose a necromancer in the set Anybody can help me with this?:)
  19. War-Ots

    Solved Storage System explanation

    Helo guys, I hope is everyone doing well :) I have been studying TFS again recently and i am currenctly building a server (ending a project). I already have managed to implement some stuff based on study i have been making here in otland and also reading code, testing etc. I am currently...
  20. potinho

    Remove Storage Value After 30 days

    Hiho everybody, im hosting a 7.6 server (TFS 0.4) and have a action for vip scroll (its working), but VIP stays forever, i need when a player use the vip scroll, keep storage 30009 for 30 days, after this time remove. Following my LUA archive for vip: function onUse(cid, item, frompos, item2...