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  1. zbizu

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.3] updated Slot System

    this but updated (no backwards compability) example set generated by player:generateSetTest(): example use: local it = player:addItem(2125, 1) it:setMaxSockets(3) it:addStat("HP", "+2%") it:addStat("Sword", "+2") it:removeStat(2) -- removes sword buff changelog: compatibility with tfs...
  2. Asemekal

    Paygol - don't receive points.

    I need help configuring Paygol on Gesior 0.3.6 For help i pay with Paypal or Paysafecard - whoever prefers. If you can help write here or priv.
  3. Nekiro

    Stat system

    This system was originally written for @Lucifer by me long time ago, he paid for it and has full credits to it. He messaged me, that he won't use it anymore and wants to release it. He told me that I should do it, so I'm doing it. This code was tested and does work with TFS 1.3, it should also...
  4. Sarah Wesker

    My Autoloot System for TFS 0.4

    I recognize that there are already some systems that deal with the same, but this had been saved for some time and I want to share it with you now more than ever, as I plan to resume my stay as a scriptwriter, so this will be a good start. thanks! go to their folder "mods" and create a new file...
  5. C

    + Chance Loot System

    Hello. I'm trying to make a system that increases the chance of loot. Anyone know if there is any function in 1.3 to set?
  6. Apollos

    Action [TFS 1.X] Train/Ore Wagon System

    Features: Set your own speed of wagon Option to prohibit player from leaving track during transit Goes up and down stairs/holes Supports multiple uses at the same time Credit to @Mock for the inspiration to rewrite my own version. Notes: Using loops in track may cause infinite looping Does...
  7. 1

    Bug in War of Emperium System

    Firstly sorry for my bad english: I've installed the Woe System in my Otserv, but when the empes die, these bugs appear > Broadcasted message: "one of Pre-Empes have been broken...". [17:17:02.671] [Error - CreatureScript Interface] [17:17:02.671] domodlib('Loot_func') [17:17:02.671] function...
  8. Togu

    OTClient and Cast System

    Im thinking on give a try to make that. I've seen that OTClient has lua calls for almost everything, for example, on skill window module: connect(LocalPlayer, { onExperienceChange = onExperienceChange, onLevelChange = onLevelChange, onHealthChange = onHealthChange...
  9. H

    Skills Points

    CreatureEvent - [TFS 1.1] Skill Points, modalwindow (https://otland.net/threads/tfs-1-1-skill-points-modalwindow.229280/) Hello, I'm using the skill points script for this link. I just wanted a help, when the player passes lvl, it does not appear that he won the "points" but the points go to...
  10. ClassicTiba

    [France] [7.72] [ClassicTibia] [Lowrate 2X] [PvP-Enforced System]

    [Release Date] 2018-10-19 18.00 CEST 100% Free to play ClassicTibia --Connection-- Website: Classictibia.net ----------------------- --Rates-- Experience 2.0 x Enforced Experience 2.0 x Skill 2.0 x Magic 1.0 x Loot: 2.0 x Regeneration 2.0 x ----------------------- ClassicTibia partly uses some...
  11. Togu

    NPC [TFS 1.3] Bank NPC

    Since the original forgottenserver on GitHub doesn't have an Bank NPC, I will post that one that I made getting some codes on the internet. Using this feature I've found many functions, they deserve the credits: orts/server You will have to add on data/lib/core/player.lua: pasteBin function...
  12. bitupx

    System Clan (Advanced Guild)

    World Of Shinobi Latin America Otx 2.9, 10.35 Hello Friends of Otland especially Tibia Creator and FanTibia Today I come to request a script based on a system similar to the war by guild system but this has several requirements such as: Guild By Storage assigned by an Npc, I require 7 Guild...
  13. rwxsu

    CreatureEvent [TFS 1.2] Task System

    Task System For TFS 1.2 Features: * You can add as many tasks as you want * You can add as many rewards as you want for each task * You can add multiple monsters to a task, so it registers the kill on different monsters (e.g. dragon and dragon lord) * You can change the name of the task * You...
  14. K

    C++ I need to adapt system

    Can anyone help me adapt this to TFS 1.3? monsters.cpp monster.h monster.cpp map.cpp configmanager.h configmanager.cpp [/SPOILER]
  15. luq14

    TFS 0.X A small problem with NPC system which I cant solve by my own.

    Hey I have a problem with my npc system. When I want to sell for example 100x spider silk, its not readable. I can sell only 1x item in the slot. And second problem is that when I write hi, he sends message both in default and in NPCs channel shopModule:addSellableItem({'spider silk'...
  16. nevereq

    Lua TFS 1.2 Attributes dsn't work/ how to add attributes

    Hello! I want to add Upgrade System to my server but its look like attributes dsn't work. I tried to find some script which can add attributes for this version of TFS but i cant... Maybe someone has the same problem with this and knows how to do it? I want to edit this script(enchanting by...
  17. L

    Lua reward_system(reward container boss) dont functionality

    hello everybody i have server with TFS 1.2 and dont functionality reward system if killin the boss Open dead = not owner Open container = empty box Terminal errors: Lua Script Error: [Modules Interface] data/modules/scripts/expertpvp/fightmodes.lua:onRecvbyte...
  18. nevereq

    Skill Upgrading Stones for Equipment

    I've found only this one, but i dont know how to change anything... maybe someone got simplier version? Hello! Im looking for Upgrade system with different types of upgrade. / or few scripts. - ID:[aaaa] - adds 1mlvl to the item - ID:[bbbb] - adds 1dist to the item - ID:[cccc] - adds 1melee...
  19. Lucas Primo

    [Order] Faction System

    Hello guys! I wish help to create a faction system for TFS 1.3 The idea: to have two NPCs, when taking an item to the NPC (A) it allows you to be part of the ALLIANCE faction, and by taking certain item to the NPC (B) it allows you to be part of the REBEL By being part of the faction there...
  20. ScorpionOT

    Quest System for 7.4 Realots

    -- Author: Rodrigo (Nottinghster) - (OTLand, OTFans, XTibia, OTServBR) -- Country: Brazil -- From: Tibia World RPG OldSchool -- Email: [email protected] -- Compiler: Tibia World Script Maker (Action) -- ScorpionOT -- 4360 4368 4363 quest -- 4329 pick -- 4328...