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  1. J

    !pz tfs 0.4 Tibia 8.6 problem

    Hello Guys I use Script function onSay(cid, words, param, channel) if not getCreatureCondition(cid, CONDITION_INFIGHT) then -- before is hasCondition. return doPlayerSendCancel(cid, "You Don't Have Pz") and doSendMagicEffect(getThingPos(cid), 2) end doPlayerSendTextMessage(cid...
  2. J

    Auctionssystem problem

    Hello guy I have problem with auctionsystem TFS0.4 When I say !offer add, plate armor, 500, I dont have Item and no add item to Site server somebody can help me?please Script local config = { levelRequiredToAdd = 20, maxOffersPerPlayer = 5, SendOffersOnlyInPZ = true...
  3. shakal1994

    Lua talkaction /say players

    Hello everybody For starters, I'm using TFS 1.2, downgrade celohe to 8.0 I wanted a talkaction that players would send a global message, for x value of gold coins and a configured minute level Would a kind soul have something like that?
  4. J

    Cast Problem

    Client 8.6 Engine OTX Hello I have a problem ,I have error in console and cast not working can somebody help me ?please. Is write Cast Started ,but when I open second client I dont see my cast Error in console is : Script talkaction :
  5. Z

    Lua How to create a Store moldule what is the program ?

    Bonjour les gars, je cherche un système de magasin de modules pour mon client mais j'aimerais savoir quel programme est utilisé pour le faire J'aimerais apprendre à le faire à partir de zéro si possible, je ne veux pas faire une boutique compliquée , j'en veux juste une qui fonctionne. Je...
  6. TheMaxwellGates

    RevScripts TFS 1.3 - Storage Timer Countdown Talkaction

    Hi, friends. I would ask if someone could please help me with a script I was searching and couldn't find anywhere. :p I need a talkaction (!bosstimer) that once the player send the command, it shows a modal window with the current cooldown to fight the bosses again. Let me give some details...
  7. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Trade Offline - Limit count offer

    Good afternoon guys, how are you? Could you help me with my offline auction script? It works fine, but I discovered a problem: my server only accepts stacking 21 items, if a player buys (or removes an offer) with more than 21 items and is not using a BP, it only returns 21 items falled in...
  8. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Info Command - Error with specifics monster

    I have this script to show monster life, exp and loots: function ExistMonsterByName(name) -- by vodka local monster = io.open("data/monster/monsters.xml", "r"):read("*all") local get = monster:lower():match('name="' .. name:lower() ..'"') if get == nil or get == "" then...
  9. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Find player by IP

    Hello everybody, I want to find a player searching by ip, to help me to check some things in my server, but talkaction its not response a correct value. I search my ip and other players, result its empty, no errors in console. Follow talkaction: function onSay(cid, words, param, channel) str...
  10. Adorius Black

    Lua Talkaction !stopexp [TFS 1.4]

    Hi. I just imagine if its possible to create talkaction for stop gaining exp like in World of Warcraft twink. For example I exp to 18 level and after I write !stopexp and i will gain in future 0 exp from every monster and player(pvp enfo) I killed.
  11. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Training AFK Script - Kicking char

    Good morning people, everything fine? I have a talkaction on the server that is an afk workout, eats food, releases magic and should have an anti-idle, but it doesn't always work correctly. Occasionally I get complaints from players who report that they had their char kicked. Could you help me...
  12. C

    Lua Attempting to understand the Purse (TFS 1.4)

    Goal: I want a player to be able to always have a specific item in their purse which never moves. With this item, I'm going to setup an onUse script to pop-up a modalWindow for various things. This will function as a low effort custom menu within OTClient. Issue: I'm not able to figure out how...
  13. Adorius Black

    Lua [TFS 1+] !exiva on/off

    Hi OTLanders. I'm browsing otserver webpages to insiped myself with something and I came across an interesting feature which has one ots. !exiva on/off - lets say its only for vocation Sorcerer and it works like that: when you use: !exiva off - nobody can exiva you but when you use: !exiva on...
  14. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Talkaction that sends items to the Depot

    I need a talkaction that sends a certain item (my choice) to the DP of all players (online and offline). I've tested some but they have some bugs or don't work. can you help me? Talkaction example: /additem 2160,10 Add 10 crystal coins (id 2160) for all players.
  15. potinho

    Lua [TFS 0.X] Talkaction to eat food and cast spell

    I played a very interesting server (tibia-old.com) that had a talkaction system that worked like this: !auto >> 20:26 Parameters are necessary: !auto spellwords, requiredManaToUse>. Use <!auto off> or <!auto exura, 25> for example. !auto exura,2000 >> 20:27 You are also automatically eating...
  16. Yan18

    [TFS 1.3] How to Remove Words from Players When Say a TalkAction

    Hello folks I want to know how to "hide" or don't show words when a player says a talkactions. For example, a player says "!online" and the comand "!online" cannot show at the screen. Other players can't see the comand from another player.
  17. Jaki Maoh

    RevScripts [TFS1.X+] Achievements talkactions script?

    Hello community! I followed this thread: Darkhaos Achievements LIB/Talkaction Changed some functions to try and make it work but unsurprisingly, did not manage. So I decided to call you experts for help. ;) Could someone make/share a working talkaction just like @Evil Puncker's that checkes...
  18. Sarah Wesker

    [TFS 1.3] Teleport Command - !tp <dest>

    data/scripts/teleportcommand.lua local destinations = { -- please use lower case names --["place name"] = { position=Position(100, 100, 7), inPz=true, level=100, infight=false } ["temple"] = { position=Position(3191, 1809, 7) }, ["depot"] = { position=Position(3190, 1800, 7) }...
  19. potinho

    TFS 0.X [7.6] Vip Days left

    I have a vip script that works great and gives the player 30 days of VIP. I would like to create a command (talkaction) that the player can see how much VIP time he still has. Follow my VIP scroll action: local vipStorage = 30009 local vipDays = 30 function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition...
  20. Z

    Lua Title system

    Hello. I'm using 0.4 I need something like this: Player receive a storage and then gain a title below his name. I got this part, works just fine. But, I need a talkaction where the player types !title and then show all his titles. He can also use "!title "something"" to change titles, if he...