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tibia 8.6

  1. Wolfsoft

    Classic 8.6 Tibia from 2010 year.

    Hello friends! Well, we have been working on the server for some time in a small group of friends. It is a 8.6 version server with a real map. We fixed a lot of things and bugs that were on the map as well as in the script codes. Our goal from the very beginning was to reproduce the game from...
  2. Gahenna

    [CANADA][8.6] Fenix Baiak

    INAUGURATION 07/08/2021 / WE WILL WAIT AT THE INAUGURATION! Welcome to Fenix-baiak -> Version: 8.6 -> IP: Fenix-baiak.online Port: 7171 -> Customer Own Skill Rate: 20x Magic Rate: 7x Exp Rate: 400x (rates) Baiak super edited with an excellent map and balanced vocations. Map baiak, quests...
  3. Daniel Kopeć

    TFS 0.X War Castle Problem

    The guild that won the castle can enter the castle and exp. It works fine. But the problem is that players who are not in the guild can enter the castle and exp also too. Only players who are in the guild but do not own the castle cannot enter. piece of script w-castle MOD: <action...
  4. Sir Ivory


    Hello OTLand community!!! Our server is now open alpha for OTLanders and everyone to come play on. Register today and get your say in how the RPG progresses. Report bugs in-game to earn premium tokens and test out the server to it's fullest potential. Our guarantee to you: All donation...
  5. G

    [Global ] REAL MAP! New server low-mid rate (8.6) Questions

    Hi, We are starting a new server in the coming month and have a few questions that we would like to ask you, the community. We are starting a serious low-mid rate 8.6 server. But we have some questions that we would like to ask the community. We as developers want to have a serious "longer"...
  6. Forkz

    Programmer New Mount System 8.6

    Hello Otlanders, Since a lot of people still use Tibia 8.6 for projects, decide to think of a mount system for the 8.6 client! Well, the first part consists of adding mount within the 8.6 client with the respective mounts, this has already been done. Second part consists of doing the scripts...
  7. Mister Budex

    [France] [8.60] BudexOT - Custom OT PvP-E | War & RPG & Fun | Starts 08th January 18:00 CET

    Dear Players, We are happy to announce that BudexOT is launching on Friday, January 8th, 20:00 PM (CET). BudexOT is an Custom Evolution OT PvP-E 8.60, server created for a pleasant and smooth gameplay for our dedicated players, a fun OT which can bring you into old awesome memories, feel free to...
  8. Alberto Cabrera

    Items are not stacked [OTX] 2.15

    Hi people, could someone help me, the items are not stacked, only the first one is stacked, why? Could someone tell me where I should compile that? first of all, thank you Bug Stack Item [OTX] 2.15
  9. jondropss

    TFS 0.X how to remove smoke effect from exhaust

    hello otland friends, i wanna know if is possible to remove the exhaust effect - smoke, when a skill is exhausted and instead shows a message in the Log ... do you have any idea if it is possible? and if there is already a tutorial for me to follow? or just removing the smoke effect would help...
  10. jondropss

    TFS 0.X Critical Hit Chance with Bug items tile on Client

    I used this tutorial to put a chance on my 8.6 tfs 0.4 server, Feature - Critical Chance Hit (https://otland.net/threads/critical-chance-hit.115609/) I installed this system on my source 8.6 tfs 0.4 ---- Everything compiled correctly. However, when you enter the server, my char is...
  11. jondropss

    TFS 0.X Double Exp and 2x Loot daily random monster - v8.6 / Tfs 0.4

    hello friends from otland, would you be aware of a script that selected one monster per day that could double exp and double loot? thanks king regards
  12. jondropss

    (BUG .lua) Script that centers Sprite

    Hello otland friends. I am using a script to centralize the spell sprites on my narutibia server. Version 8.6 Tfs 0.4 However ... when using this script, the weapon stops damaging ... only the centralized effects sprites are showing, but without damage. Could someone help me? ---> SCRIPT I'M...
  13. Mohazaki

    [Germany] [8.6] [RlVanoria] - [Custom] Real-Map

    - We are launching our SERVER on: Friday, 12 June 2020 , 18:00 PM - We are so happy, because we added a lot of new quests and new spawns, we have also added new scripts to make it easier to use our custom client. So you have to download the client to be ready IP: RlvanoriaOt - Port: 7171 -...
  14. CruelOT

    [Canada] [Custom 8.6] Cruel-OT | Custom Evo Edited Server | Already Started!!

    IP: cruelot.ddns.net Client: 8.6 (Custom client) Host: Canada...
  15. 3104016

    [Sweden][Custom][PandoraOT]HOT!! | OTLand

    We are launching our SERVER on: Sunday, 10/05, 16:00 CEST! welcome to PandoraOTS , we know that most of you love to play our server and that no doubt will play in our reopening, this time we are coming back with everything and more experiences, the last time we opened and we beat a record of 250...
  16. Namikaze


  17. guida0123

    [HELP] TFS 0.4

    Hello people. i am in need of a tfs 0.4 without limit of effects. and with% health and mana, compiled in linux. because mine is in trouble and is causing leg on my server, could someone help me please?
  18. vinera0ot

    [Poland] [8.6] Xanteria | Custom evo map | OTLand

    We are launching our SERVER on: 15/03/2020 18:00 Xanteria New Season With A Great Update. Custom map Constantly updated 100% ORIGINAL Map, 7 cities,1000+ houses. & NEW Quests Constant Events And Competitions! Balanced Vocations With WaR System... Have Fun And Free Points System From Levels...
  19. vinera0ot

    [Poland] [8.6] [RlvanoriaOT] Real-Map

    We are so happy, because we added a lot of new quests and new spawns, we have also added new scripts to make it easier to use our custom client. So you have to download the client to be ready IP: Rlvanoria.ddns.net - Port: 7171 - Version: 8.60 - RlVanoria Client: Download Free 4 Mounts And...
  20. bury

    [France] Oraclum 8.6 | Edited RL map | opening 17/12/2019 18.00 CET | Already started!

    ~Ip~: oraclum.net ~Port~: 7171 ~Client~: Tibia 8.60 ~Uptime~: 24/7 ~Hosted in~: France, on a dedicated server with 100 mbits Internet connection, i7 6700k and 18 GB RAM* ~Website~: Latestnews - Oraclum ~Exp rate~: Stages ~Server Info~: Server Info ~Forum~: Forum ~Map~: Edited RL + 4 new cities...