1. damian00912

    [Poland] [12.66] Giveria RPG CUSTOM Real Map Monday 11 November Start!

    Welcome to Open Global-Tibia server Giveria that is being developed and tested by a professional team for the past seven years, each edition last at least one year or more! Best and most complete High Rate EU Open Tibia Server on today's stage and we will always keep our work with the latest...
  2. szatan1x

    [FRANCE] [8.6] Karamy | START SATURDAY 16:00 | WAR OTS

    On October 26 at 16:00 POLISH TIME Karamy-War under protocol 8.6 will begin! IP: karamy-war.com PORT: 7171 Client: 8.60 Vocation Balance Karamy server has one of the best OTS server balance, the mass of guilds have made significant contributions to creating it for years! UE Lock&WAVE...
  3. N

    [Poland] [8.54] Legacy of Naruto Online | START: 18.10.2019

    Legacy Of Naruto Online Info: Client: 8.54/CUSTOM Uptime: 24/7 Website: www.lononline.pl Dedicated Host: Warsaw (PvP-Enfo Server) Experience & Magic & Skill Rates: Exp: 1x Magic Rate: 2x Skill Rate: 2x Loot Rate: 1x Pvp Info: Enfo Rate: 2x Push delay: 1sec Stairhop delay: 0,5sec FABULAR...
  4. O

    [CANADA] [Custom] TibiaAvatar.com

    TibiaAvatar.com (Saturday, 12 October at 13:00 UTC-3) Main motivations to enter the world Avatar: • 4 vocations mirrored in the Avatar anime - Fire Bender, Water Bender, Air Bender and Earth Bender. • Possibility to have your vocation promoted - Fire Lord, Tribal Chief Water, Air Monk and Dai...
  5. Tatuy1

    [8.6] [OTServ] Guia3d (Latest)

    Guia3d Guia3d is a free MMORPG emulation, that creates a own gameworld server, based on the CIPSoft's Tibia version 8.60. It is a fork of the OpenTibia Server project. Getting Started Flags calculator HERE. otserv(schema-mysql).sql default account // password is tibia // tibia. The oldest...
  6. Amiroo

    [France] [7.40] DarkOT [Beta Version] [No Pay To Win] [Guild Wars] [Online Now]

    !! Remember This Is Only A Beta Version Official Date is not Released Yet !! Welcome to DarkOT 7.4! DarkOT is hosted in France Website: Darkot.eu This game is a replica of Tibia at state of 7.4 with some modifications to make the game more interesting! For example a few of the most popular...
  7. wearetibia

    [CANADA] [Custom / 7.4] WeAreTibia Battle Of Worlds 2 | Reborn System | EU Proxy | 28 SEPTEMBER 18:00

    Server Website/AAC : WeAreTibia - Latestnews (https://wearetibia.com/) WIKI : WAT Wiki (https://wiki.wearetibia.com/) Server Address : wearetibia.com Hosted in Canada with EU proxy Server port: 7171 Client : 7.4/own custom client 1. In order to participate for the $3000 usd first price, you...
  8. Stellow

    [7.4] D2 Server with automated infrastructure setup, compilation and provisioning. Deploy all with few clicks

    Hi *, Follows the repository of the D2 Server. It is based on OTHire 0.0.2. Some features include: full 7.4 features cast tasks guild war expanded real map, including Yalahar market conjured runes hunted system [external repository] mobile app This project automates the setup of your...
  9. Nekiro

    Feature Elfbot auto attack prevention

    Hi, I wrote that code for someone, but that "someone" said it isn't good enough, so I release it. The main goal was to prevent players from using attack 200 elfbot command or something. I don't know, if thats useful or not, but decided to share it anyway. Enjoy or not. Some gif: Code...
  10. O

    Problem client tíbia 11.70

    I'm using a 11.70 client with an otx login, it loads the list of characters, but when you log in the char, it is just reconnecting ..
  11. RetroTibiaStaff

    [Sweden] [7.4] Retrotibia - Launch 6 September 18.00 [EU]

    Hello OTLand Community! My name is Steve, Me and my close partners GM Skyrr & GM Faerwynn are now launching a longterm 7.4 retro server. This one will be nostalgia all over again for old & new players! Both me and Skyrr have been playing this game since the dawn of time. We cherish this game...
  12. E


    Guys, anyone know a tutorial how i can add a new slot type? i need put a second ring slot but i dont know how i can do that thing. I know need changes otclient sourcers and otserv source, but how? i can compile without problem, just need a tutorial. EDIT --- I already have add a new slot at...
  13. Haskys

    [POLAND] [10.98] DARKOTS.PL | 23 AUGUST 2019 AT 18:00!

    The first edition of Dark OTS starts 23 august 2019 at 18:00 (CEST)! Create your account today! Website/ACC : Latest News - Dark OTS (https://darkots.pl) IP: darkots.pl Port: 7171 Client: 10.98 Map: Real Map World type : PVP (Protection level: >8) Location: Europe, Poland Availability: 24/7...
  14. Amiroo

    Searching for a daily Mapper! Version 8.0

    I'm working on a server / Project for almost 10 years. Client info 8.0 Server Map = Real/Map with edited spawns / cities what i'm searching for is a mapper that have around 4-6h per day to do daily missions of what i want. i can't really give a price before i know the knowledge of your...
  15. Zulfix

    [Netherlands] 8.10 Mirage Server | PVP-E | Ustrike Map | Fun/WAR | ONLINE !!

    Welcome to Mirage Server ONLINE Small introduction: Let me tell you some information about mirage server, It is based on ustikre map with many editions in map to make it more suitable for pvp, map has many traps and narrow places for better pvp. Also we made it pvp-enforced to give you more...
  16. P

    TFS 1.X+ Strange problem with spells animation

    Hello everybody! First of all, sorry for my bad english, im Brazilian and you will probably see some mistakes. I am setting up a TFS server and came across a problem: Whenever I (or any monster) cast some magic, I can see the damage it causes, but no animation appears. Example: Dragon releases...
  17. D

    Cannot set allocations Elfbot

    Hey OTLand! I really need your help here, I just got windows 10, the pc is fresh. I've downloaded nothing else in games terms than tibia + elfbot+crack. When I tried to crack the elfbot, then it comes up an error that says "Cannot set allocations" I've tried so many things to fix this problem...
  18. Paco

    [9.1] Rookgaard Tales+

    INTRODUCTION Hello! Maybe you remember me, maybe not. My name is Francisco Fonseca, and I'm from México, I am 30 years old, and I work at the local government of my city. Because of this, I lost a dream, a dream of host my own server... Yes, as you can see today, I'm releasing my server...
  19. gpedro

    [MyAAC][Plugin] login.php for Tibia 12

    This plugins allows you to use new login.php capabilities of Tibia client 12 and higher. This plugin includes file login.php, that will be extracted to your main installation dir after install. Installation: Go to Admin Panel, select 'Plugins', and then select tibia12-login.zip and click...
  20. Eduardo170

    Gaming Livin in Talera

    Today, I won 2.6kk per hour in Bursters Spectre location: darashia and won 30 charms points