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  1. J

    Debug Client 8.6

    Hello Guys I have Ots 8.6 Otc and normal client Players write to me have debug and use Client tibia How I can find problem?I use Otc and I dont have problem 1701990321 tfs 1.5 by nekiro 1701992639 Debug Assertion 8.60 Network.cpp 921 Thu Dec 07 23:55:36 2023 Graphic Engine: DirectX9 (2)...
  2. SalvaART

    Lua TFS 1.5 7.72 Pick tools 354, 355

    Hello someone can explain me how to block 354, 355 id grounds ? If i set action id: 100 on RME then pick shut work, not every hole... And second problem is in code in chance to give money, small diamonds - its possible to delete everything ? https://gyazo.com/07e0e861bf72ab4b7e2f8ba3eb2e8a0d...
  3. Fortera Global

    [Brasil][13.21+] ForteraOT - [10.19.2023 - 19:00]

    Launch of the new world Osiris -October 12th at 7pm! That's right, ForteraOT launched a new world, Osiris. Our Website: https://www.fortera-global.net/ Our Discord: Join the ForteraOTS Discord With several modifications applied, Osiris offers a series of improved features to make your...
  4. frida22

    Open Tibia Veterans - New Ots developers dedicated discord

    Polish ots community has moved from ota discord to a new discord OTV - Open Tibia Veterans. Everyone is welcome! We have prepared proper channels, and we hope that everyone will have a great time! https://discord.gg/B2eF5WCBaX https://discord.gg/B2eF5WCBaX
  5. Pifafa

    [Brazil] [7.7] Tibinha YurOts

    Tibinha - YurOts Hello, today I bring to you my project, with the aim of reaching 50 players (a dream that has almost come true). www.tibinha.online The server is very simple; it's a hobby for me. I'm an agricultural engineer, but I've always loved creating small servers. So today, I'm...
  6. SalvaART

    Projekt Retro

    Witam serdecznie szukamy osób zdecydowanych do dołączenia w szeregi naszego zespołu, który inspiruje się retro tibią oraz starą mechaniką tej gry, całość będzie postawiona na real mapie ze starymi retro spritsami 7.4/7.72. Aktualnie nasz zespół liczy sobie 3 zmobilizowane osoby, które od wielu...
  7. douglasscherner

    [Brazil] [8.60] Baiak | New Styller Custom

    IP: baiak.warzera.com Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.60 Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Brazil Website: Warzera - Latestnews (https://baiak.warzera.com) Exp rate: 25x Map: Baiak Custom Runes: Normal charges and prices Loot rate: 5x Server type: Pvp-Rpg. 20 kills gives you Red skull and 6 lends you to a ban...
  8. J

    [Poland][8.6]| Evo | Santera OTS | Start 25.08.2023

    I am pleased to present for you Santera Ots Evo 8.6 Start 25.08.2023 06:00PM IP...
  9. J

    Problem move from sqm

    TFS0.4 8.6 Hello guys,I looking for a script ,player can not stand in pos xxxxx1 when tray stand move him to pos xxxxx2 or near pos "" ,how I can do that? Thank.
  10. K

    Losowy item z pudełka tibia 8.6

    Witam. Z góry mówię że jestem świeżakiem i próbuje postawić swój pierwszy ots evo 8.6. Potrzebuje pomocy przy dodaniu komendy dla goda „/randomitem” która miałaby działać tak , że po wpisaniu komendy, gracze (tylko ci którzy są online) otrzymują w pudełku 1 z 10 wybranych losowych itemów Pytanie...
  11. N

    [POLAND][CUSTOM] PrioGames

    Welcome to the new FUN server - Cerberus! Back to the old days and real fun, installments higher than on master-fun, which will allow you to catch up with top players when watching servers in the future. We have developed many new products that we are gradually adding to the server. There are...
  12. kingsnopp

    [POLAND] [8.6] Alpheria Online - Custom Map, planned start 30.07.2023!

    Welcome to Alpheria, an innovative OTS focusing on new solutions in the old style. We are an EVO style server with a completely redesigned map that we hope will attract many players with its design. The map was created based on the classic EVO so that none of the players would have problems...
  13. D

    [USA] [Custom] Demonia - July 21st 2023

    Server Website/AAC : Latestnews - Demonia- custom tibia server (http://demonia.sytes.net/) Server Address : demonia.sytes.net Hosted in USA Server port: 7171 Client : 12.7 Custom / own custom client Launch date: 21.07.2023
  14. 000

    [Poland][13.1] Verina.Online

    http://verina.online/ Discord Evolution 13.10 Information: - 60+ Bosses -Wheel of Destiny -Autoloot -Imbuement Tracker -Shared System -Gnomprona -Bestiary & Charms -Crafting System -Prey System -Imbuements -Daily Reward -New Mounts & Outfits
  15. 5

    TFS 1.X+ database problem

    Hello, I have this problem namely my database does not refresh. In the game I have, for example, 214 level and in the database it still writes that I have, for example, 100lvl the same on the website. How to set it so that the database refreshes, for example, every 3 minutes? Is anyone able to...
  16. G

    [SWE] [13.10] Ambera EU Start 26 May 18:00 CET

    Real MAP EU Ambera 13.10 Website : ambera.net Starting Date 26 May CEST 2023 at 18:00 pm TOURNAMENT GUILDWARS AFTER START SERVER !! A number of prizes of €200 to be distributed among the 3 best teams Features: Soul War Quest/Items/Bosses. TibiaDrome Potions. - Store ingame with...
  17. draconzor

    Draconzor - Pixel Art

    Hi, I've never posted here, so I believe I'm new here. This is my first art, please comment about it and if possible give me some tips, because I want to learn more and more. Thanks xD. Mage
  18. O

    "Looking for an experienced to troubleshoot various technical issues in 13.1"

    "Need help with the following topics: mapping, programming. Change signs, the experience rate is not properly set, change prices on imbuments, work on Timira boss and all bosses, no respawn or monsters in Marapur, cooldown on runes, fix Oberon-Scarlett, teleports need to be fully checked, switch...
  19. GM Venom

    [France] [8.0] Tibera - Full Global Tibia 8.0 with lots of new features from the later versions! [April 28, 2023, 18:00 CET]

    Full Global Tibia 8.0 with lots of new features from the later versions! We know that most people do not have endless amounts of time due to work or studies. Here comes a server for you too! We are now releasing an upgraded version of Tibera, with lots of new features! Tibera has everything from...
  20. H

    [Brazil][8.6] - HumildadeOT Baiak Grow - Test Server!

    - > BAIAK GROW (Test Server) <- Hi guys! I'm editing in real time a Tibia server version 8.6. It is a Baiak model (very famous in Brazil). A High Exp Custom, but not that high. Haha. I'm updating, modifying and correcting, daily, in real time, a database that I got from Open Source. A lot...