1. aldorateam

    [France] [Aldora] [Realmap] [Custom / 7.4]Mid/EXP Start Friday, 21/06/2019 18:00 CET

    Welcome to Aldora Perfect Custom Real Map of old school server created for you If you are looking for a good server to play here is your place. Our team is ready to answer all your questions. Register your account now at Aldora and receive 5 days of premium account! ⭐Connection Info⭐ Website...
  2. M

    Campiling error, help pls, im going mad

    VS say this when i compile Error C2280 'std::atomic<boost::lockfree::detail::tagged_index>::atomic(void) noexcept': you're trying to reference a deleted function. (compiling source file ..\src\outputmessage.cpp) theforgottenserver c:\boost_1_57_0\boost\lockfree\stack.hpp 139
  3. M

    RL Map good base server?

    Can someone tell me where can i find a server base to make my rl based ot? Version 8.6 or more, would help if its the last version available I want to have real map on my ot if its possible... Thanks in advance
  4. gunz

    Tibia now supports IPv6

    Hello, In recent updates of Tibia the client started to receive gameserver addresses in both IPv4 and IPv6. Therefor of your computer has IPv6 connectivity it will use it primarily. Personally, I would never say that it would come to such a latency-sensitive game since a lot of ISPs uses...
  5. E

    Szukam linux/debian

    Witam. Szukam silnika 8.6 + pod linux/debian. Nie windows. Hi i'm looking for debian/linux server for 8.6 tibia or higher.
  6. V

    [Poland][10.00/12] Revolia | RL Map Fun | Falcon Bastion, True Asuras, Secret Library| New Addons & Outfits 12

    We're finally launching third Revolia edition! Start at Friday 19:00 CET Server Informations: *Official Web Site: Latestnews - Revolia *Client version: 10 (Mounts & Outfits & Items- 12.10) *Port 7171 *New Hunting Places (Falcon Bastion,Feyrist, Skeleton Elite...
  7. L


    Hello everyone, does any of you have a code for autostack items in backpack? Please help to write this code to Yourots engine Thank you in advance
  8. Walox

    [SHOW OFF] PokeZring - Shining Legends

    GOOD GALERY WANTING TO KEEP UPDATES ON THIS PAGE WEEKLY. BASICALLY THIS IS MY SERVER THAT I EDIT WHEN I HAVE NOTHING TO DO :/ I HOPE YOU LIKE RSRS Remembering that I will only show the modifications I make in OTCLIENTE 😅 Please forgive my English, I'm Brazilian and I use google translator :/...
  9. W

    [POLAND] [8.60] Memoriaots

    IP: Memoriaots.eu Website: Latestnews - Memoria (http://memoriaots.eu/?subtopic=latestnews) Client: 8.60 Port: 7171 Uptime 24/7 ~~ Hosted In: Poland Servers Features: ~*New monsters + Bosses ~*A Lot Custom Spawns ~*A Lot Quest ~*Vip Account ~*Vip Respawn ~*Vip Quest ~*Second promotion system...
  10. U

    New Ots List

    Ots List of database OpenTibia Servers with around the world. The list was created to facilitate the owners advertising Ots, and thus acquiring players. Adding server is completely free, and delivering the desired results - increase in the number of players online. The website has a search...
  11. MemsoriaOT

    [Poland] [8.6] Memsoria - Start with New Edition on 19.04.2019 at 6:00 PM!

    START: 19.04.2019 (06:00 PM) I would like to encourage you to play on Memsoria.pl Server starts on 19.04.2019 (this Friday) on 6:00 (GMT)! Port: 7171 IP: memsoria.pl Website: Memsoria.pl OTS Prefix/client: 8.60 Memsoria Features: Uptime 24/7 Offline Training PvP World Custom Addon Bonus...
  12. Pedrook

    [BRAZIL] [Custom] Thoria RPG - Low Rates - RPG

    Thoria Online General information: IP: thoria.online Port: 7171 Opening date: 11:00, 13/04/2019. Welcome to Thoria Online, a custom server with unique systems, cooldown of spells adjusted, and 100% custom map with several different quests, all large respawns, diverse NPCs around the map. A...
  13. Gahenna

    [USA][8.6] BAIAK-MILLION.TK OPEN 18/04

    INAUGURATION 04/18/2019 / WE WILL WAIT AT THE INAUGURATION! Welcome to Baiak-Million -> Version: 8.6 -> IP: baiak-Million.tk Port: 7171 -> Customer Own Skill Rate: 20x Magic Rate: 7x Exp Rate: 400x (rates) Baiak super edited with an excellent map and balanced vocations. Map baiak, quests...
  14. masteuszx

    [Canada][11.98] Low-rate RPG Erpegia11 - starting 30.03!

    Welcome to 3rd season of Erpegia Server! Erpegia is an unique style RPG, Retro-PVP Server - created for players, by players. We are offering huge custom map, balanced gameplay, many quests and secrets to be found! Thanks for our approach and balance, both RPG-player and PVP-Tryhard will fit...
  15. A

    Ban Otserverlist 16/02/2019

    IP : IDEALBK.ML Porta : 7171 Versão : 8.60 Meu servidor Idealbk.ml foi banido hoje 16/02 aproximadamente as 16:00 Horas Motivo do banimento : This server is currently banned! Reason: Spoofing data info (Type: #1) O servidor esta totalmente dentro das regras da otservlist se caso queiram...
  16. N

    Tibia Client 8.42 edit

  17. miguelshta

    Dolnera Official NEED HELP!

    Dolnera Official Why i Need Help With my proyect? -im out of money to invest in advertsment & dedicated servers -Worked alot of hours in this proyect maping i made all own solo What Proyect Includes? -Website -Custom Client Open Source Sprites (you need to hide them all) -OtServer Compiled +...
  18. kennzey

    [USA] [8.6] LegendsWorld 100% CUSTOM RPG!! NEW SEASON START 02/15!!

    Ip: www.lwrpg.com Client: Tibia 8.6/own client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: USA, on a dedicated server with 100 mbs Internet connection. Website: www.lwrpg.com Exp rate: Custom Stage Map: A whole custom world 100% by our staff Runes: New runes nothing is infinity Loot rate: Custom Rates Server type...
  19. Gahenna

    [USA][8.60] Bletya-baiak [Openning 15.02 BR 20H/ PL 23H / USA 18H]

    Bletya-Baiak.TK ## VERSION: 8.60 - PORT: 7171 INAUGURATION THIS FRIDAY DAY 08.02 TO 20H OF NIGHT. Information: Dedicated 24 hours without delay, need no tunnel. QUICK PUSH. Casting System Innovative Map Fast Atk Moderate! 24 hours online SHIELD WAR SYSTEM Casting System System Addons Dodge...
  20. Togu

    C++ Understanding the Tibia Engine (many questions)

    I stopped working on my distribution to study other things related to computer science and programming. I've reproduced Tibia in Unity for Android, but without multiplayer network cause on their official forum they say they are working on a new API that will be released probably in 2020 and the...