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  1. S

    Conjure Diamond Arrows

    Hi Guys, Im having some trouble with my macro for making diamond arrows. What i wanna do is let the macro check how many arrows I have left en when i get under like 200 arrows it will cast the spell. My only problem atm is that he keeps spamming the spell even tho i have enough arrows in my...
  2. 5

    [Poland] [8.60] Alvoria - Evolution high Exp

    IP: alvoria.eu Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.6/android client PVP: 25000 level Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Poland Website: http://alvoria.eu/ Exp rate: 999x (stages) Map: Custom Houses: 50000 level Loot rate: 3.0x Server type: Open-PVP Skills & Magic rates: 60x Skill and 35x Magic. -Start 10...
  3. G

    TFS 1.X+ + floors black screen in game what happened

    Hello everyone i have problem in map editor and in-game. How to fix it? -8 -9 and higher have smth like 'ghost floor' -7 -6 is total black i don't understand this problem IN-GAME: RME:
  4. vbest

    Solved [TFS 1.5] - Instantly Auto Kicked By Server.

    Hello otland! I've encountered something odd with TFS 1.5 Downgraded 7.72 Client. I was doing a pretty simply task by adding two new characters in my database through phpmyadmin, I then launched my server like I usually do and now I can't enter with any of my characters that was created before...
  5. Q

    Showoff tibia maps [Siffo,Quinn]

    Hello guys how are you? My name is Siffo and my friend Quinn, I will make available below some of our work together for tibia, poketibia, dbo and nto maps and I hope you like it! • Who are we? we are a pair of mappers who work together to provide our customers with greater quality and...
  6. narniaserver

    [Canada] [9.83/custom] Vhalkov RPG started 04/01/22

    IP: go.vhalkovrpg.com Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 7.92/own client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Canada, on a dedicated server with 1 gbps Internet connection. Website: Latest News - VhalkovRPG (Latest News - VhalkovRPG (http://www.vhalkovrpg.com)) Exp rate: 100x (Stage) 1-20 100x 21-40 50x 41-60 25x...
  7. Dibis

    [POLAND] [8.60] NERAVIA RPG CUSTOM MAP | 1 Jan 2023 18:00 CET

    [01.01.2023 at 18:00 CET] Last edition lasted over 180 days. This edition will last one year. Don't worry about the server going down. Neravia.eu - 8.60 The REAL RPG. Hello! Another "boring" announcement, another word-playing game to invite you to play our server. You pre-rate server by...
  8. SwampSoldiers

    [CANADA][CUSTOM 8.6] SwampSoldiers - Open Beta [CRAFTING ; PET ; SKILLTREE]

    Hello Soldiers, Welcome to SwampSoldiers! The open beta (no reset) server started on October 21st, 2022 at 18:30 UTC! Website SwampSoldiers Website: SwampSoldier - Play to earn (https://www.swampsoldiers.com/index) Social Media Twitter: https://twitter.com/SoldiersSwamp Discord: Join the...
  9. bolibompa

    [France] [7.4] [Inferna] [High EXP] [Custom RealMap] [PVP-Enforced] Start: 27-12-2022 18.00 CEST🎅

    Welcome, newcomers, Website--> https://inferna.online/ Inferna Online is the project that was started in the beginning of October 2020. From this date we focused to create a stable server without crashes, tests where people participated. The end, or rather said the new beginning, will have a...
  10. S

    OTClient What is the name of this Yurots map? Tibia 7.6.

    Tibia version is 7.6. I think the map is some variation of Yurots but I don't know exactly the name, that's what I need. The map I'm looking for is similar to the one I have here, but it has some different details, I'll be attaching these details along with the images for a better understanding...
  11. M

    [POLAND][8.7] Liguria - RonOTS 18 November (6pm CET)

    We're happy to announce that on 18 November (6pm CET) starts our new HIGH EXP, PVP server named "Liguria". It was one of our most famous server of all times. We have already run couple editions and everyone of them was able to gather a lot of players. It's suppose to be nice and easy to play at...
  12. Disastrous

    [Sweden] [Custom] [RlTibia Nova] server beta start: 22-11-05 12PM CET

    RlTibia BETA will start 5 November 12:00 PM CET RlTibia will be its own client, it wont be just 7.4,8.6 or 12.0. Even if i love 7.4-7.7 and alot of others do aswell we must somewhere understand that we cant just pause and never add newer things. But those newer things doesn't have to be bad. I...
  13. P

    Status serwera

    Witam wszystkich, Mam takie pytanie a mianowicie jak sprawdza się status serwera + ilość online? Domyślam się że trzeba wysłać odpowiednie zapytanie na serwer aby dostać informacje takie jak status, ilość graczy online, niestety nigdzie nie mogę znaleźć nic więcej niż tą linijkę...
  14. W

    character list not appears client 12.51

    Hello well, recently after a long time putting ots 8.60 online, I decided to take a chance on the new versions, and looking at me my hd had an otg-premium 12.51 tfs 1.3 I took a risk putting it on my vps after many connection errors and a lot of struggle with gesior I managed to get both...
  15. Galatea

    [GESIOR] Green Wizard Theme

    I present my newest layout called green wizard. XenovskI#1337
  16. Voltex

    [France] [7.72] Shadow-illusion | 29 September 18:00 CEST

    👐Dear Players👐 We would like to announce with pleasure and invite you to the newly upcoming world of Shadow-Illusion, which will officially open on 29.09.2022 at 18:00 CEST/13:00 GMT-3. There are a number of good changes on the server, which will clearly affect your gameplay, in a good way of...
  17. brianmoreno1996

    the scripts of all the original raids that exist for version 7.4 - 7.6 and if they are custom raids

    Could someone pass me the scripts of all the original raids that exist for version 7.4 - 7.6 and if they are custom raids too, I would greatly appreciate it.
  18. brianmoreno1996

    the scripts of all the original raids that exist for version 7.4 - 7.6 and if they are custom raids

    Could someone pass me the scripts of all the original raids that exist for version 7.4 - 7.6 and if they are custom raids too, I would greatly appreciate it.
  19. S

    [Poland] [8.60] | Feba OTS | Legend RL MAP | Start 31.08.2022

    Feba.mine.nu - Rl Map Mobile Android Tibia OTS (https://feba.mine.nu/) new edition legend real map! lso we would like to tell you that a year has passed since we started the first Feba Ots (28.03.2010). During this time the server has become one of the leader in the open tibia servers world! We...
  20. brianmoreno1996


    Could someone help me with the hint tutorial, the rookgaard island tutorial? I need a scripter to help me with that