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  1. VagosClubTM


    Hello friends, I am looking for help. Look, I have an obsolete server, I know that, but well, we have been online for a long time and today I want to compile again, but users with more than 1 million mana are left with their pond at 0 and cannot recover the mana with any stone, also these...
  2. Mister Budex

    [France] [8.60] BudexOT Custom OT PvP-E | War & RPG & Fun | Starts 15TH MAY 20:00

    Dear Players, We are happy to announce that BudexOT is launching on Friday, May 15th, 20:00 PM (CET). BudexOT is an Custom Evolution OT PvP-E 8.60, server created for a pleasant and smooth gameplay for our dedicated players, a fun OT which can bring you into old awesome memories, feel free to...
  3. VagosClubTM


    Hello friends, I would like to know if someone on the forum knows or is more involved in this area of OTS, although we know YurOTS 7.6 xml is obsolete. but my server has been online for more than 11 years and I need my database, I would like to know if it is possible that my XML database can be...
  4. Sh4dy

    Elf Bot Problem (Shift+F11, F12 NOT WORK)

    Hello, I'm writing a topic because the Elf Bot keyboard shortcuts don't work. I am looking for a solution on this topic, I guess it's about the system version because since [1709] no shortcuts work. Navigation turns off even using an older console doesn't work
  5. W


    I edited a 7.72 client through notepad, and it didn't bug, because I changed the ip with all the same characters, but also the connection error lost due to expired! help me please! The client need log in the host client Bellow!
  6. W

    Help Npc System 0.4

    Hello ! how are you? I hope well! I would like your help, I have a problem, when adding the following id 2006 in the script of my npc, Xodet.lua - id (Vial) he needs me to specify what type of fluid will be in the content of the vial, however I am trying sell manafluid and lifefluid, in this...
  7. V

    [Poland][8.6] Shinobi-Return [01-05-2020]

    IP: Shinobi-Return.PL Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.6/own client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Poland Website: Shinobi-Return.PL Exp rate: 1x Loot rate: 2x Server type: Pvp-Rpg. -7 Frags RS/Daily. -25 Frags RS/Weekly -30sec PZ
  8. D

    Decrypt Tibia connection

    Hi. It is possible to decrypt Tibia (7-8) connection? As I know, Tibia uses XTEA + RSA encryption. I.E: 1) First part of login packet (protocol, OS, ..) - are not encrpyted 2) Second packet it's XTEA key (128 bits) - its encrypted also by RSA 3) Rest part after XTEA KEY i.e - login, password...
  9. A

    [POLAND][8.6] Darksandots | 4FUN | HighExp | Start 25.04 at 18:00

    Darksandots - is a server for players who have quite low experience. It was available in 2013-2016 and was very popular, so it's time to reactivate. What has been changed and added? •The map has been edited (new expositions, quests, events and places have been added) •New systems...
  10. 3104016

    [Sweden] [8.6] [VineraOT] Real-Map

    - We are launching our SERVER on: Friday, April 24th, 20:00 PM - We are so happy, because we added a lot of new quests and new spawns, we have also added new scripts to make it easier to use our custom client. So you have to download the client to be ready IP: Vinera.Ml - Port: 7171 -...
  11. E

    Help in Market PHP system

    Hello everyone, i want a help in this code, i want to put a search box for filter items by name, anyone know how i can do this? This is a market PHP, when the players use a talkaction and send a item for db, and at this site they can see the offer id and buy in-game. sorry for my bad english...
  12. beziak

    [8.6] BynaCam Reloaded v2

    Hi all ! After years of inactivity finally found some spare minutes to wake up my old project. It's legendary BynaCam Reloaded V2. Win32 Binaries & Source codes with full Tibia 8.6 compatibility: exoticprgmr/bynacam (https://github.com/exoticprgmr/bynacam/releases) ./Public domain Anyone is...
  13. I

    [Poland][8.6] Exodis Classic Server 10.04.2020

    Hi everybody, Our first edition after a few years break, was successful with more then 200 players online for more then 2 months! (On a custom map believe me it's enough for fun game and wars!) those who playd - knows :) During the time of first edition we have fixed everything on 101%...
  14. E

    Cannot run Gunzodus with Tibialoader

    Hello everyone! i have a problem with running gunzodus with TibiaLoader. here are some screenshots
  15. V

    Tibia in Minecraft

    Ever wondered how to see sky in Tibia? Or just dreamed about seeing it all in Minecraft? We are here to make dreams come true! Join our Minecraft server! IP: Version: 1.11.2 What we offer: 0. Do I pay? - hell no, one premium day can be bought for 5k gold. Also pirates are...
  16. Acrum

    [France][7.6] Retrone Online - RL Map Multi-World RPG (29th Mar - 6pm CET)

    7.6 REAL MAP MULTI-WORLD RPG STARTING 29TH MARCH 2020 (SUNDAY) - 18:00 CET Retrone Online is a real map based, old school gaming server, mainly created for those who love the atmosphere and gameplay of the past, yet still nostalgic and fascinating version 7.6. On March 28th at 7:00pm (CEST)...
  17. Tatuy1

    [MX][7.72] Exori.Rocks V7.72 --Custom Sprites/Fun&War OTServer--

    Exori.Rocks is an OT Server of the old school (version 7.7) and the client has --custom sprites--... Some features are: • Very high experience rate (x1000), this is a fun-war server. • You will have a lifetime premium account, you will never pay for VIP stuff. • You will never loss any point of...
  18. Briko

    [Poland] [8.54] Bleach Evolution OTS

    BLEACH EVOLUTION OTS IS STARTING AT [2020-03-13] 18:00 [POLAND] 13:00 [BRASIL] 11:00 [MEXICO] Create your account today! http://beo-ots.pl/?subtopic=createaccount Social Media Facebook - Anime OTS Introduction: »Website: Latestnews - server (http://beo-ots.pl/?subtopic=latestnews) »Server...
  19. A

    Problem z OTS

    Witam. Jestem tutaj nowy i nie bardzo wiem jak poruszać się na forum więc z góry przepraszam jeżeli zły dział itp. Mam problem odnośnie logowania na ots przez innych graczy mimo ze mam Ip Zewnętrzne i wszystki te skrypty Config Lua itp mam ustawione odpowiednio oczywiscie nie wspomne o...
  20. vinera0ot

    [Poland] [8.6] [RlvanoriaOT] Real-Map

    We are so happy, because we added a lot of new quests and new spawns, we have also added new scripts to make it easier to use our custom client. So you have to download the client to be ready IP: Rlvanoria.ddns.net - Port: 7171 - Version: 8.60 - RlVanoria Client: Download Free 4 Mounts And...