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  1. R

    [NL] [10.98] Dolport Challenges

    Dolport Challenges Dolport Challenges is a small server where the whole map is custom made. The standard 10.98 client should be usable, if you find problems you can always use Dolport's own client. Dolport Challenges is meant to be, for people seeking new places that are yet to be explored. The...
  2. Peora

    Help with testing/Low rate heavy RPG server popularity

    Hello, I am hoping to find a small group of players who aim to be playing on a low rate, RPG classic (7.4-7.7) type server. I made, with very much help and kindness from smart people, a small server, which have a heavy focus on puzzles, quests, hidden spots, etc., with an end goal to be a...
  3. HalfAway

    Thanatos - [Custom] - Discussion

    Lore Thread will be updated with new information, soon. Will you live up to your destiny and be the hero you were born to be? Join our Discord Server Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  4. Crip Killa

    Chasm Reborn(Again!)

    Welcome to Chasm! Closed beta starts November 11th,2013 at 1:00 P.M. EST Closed beta starts June 24th,2018 at 7:40 P.M. EST Client: Custom Client (Custom sprites, old outfits, and new features) Map: Map is based on standard KingKomics map for TFS. Map size is around 20 MBs +...