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OtLand 2023 staff recruitment is open!

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Today I'm reopening the Staff Recruitment board - our long-standing tradition in looking for interested members to apply to hold staff (moderator) positions.

Our previous recruitment happened about 4 years ago and many of those are still active. We've been through the pandemic, seen resurgence of activity on Otland and our Staff has handled that well. However, now with life mostly back to normal and Otland activity still going strong, we need more help to stay on top of moderation queue.

Quick reminder on how it works: You can apply for a moderator/staff position by posting a new thread in the Staff Recruitment board. You cannot see other threads - only the author and the Staff can see the threads, so they are somewhat private - feel free to tell us your personal story with Otland!

I will actually quote the "rules" of applications from 2011 as they are still valid:
There is no template that you need to follow for your application, but it would be useful for us to know your age, where you are from, which languages you understand, which times on the day you usually are online. You can also include which boards you would be interested to moderate, and if you would like to help us writing articles you can let us know that too.

For moderating boards, you must have had at least some past activity in the specific board you are applying for. You need to have a good reputation (and no, not reputation points!) in the community and you should not have any personal issues with any other member in the community.

For article writing (tutorials, tips, etc.), you will need decent English skills, not because you should use difficult words because you shouldn't, but because we want well-written articles which are easy to understand. You don't need to tell us about your English skills in the application though, we will look at your posts in the forums and judge from that.

As usual, you can apply to the following positions:
  • Board Moderators
  • Global Moderators (much higher bar than Board Moderators as these are typically filled with Board Moderators being promoted over time)
  • Article Writers (yes, 8 years later we still have articles and we should have the role of a distinguished Writer)
  • Any other position you care to justify you should hold! It may be hard to convince us though.
I will keep the recruitment open until we are satisfied with the applications but please get your application by the end of June (that's 2 weeks). Good luck!
The recruitment board will be closing on Saturday, at which point we will start reviewing the applications.
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