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[8.0] [TFS 1.2] - Server Global Full [Real Map]


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Aug 9, 2019
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Shiris undrin

Shiris undrin

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Jun 10, 2010
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Mega Update:

-----> Please read: the main objective of this project is to make it 100% identical to the global one. If you want to make a donation, please get in touch as any amount will be welcome and encourages me to continue with the project updates.

    • There were more than 5 updates in 1 week, almost all the remaining npc's were fixed such as Dijinns and Rashid that were not buying items and items that belonged to 8.0+ were also removed.
    • The houses of 4 major cities were also converted with the adjustments in prices and names, some houses are still missing from some cities, as this process is very time-consuming.
    • The black knight quest key bug was also fixed and the purchase of the rookgaard library key was added.
    • The annihilation quest was also fixed where there was a debug and where the demons were not summoned.
    • A bug was also fixed in the svargrond arena quest where an irrelevant error appeared in the distro.
> It was also added some scripts such as when a player's premium ends and makes he is teleported to the temple without the premium outfit.
  • Also fixed the error in the server save at dawn where the time was infinite.
  • Also some respawns modifc
  • Some signs in cities were fixed and some books added in some libraries, and more things were revised among other things.
> And most importantly, the creature pack has been updated and all the bosses, monsters and event creatures have been added
Optional: In the donation system were added 3 types of scroll for the premium sale, 1 scroll of change sex, 2 scroll of access to the two dijinn factions, 1 scroll of access to rashid and 1 scroll of access to the postman mission.

> Event creatures or normal creatures 8.0 and (8.1 which are compatible).

ot cust.png

* Premium scroll system.
site 3.pngsite 5.png

* Some items that rashid buys.
site 6.png
* Houses with names and prices adjusted according to the global (still missing from some cities).

house 1.png
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