1. Amiroo

    |France| 8.0 RL-MAP | Nice Customs | Stack able Runes | Free Prem | Guild War | DDos Protected | Exp Share | Task Share | 2019-06-30 16.00 CET

    Welcome to Thunera! We are launching out server on June 30, 16:00 CEST! Website: https://thunera.com/ Client: download Features Configurable Loot/Hotkey/Task Messages from ingame All 8.0 Quests working 100% as CipSoft at 8.0 Including Rashid Missions 100% quests on Rookgaard too, including...
  2. Nostalrius

    [USA] [Custom - 8.0] Nostalrius [Thursday 05.23.2019] [20:00 GMT -3]

    Welcome to Nostalrius. I am glad to announce that we are ready to open our first 8.0 server hosted on United States – Virginia. The server will only be available to play on Thursday, 23 of May 20:00 GMT -03. You can download the client on May 23. ATTENTION Place a valid email in the register to...
  3. Praxtor

    [Germany] 7.7 Arkonia Online [HR] | 8.0 content | RLMap | Hardcore PvP-E | FRIDAY 22/2 - 20.00 CET!

    Server Information Website: soon - goes alive on Saturday 16th Uptime: 24/7 OFFICIAL START: Friday 22 February 20:00 (CET) Version: 7.7 Map content: RL 8.0 MAP Graphics: 7.4 World type: PvP-E Client: antibot 7.72 client ONLY MANUAL AIM - NOT ON HOTKEYS! Server Configuration Experience...
  4. Y

    [Poland] [8.0] Devland | Custom Map | Low Rates | Friday 15.02

    Start: 15.02.2019 18:00 IP: DevlandOT.eu Website: http://devlandot.eu Client Version: 8.0 Map: Karmia/Vanilla/Zorzin/Devland Experience Stages 1 to 20 Level: 8x 21 to 50 Level: 6x 51 to 100 Level: 5x 101+: 3x Skills: 5x Magic Level: 2x Loot: Custom Regen x2 ?Bonus Experience? + 20%...
  5. Fribben

    [Poland] OriginalTibia 8.0 [HR] | RLMAP | hardcore PvP-E | SATURDAY 16/2 - 18.00!

    Server Information : Port 7171 Uptime: 24x7 Datacenter: Warsaw, Poland (Europe) Full 8.0 highrate real map Website: www.originaltibia.com Worldtype: PvP-Enforced with Skulls (unjust system) Gameplay : PZ on boats (but no pz on carpets) Boosted spawns (tombs etc) Buy bp mana/runes with...
  6. miguelshta

    [USA][8.0] Venebra Real Map START IN 2 HOURS

    NEW REAL MAP TIBIA SERVER 8.0 IP: News - Venebra (http://venebra.sytes.net/) Client: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VgfPG2tgDx6qoho5ITkcNBEt53<br />k78UXu Version: 8.0 &amp;amp; custom contet like monsters and addons Exp Rate Stage: Starts 50x Map: Real Map Loot Rate: 3x Skill Rate: 30x...
  7. Fribben

    OriginalTibia 8.0 - comeback!

    OriginalTibia 8.0 is coming back on behalf of the community! We are interested in hearing your thoughts regarding the new server and how you would like the server to be, share your thoughts and suggestions and don't hold back because we are interested in each and everyones opinion regarding this...
  8. Fizzy

    [Sweden] [8.1] Kummerack

    IP: kummerack-enfo.sytes.net Port: 7171 Client: 8.1 Uptime: 24/7 Exp rate: stages Map: custom made old evo server from 8.0 updated by myself Lootrate: x10 Server type: PvP-e , you can receive exp from other players How to join the server: ACC Manager 111111/tibia Kummerack is a fun evo based...
  9. Sp0tl3ss

    Mapper Nestalia.org 8.0 RPG

    Hello im looking for a mapper for my 8.0 project. I am looking for someone who can: Map new content and have ideas and creativity. Can take and give criticism without getting offended like its 2025 already. Can speak english. Can map with an RPG feeling also has minimap in consideration when...
  10. W

    Need help with script.

    It has probably been over 5 years since i last worked on an ot. But i remember having a rune that removed utamo and i know kummerack 8.0 used the same kind of script on the sword that removed utamo. But i forgot what the code was. Can any1 help? Also: any cool scripts/effects for items u know or...
  11. OG

    OG's Mapping [8.0]

  12. Ybridus

    [Request] 8.0 server

    Hey I'm looking for a working 8.0 server but I just can't find one anywhere :( It could be anyyyy Evolution or similar even a working TFS would help Thanks!
  13. Fizzy

    [8.0] Paxza, Kummerack or Swelution?

    Hello! I'm interested to know which map would be more successfull to host? I'd appreciate if you took a second and voted on the poll. I don't expect much in 8.0. Just dont wanna waste time swapping maps. That's the main reason for this poll & the players activiti. Reach out to me, peace F.
  14. GOD Wille

    [France] [Custom / 8.0] Kasteria | ELOTH TEAM | 1200 PLAYERS BEATED | 9 JULY AT 18:00

    KASTERIA IS STARTING AT [2019-03-12] 18:00 CET! Create your account today! http://www.kasteria.pl/?subtopic=createaccount You may also follow us on facebook: Kasteria.pl Introduction: Kasteria is an authentic real map server 8.0, which is based on the Eloth engine. Kasteria was created...
  15. Fribben

    [Germany] OriginalTibia 8.0 [HR] | RLMAP | hardcore PvP-E | SERVER IS ONLIIIIIIIINEEEEEE!!!!

    Server Information : Uptime: 24x7 Datacenter: Frankfurt, Germany (Europe) Full 8.0 highrate real map Website: www.originaltibia.com IP/PORT: originaltibia.com/7171 (you can play with our 8.0 client without any ipchanger etc (click) or normal 8.0 client using these connection information with...
  16. Fribben

    [Germany] OriginalTibia 8.0 [HR] | RLMAP |Authentic PvP | hardcore PvP-E | !!!!!!!!!ONLINE!!

    Server Information : Uptime: 24x7 Datacenter: Frankfurt, Germany (Europe) Full 8.0 highrate real map Website: www.originaltibia.com Worldtype: PvP-Enforced with Skulls (unjust system) Gameplay : PZ on boats (but no pz on carpets) Boosted spawns (tombs etc) Buy bp mana/runes with simple...
  17. Nosferatu88

    [8.0] South Drefia Grim Repapers/Undeads

    Made this spawn for some 8.0 OT, but never finished it. Idea was to use it as Big grim reaper/banshee/spectre/necro spawn, but you can do anything with it.
  18. Nosferatu88

    Mapper 7.4-8.6

    Hi, I can join to some project/server as an mapper. I'am experienced with 7.4 - 8.6 mapping. Warservers/Rpg , full custom and Revamp. _ some of my maps [8.0] South Drefia Grim Repapers/Undeads [7.4] Thais War Server map. Write a pm on Otland if you want to contact.
  19. Q

    C++ OTSERV 0.6.4 8.6 to 8.0

    someone can tell me what sources i need edit to downgrade otserv from 8.6 to 8.0 client?, or someone can tell me what distro for 8.0 for now its stable. Thanks
  20. Q

    TFS 0.X [SEARCH] Distro for 7.4/7.72 or 8.0

    Hello guys someone have distro TFS for 7.4/7.72 or 8.0?