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Anybody hitting the gym?

Low key a straight gym rat... I dont know if its just because im in college now or what but i just feel the need to be in the gym
Well i finally started to go to gym about 3 weeks ago and going almost daily :)
what can I do?
you can do a lot, just google some:

like: push ups (different ways), squads (different ways), sit ups (different ways), and so on. or buy some gear like dumbells. or do cardio (go running ,ride ur bike)

As long as there is motivation you will find things to do!
for me after a month of inactivity i'm starting again tomorrow ^^ Home training tho, cuz got no time to go to the gym (there is no gym close to where i live)
thats the way man, i also train in house, going 2 a gym doesnt make grow faster :D

btw im sad maybe i wont be able to train hard this summer, anyway if i loose all i have won i wont regret, and always is a comeback.

good luck ;)
What do you guys think about cutting the weight? Should I take some bcaa before trainings? What diet would give best results: low carb or low fat one?
When I've started my story with reduction I've used high protein/low carb diet.
Check this website to workout your intake-need. myfitnesspal.com

These are the supplements I was taking with the diet.

BCAA/Re-Con/Protein/Fat Burner, In 3 months I've managed to lose 20kg from 22% bf to 15% bf
@up, I just need to lose about 4-5kg of fat with minimal loss of muscle. I'm going to take bcaa but idk about fat burner, I heard that it's same as you take coffeine before training.
When you cut, you cut protein too. Either do it with supplements or do it on a 500 calorie deficit. Restrict sugars but up fibre and drink plenty of water. With a 500 calorie deficit you can still take enough protein just cut it down. Best way is to eat 6 small meals rather than 3 big meals but I understand that's not always practical
/\ Well, if he focuses on heavy-weight training he will press his muscles to the limits, which will decrease the "protein/muscle" loss, ofc he will lose muscle with fat but not as much as if he would focus on losing fat fast (with not so heavy weight)
Just made a diet, 105g protein, 119g fat, carb 94, kcal 2096. Low carb diet. Do you think that's enough for 184 cm, 84kg, 19 year old man for cutting?
Just made a diet, 105g protein, 119g fat, carb 94, kcal 2096. Low carb diet. Do you think that's enough for 184 cm, 84kg, 19 year old man for cutting?

If I was you, I would decrease fat to 45-60g and increase protein/carbs. Protein to around 140 and carbs 110

So something like this, 140 protein (maybe 150), 45 fat, 105 carbs
If you want to cut lower protein ffs. And just so you all know.. Eating fat is a way to get rid of fat. Ironic but true. Same with water. Regular water intake means your body will stop storing so much and therefore you look slimmer around your stomach as you stop storing it. Same way with fat.

Obviously don't go mad on an all you can eat fat buffet but don't discount high fat foods as long as you moderate it.

The people in this thread seem to think protein is the only thing you should eat.
Protein to gain. Protein to lose? Really? The protein is used for repair and growth NOT to increase metabolic rate, nor will it burn all those excess calories you gained through feasting on millions of chocolate eggs from easter.

@kamilcioo your diet is fine, you ideally want to keep between a diet with kcal to 1800-2200 daily but split into 6 smaller meals. This will speed your metabolism up greatly and you will almost guaranteed feel hungry all the time. To counter this, drink plenty of water and try to mix rice in within your meal. Lower sugar content greatly and try to take in a reasonable amount of sucrose (natural sugar e.g. sugar you find in fruit) than any other sugar otherwise low sugar = low energy and you won't feel motivated. Do this for a month and then recycle your bulk/cut for 15 more years to become the hulk. ;)
I'm not saying that you are wrong but this look's like it's been taken out from a book, I'm telling him what I've have done and what is working in 100% and not what 80% of people post on forums. Also 6 meals is not always true, it doesn't matter if you eat 2000kcal in 6 meals or 3 meals, as long as you don't go over your kcal intake.

Also check for Intermittent Fasting/Lean Gains

High Protein, reasonably low fat and carb diet work for me.