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BlackFun Beginner Sprites

Adorius Black

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Mar 31, 2020
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Today is day when I first time try to sprite. I had nice time during spriting so that`s why I decided to create this thread because I think it`s not my last sprites. If you like any sprites what I post feel free to use them in your project. For sure it will makes me happy :). If you dont like my sprites then I feel sorry. If you want leave comment. Criticism is welcome.

asas_font.png Untitled.png


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Jul 8, 2019
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@Adorius Black If you're still around. I've been very much into Tibia, this community and the general idea of OTS. I love playing around with all the components; mapping, scripting, source editing, website design etc. I'm no pro at it, very much a newbie but curiosity keeps me going. Personally I feel like in order to host something that's unique to you, you need to present some work that's entirely your own & sprites solely created by yourself are definitely the easiest way to go. Of course mapping ideas/content is important but unique sprites give your project a boost over the edge.

Sorry for such a long lead up to my point lol.

How did you go about creating your first sprites? I know there's tons of tutorials etc. but since you say you're new to this, newbie to newbie...what would you tell me to do/get/consider etc.? I'd appreciate any insight :D

Btw...very much like the blade, it'd definitely look sick animated :p