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[Brazil][7.4] Devonia Online - Open Test Server

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Jan 22, 2010
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Devonia Online

Devonia Online is an open tibia server based mainly in 7.1/7.4 Tibia version, with retro mecanics, PvP, formulas and as close as possible to nostalgic Tibia.
The Test Server is open now, aiming mainly the corrections of bugs, showing off the game, and free to everyone!

Some features of the server:
  • Party Tasks system, counting kill for both players in the party
  • More than 100 monster tasks
  • Balanced formulas (based on 7.4 PvP/PvE)
  • Access to all the world map
  • Promotion without premium
  • Buffed rates and regens ONLY for the Test Server (will be nerfed later)
  • Double charge runes
  • 100% global 7.4 quests
  • New contents added (new island, new hunts, new monster, new items)

We understand that test-server is not appealing to everyone, but we invite you anyway
to join our project and stay tuned for our release.

Some project screenshots:

Access now: Latest News - Devonia (http://devonia.online/)
Create your account and enjoy!